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Victor John Theel (Jackie)

Jackie went missing on his way home from school on September 5,1944 in Paynesville,MN. He was 6 years old and this was his 1st day of kindergarten. His footprints and sent stopped at highway 23. 2 of his 14 siblings are still in Paynesville and are searching for Jackie. There are a few theroies about what could have happened to him. 1 was that a solider took so the solider would have a dependant and get discharged. Also there have been a least 3 unconfermed sitings of Jackie.
Websleuths thread on Jackie

Russell John Mort

Russell was last seen playing in the fenced backyard of his family's trailer home in Lynch's trailer park in Wheatfield, New York. A white male and female in a convertable Corvette were seen in the area at the time of Russell's disapearence. They are wanted for questioning in the case. Noone knowns for sure sure if they are witnesses or the abductors. Russell was just 2 1/2 at the time. Some authoroties believe he may have drowned in a creek nearby. How can that be possible if he was in a fenced yard?

Andrew Amato

Andrew went missing from Webster,MA in 1978 on September 30th. He was last seen playing with his 6 year old cousin and 7 year old sister. Andrew fell dropping a favorite toy. as they were walking along a wooded path near their home at the ash St. Trailer Park. Andrew's cousin went to get help after Andrew fell and when she returned he was gone.The path they were on led to Rt 52 now Rt.395 which goes to CT. Also RI is only 10 to 15min. away as well. Police have recently been excavating under a very long line of power lines in RI for Andrew's remains based on statements. Also according to what the lead investigator told me his parents are still very involved in the case. Also, when I asked if Nathaniel Bar-Jona had been ruled out in this case he said that no one had been ruled out. If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

Webster Police Department
Detective James Hoover

Here is a link to the police department's page on Andrew. Webster Poli…

Anthonette Christine Cayedito

Anthonette was abducted from her front door in the middle of the night on April 6,1986 in Gallup,NM. She was just nine years old at the time. She was tricked into opening the door for what she thought was an uncle. It was not. "There were several possible sightings of her in the days after her disappearance; she was allegedly seen at a restaurant with a man and kept dropping her fork. After the girl and the man left, someone found a note from the girl asking for help and the police. It has not been confirmed that the girl in the restaurant was Cayedito." Quoted from NCMEC poster. I first became aware of Anthonette's case when I saw it on unsolved Mysteries. Here is a link to their page for her case. Unsolved Mysteries page about Anthonette.

Anthony Peter Tumolo

Anthony vanished riding his bike to his best friend's (Jack Marino) home on October 15, 1966 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His parents did not relise he was missing until the next morning. Anthony nor his bike have ever been found. Marino is now a policeman who interviewed a boy who's claim of seeing him ended the police search back in October 1966. He admitted to Jack the he lied. He never saw Anthony. Marino and Anthony's sister are still searching for him. They believe he may have been hit by a car and his body and bike hidden in consrtution that was going on at that time on I95. Anthony's Charley Project page

Jimmy McQueary and Johnny Hundley

The boys (best friends) disappared from Fairfax,OH on October 15,1964. A 17 year old Marine confessed 3 years later but recanted and passed a poly. When the man was interviewed by the media recently he said he'd take another poly. Neither boy has ever been seen again. Late last year the FBI reopened the investigation. Here is a link to a news video from last year about the reopening of the case. news video

Louis Mackerley, missing since June 7, 1984

Louis went missing from Allentown,PA on June 7,1984. He had told his parents,a teacher and school councler that he had been molested only 6 moths before his diappearence. He said his assalints names were Frank and Elizabeth but he did not know there last name. Although police ruled him out as the abductor a man named David Riggs acting as a "PI" investigated the case until it was learned that he had been arrested for attempted abduction of other boys. Further research revealed that his claims that he had "looked" for other missing boys under the name of his search group called Search Seven were bogus. It did not exist.
He also was not licenced as a PI. This guy just took advantage of the Mackerley's grief. Police were unable to make a molestation case against Frank and Elizabeth because of the lack of a last name or address. someone reported seeing Louis speaking with a man and a woman in a park shortly before he disappeared. It has been 25 years since the 7 y…

The 1988 murder of April Tinsley

On April 1,1988 8 year old April left her friends house and was abducted. 4 days later her suffocated and raped body was found in a ditch in Dekalb County. She was Taken from Ft. Wayne,IN. I don't know how far Dekalb county is from there.
2 years later her killer wrote "I kill April Tinsley" on a FT Wayne barn. Later he placed notes on little girls bikes and in a mailbox in the area. With the notes he left either a used condom with DNA matching the killer or naked pictures of his private parts. The last note was left in 2004. I am posting a picture of one of his sick letters and a picture of April with this blog. If you recognise the handwriting please contact law enforcement or AMW who are also on the case. April's killer is still out there and needs to be brought to justice. Here are a couple of link about April's case. story

WANE news story and video
enews park forrest

Highway of tears

3 girls ages 11,12 and 15 and women have been killed along Canada's "Highway of tears". They were Monica Jack age 12 May 1978, Kathryn-Mary Herbert age 11 sept. 27,1975 Her remains were recovered in Nov. and Theresa Hildebrandt age 15 1976. It is believed that the 3 girls were killed by the same man. Both Kathryn-Mary and Theresa Hildebrandt were from and killed in Abbotsford,BC and Monica was from and killed in nearby Nicola Lake near Merrit. They call the stretch of highway in the area "the highway of tears" from Prince George possiblely all the way down to US boarder in the Fraser Valley depending on how many victims can be connected there are aprox. 18 not all kids but all female.

Monica Jack: All that is known is that Monica was abducted and murdered while riding her bike home along Nicola Lake. Her bike was found at the bottom of an embankment. Some sources say her body was recovered ans some say it was not.

Theresa Hildebrandt: She was abducted and mu…

Shaniya Davis body found

It is with a heavy broken heart I post this: "Sanford, Nov 16 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Fayetteville police said on Monday that they have found the dead body of the missing 5-year-old Shaniya Davis.

The Shaniya’s body was found in an area bordered by Highway 87 south and Walker Road in Sanford. It was the second consecutive day of searching for the missing five-year-old child."

article on finding Shaniya's body

Update: Shaniya Nicole Davis

There have been 3 arrests in this case although Shaniah still has not been located. Mom's boyfriend , another man and her mother Antoinette Nicole Davis have all been arrested. The two men were later released. Mom has been charged with Child abuse involving prostitution and Human trafficking. That is just sick and disturbing. Shaniya's dad Bradley Lockhart had raised her until recently. He is devastated. We need to keep our eyes open and look all over for her so we may bring Shaniya home to the daddy who loves her. The FBI has brought in the US Marshalls Service to help them search for Shaniya. Here a couple of links with the very latest news on this sad sad case. Mother of missing 5-year-old NC girl charged/ Mother Of Missing Fayetteville Girl Charged With Human Trafficking

Shaniya Nicole Davis

Shaniya Disappeared from her Fayetteville,NC home at around 5:30Am today. Shaniya is 5 years old weighs 40lbs. and is 3' tall. She is black. She has a small scar on her foot. Shaniya was last seen wearing just a blue t-shirt and pink panties. She has a brother 7 living in the home as well as mom's boyfriend. A quote from an article about this case. " Chance said the family has a history with the Department of Social Services.
"There have been major DSS issues with this family – who has custody, switching back and forth," Chance said." That is a scary statement. This case is being featured on Nancy Grace tonight 8PM/10PM/1AM. Please check it out.
Please look at the picture to the right of this post and you have seen Shaniya please use contact information below to report your siting to police.

Anyone with information is urged to call Fayetteville police at 910-433-1856 or call or call 911 or *HP. WRAL channel 5 story and video on Shaniya's case

Heaven LaShae Ross

Heaven was abducted from her bus stop or trailer park entrance in Northport,AL on Aug. 19,2003. Heaven was placed on Project Jason's adopt a missing person list. I adopted her. On Dec.18,2006 her skeletal remains were found in an abandoned house in Holt,AL just 6mi. from home. Her book bag was found with her remains. The question still remains: Who killed Heaven? She was only 11 years old. I was so sad at having to report the finding of Heaven's remains on my site,I cried as I typed it. After her abduction her bedroom was torched and had to be redone. WHY?! After Heaven's remains were found the FBI rejoined the investigation. They had helped out when she first went missing. They were able to narrow their search for her killer a little by results from forensics testing conducted at Quantico,VA. More items later found have been sent to Birmingham,Al state crime lab for testing along with the items tested by the FBI lab. Here is a quote from an article about the FBI's inv…

Chris Jericho makes controversial statements at Sacramento Horror Film Festival

TMZ has posted a story about Chris Jericho on stage at Sacramento Horror Film Festival. They say he made some ethnic and Gay slurs. I watched the video and in my opinion it was benign. People such as GLADD are in my opinion are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Chris appologized if he offended anyone and that was called "insincere" by GLADD. I have posted a link below to the video.Please judge for yourself by watching the video yourselves. People who are familiar with Chris and his work have no doubt he was just having fun. I do not believe Chris would purposely offend anyone unless they offended him. These are just my humble opinions. You are as free to disagree with them as I am to state them. Thank You! TMZ story on Chris Jericho

Adji Desir

Adji is an Haitian American 6 year old boy with mental disabilities who disappeared Jan. 10,2009. It is said his disability gave him the mind of a 2 year old. Adji went outside to play with friends around 5:30pm on the day he disappeared from his grandmothers yard. Adji has never been seen again. He is 3' tall and weighs 45lbs. Adji is missing from Immokalee, Florida. The FBI is investigating his case as well as the county sheriff's department. Volunteers are still looking for Adji. Here are links to Adji's homepage and his FBI page.Adji's FBI page/Find adji To the right of this post is also a picture of Adji.

Who Killed Mya Lyons?

Mya Lyons was a 9 year old African American female from Chicago,IL. She was lured out of her home right after going to bed on the night of Monday July 14,2008 around 11pm. At around midnight Tuesday the 15th. Her father found her lifeless body in an alley not far from home. She had been beaten to death and stabbed. Let's see if we can help get justice for Mya. Her family deserves that much after all they have lost. I will add her case to my unsolved murders forum on my message board. Here is a link to more on Mya's case. Also to the right of this post is a picture of Mya. more on Mya's case Also go here for more: Websleuths thread on Mya's case Please contact police if you have any info on this case.

Elizabeth Olten found dead

Elizabeth was found in a heavily wooded area. A juvenile suspect led police to her body. The juvenile suspect is in fact a 15 year old female who lived in the home Olten was visiting. Also,she dug Elizabeth's grave before the crime. My prayers go out to her family and her killers family. You make ask why I'd pray for the killer's family. It is because both families have been forever altered. Here is a link to more on the terrible find. Article on finding Elizabeth's body

Two girls: 1 missing 1 murdered dumped in landfill

Elizabeth Olten age 9 is missing from St. Martin's, Mo since Wednesday. No Amber Alert has been issued as "there is no proof she was abducted" Here's a clue, she's 9 folks. They did however issue an endangered child alert. Today searches are ongoing for Elizabeth. I pray she has better outcome than Somer Thompson. Somer was abducted on her way home from school. She had been walking with her sisters and friends but after a fight with her sisters she seperated from the group and was taken. Her body was found at the dump just over the state Line in GA. She was abducted from Orange Park,FL which is near the state line. At right are photos of both girls and here are links to more on each case.
Article on Elizabeth

Article on Somer


I have added several links to this blog including one to my new profile and stories. I am so excited about begining writing fanfic online. Thank you,Natalie for getting me into it. I have updated my Good Eats-Alton Brown fanpage to reflect the airing of the special Good Eats turns 10 and the 10th season premeir airing Monday night. I have also updated my Chris Jericho. I have added Smackdown results and a picture to the photo gallery. I started a Facebook group for Sarah Pryor. A link to it is on the links on this page. Links to my Chris Jericho page and Good Eats-Alton Brown fanpage are on here as well. I will also link my profile on my Facebook.
Also, I have updated my other Facebook groups. My Lighting The Way Home Facebook group would not be what it is without Christine my fellow admin. Thank you,Christine. She runs the volunteer group witch the Facebook group is made for. Please check it out. Thank you to all who read my blog. I will continue to post…

Whalom Park Memories

I am so excited that the new Whalom Park ownership program is trying to bring back a piece of my childhood. I spent many happy days at Whalom Park built in 1893. The park closed after the 2000 season. My fondest memories were in kiddie land. I rode the motorcycle ride, the boat ride the carocell (sp). I also rode the coaster from the top of which you could see the whole of lake Whalom. It was beautiful view. I rode the bumper cars with my dad. I was too little to drive them myself. My parents won me lots of prizes in the midway. I got a bunch of Michael Jackson posters a huge Hulk Hogan picture in a frame and more. I want the thank the ownership program for the pictures they have allowed me to use in this blog. I will also link them in my links section at right.

Chris Benoit: A case for innocence

There are several points I'd like to make in my case for Chris' innocence. I have read all the reports from the detectives and CSI's as well as statements from the neighbor and the widow of referee "Mark Curtis" Brian Hildebrand.
1. The crime scene was purposefully contaminated by the neighbor when she went through the house after being instructed to kennel the dog and leave.
2. Cops decided Chris did it before they even went through the scene.
3. so many innconsistancies in the reports.
4. Nancy was covered in a saddle blanket. The neighbor owned a horse riding school.
5. Why was blood on Chris nose and hand not collected and the blood on his nose disappeared later. The blood on his hand is described by one ivestegator as on his nail bed. another discribes it as splatter. HU!
6. Why was Nancy gagged? Maybe by someone who was famillar with her "banshee" screams at ringside and was afraid someone wou…

Hassani Campbell Missing disabled 5 year old post 2

Hassani's foster parents/aunt and uncle have been arrested in connection to his disappearence. Here is a quote from an article about the arrests. " On Friday, the foster parents of missing 5-year-old Hassani Campbell have been arrested on suspicion of murder.
Louis Ross, 38, the foster father of Hassani, and Jennifer Campbell, 33, the boy’s aunt were taken into custody by authorities, according to CBS 5." Here are links to the above quoted article and to a video from Nancy Grace's interview of his foster father.
Article quoted from above/ Video of interview with foster father

New Good Eats-Alton Brown Fanpage

I have just created a Good Eats-Alton Brown Fanpage. Please check it out.
Also, Happy 10th Birthday to Good Eats. That is a huge milestone in television. Here is a link to my site. I will also post a permenent link to it in the links on this page.
Good Eats-Alton Brown fanpage

Jaycee Dugard found alive 18 years after abduction

Jaycee was seen by a neighbor being abducted 18 years ago. She was just 11. Jaycee has now been located alive and the mother of 2 children by her abductor ages 11 and 15. They were all kept in a shed behind a fence in the backyard of the couple's home who had taken her. The couple sit in jail tonight on a $1 mil. bail. The shed was sound proof. It is where she gave birth as a 14 year old then again as an 18 year old. Her children have never seen a doctor or been to school or even in a house. Here are a couple of links about this unbelieveable story. God Bless you,Jaycee and happy 29th birthday today. ABC news story with video on Jaycee/Websleuths subforum for Jaycee

a spiritual break

I thought that with all the heavy stuff we deal with on this blog we could sometimes use a spiritual break. So, I am embedding a you tube of one of my favorite Christian singers: CARMAN Above is Carman singing America Again. As the song says we need GOD in America again.

Who killed Sarah Pryor?

Sarah disappeared from her Wayland,MA yard in October 1985. She was just 9. I was 11 at the time. I lived in Douglas aprox. 42mi. away. That is less than a 1 hour drive. Sarah's disappearence scared me very much. I always wondered what happened to the smiling blond little girl who's picture was on my tv every night for so long. Then in Jan. of 1998 Her picture reappared on my tv this time the story was that a fragment of her skull had been positively id'd by DNA. It had been found in the woods near the Weston,MA line in 1995. I was shocked and saddened but not surprised. I was also excited and hopeful that we would then learn who Sarah's killer was. That has not happened yet. I want to know for her family but also for selfish reasons. I want to know who made my small country town world feel not so safe anymore. I will never forget Sarah and I know that many other kids who grew up hear in Ma at the time of her abduction and murder won't either. Here are a couple of …

Hassani Campbell Missing disabled 5 year old

Hassani is described as an African-American male, three feet tall, weighing around 30 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a gray sweatshirt and sweat pants, along with leg braces.His leg braces have a Spider Man design. He has CP. Cerebral Palsey. He went missing from his foster dad's BMW behind a shoe store where his foster mom/aunt worked in Oakland,CA on Monday August 10,2009. Above is taken from an article on the case and my missing kid's site. Article on Hassani

"Jason" Doe

"Jason" was a passenger in a van accident that killed him and the driver. Some spectulate that he was hitching. This dose not jive with the fact that the driver Michael Eric Hager brought the unidentified to his father's home. "Jason" gets the name because of a note addressed to "Jason" from Caroline O. and Caroline T. found on his body. They left a phone number with a 914 prefix. He wore Levis 505 jeans and a t shirt from the Grateful dead concert for which he had ticket stubs that took place at RFK Stadium in Washington,DC. He and his companion drove south from there and ended up hitting a tree in Greensville County,VA near Emporia. He was 5'8" and 169lbs. He had red/brown hair and brown eyes. The accident that ended his and the drivers life happened about 1:30 pm on June 26,1995. Here is a link to his Websleuths forum: Websleuths Forum for "Jason"

Robert Manwill post 2

Robert's body has been found in New York canal in Ada county,ID. Police still don't know cause of death. Rest in peace young man. Here is a link to an article that includes video of the police press conference and other articles on the case. Article on Robert's body being recovered

Stanley Park boys 1953

These two brothers were found in a brushy area of Stanley Park,Vancouver,BC. The children were covered by what appeared to be a woman's raincape. The bodies were laying in a straight line with their feet almost close together and their heads at opposite directions. Found among the bodies was a little blue tin lunchbox, the paper lining rotted to a pulpy mess. Also there was a small worn rusty hatchet of the type used by shinglers or lathers, it's handle broken in 2 pieces. The axe was most likely used as the murder weapon in these cases, as one victim's skull had a wound to the back of the head which the axe fit in exact proportions. The other skull was fractured by what may have been the hammer of the axe. Vancouver police wish to identify a woman & 2 boys who may or may not have been involved with this case. In 1949 or 1950, a man who worked in a logging camp, who was with his buddy, picked up a woman with 2 children. During the ride, she had told the men that she ha…

In memorium Puffy and Midnight

Puffy was born in 1987 and Midnight in 1988. They were 6 months apart in age. Thease cats were my sons and best friends. Puffy passed away in Feb. 2005 and Midnight in May of that year. Puffy died from cancer and Ninight as we called him died from a broken heart. Puffy was part Maine coon best we could tell and Ninight was Burmese. Midnight had the scream of a siamese on him. He was nuts!LOL! He would put his claw in an open scoket of a surge supresser and get flung across the room and do it again. He liked to bite Christmas light bulbs. He also liked to watch Animal Cops on Animal Planet and demanded loudly I carry him to the living room and put him on my lap to watch every night.
Puffy Loved his deli sliced turkey. He laid right under the oven every Christmas and Thanksgiving as soon as he could smell the turkey. He loved to watch The People's Court with Judge Marilyn Millian. He loved her so much he'd cry when a commercial came on. He got real mad when they changed the time…

Happy Birthday Dean Malenko

Today is Dean Malenko's 49th birthday and my 35th. I was born on his 14th. For those who don't know who Dean Malenko is. He is a retired professional wrestler who is now a producer/road agent for WWE. He began his career in 1979 in FL. By the mid 1980's he was a star in Japan. IN 1994 he went to ECW with the late Eddie Guerrero and had some of the best matches ever. In 1995 Dean,Eddie and Chris Benoit went to WCW. He was a US champ there as well as one of only 2 guys to hold the Cruiserweight title 4 times. The other was Jericho. IN 2000 Dean went to WWE with Benoit,Guerrero and Perry Saturn as the Radicalz. He won the Lightheavyweight title twice. He also got show his wonderful sense of humor in a program with diva Lita. Then he retired and began his backstage work in August 2001 after a match at the Pillman/Hildebrand memorial show where he announced his plans to retire. Next to this birthday blog I have posted a picture of Dean and will post a link to a match video her…

Nancy Bochicchio and Joey Bochicchio-Hauser murder

"It's hard to fathom what happened to a mother and her young daughter as they wrapped up a holiday shopping spree at the Boca Raton Town Center Mall. Police are trying to unravel the mystery of their heinous deaths just hours after a fun-filled girls' day out. Little Joey Bochicchio was just four days away from her eighth birthday.

The investigation for Boca Raton Police began minutes after mall prosecuting found the bodies of Nancy Bochicchio, 47, and her daughter Joey, 7 after midnight on December 13, 2007. They were bound and shot to death at point-blank range in Nancy's black Chrysler Aspen SUV.
Despite the time of the discovery, police believe Nancy and Joey were killed hours earlier in the afternoon of December 12."

I'd like to thank AMW for the above quote. Here is a link to a tweet as well as the AMW page from wich the above quote came. AMW story about this case / Tweet about this case

Chris Jericho PPV and RAW results

Chris and his mystery partner the Big Slow errr I mean Show defeated Legacy (Rhodes and Debiase) at Night Of Champions on Sunday. On monday after arguing with RAW guest host Shaq they fought Cryme Tyme in a non title bout and were again sucessful. While Chris' choice of a partner was awefull you can't deny their sucess and hey at least Chris is still one half of the Unified Tag Team Champions. He is the only man to be Undisputed Champion and Unified Tag Team Champions. Here is a link to My Chris Jericho fansite: Chris Jericho Fansite Here also is a link to my Chris Jericho group on Facebook: Jerichoholics For Life

UID woman called "laundry lady"

She was hit by a car and killed while walking on the north service rd to route 61 in West Memphis,AR on September 9,1987.If you recognize the woman in the picture to the right please contact:
Arkansas State Crime Laboratory
Christopher Edwards
501-920-3517 case number 320-87
NCIC Number:
U-266144136 I have set up a myspace for her. Her Myspace

Robert Manwill age 8 Missing

Robert went missing on Friday and has not been seen or heard from since. He is 4'2" and weighs 50lbs. Above is a link to an article about Robert's case. Anyone with information about Robert
Manwill's whereabouts can either
•Call the tip line: 570-6457
•Call Crime Stoppers: 343-COPS

Here is a link to an article about Robert's case: Article " "Robert may be injured or be the victim of a tragic event," said Boise Police Chief Jim Kerns at a brief Friday press conference. "But he is still missing."" Here is a link to the article at FOX News with this sad update to the case. FOX News article Also many local buinesses let their workers out Thursday to aid in the search for Robert.

The boy In the box/America's unknown child

class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family:'lucida grande';font-size:100%;">He was found in February of 1957 in a bassinet box in the fox chase district of Philidelphia,PA.He has never been ID'd. The Vidocq Society has been working on his case for years. They are a group of mostly retired police detectives. This boy was beaten and starved to death. He had many scars from surgery and what looked to the ME like cut downs for IV's. Thease are usualy done when venus acess cannot be achived any other way. His hair was crudely butchered shortly before death as he still had some of the hairs on him from his "haircut". He was covered in half a blanket. The bassinet box was traced back to J.C. Penny. However the purchesers of most of the other bassinets sold by that store were traced and ruled out. Here are links to My Facebook group for him. Vidocq Society's website for him and a myspace that was created for him. FACEBOOK GROUP /MYSP…

Little Miss Panasoffkee

This young woman was nicknamed "Little Miss Panasofkee" by a detective who has worked her case even into retirement. She was found under a bridge in Lake Panasofkee near Orlando,FL on February 19, 1971. She was estimated to be 18-23 years of age. She was aprox. 5'2" tall. She weighed aprox. 100lbs. She had had at lease 2 kids. She also had an operation called a Watson-Jones procedure. This was an operation to stabelize her ankle. They put a new tendon in. Who was she? Who strangled her with his belt? Why?? Here is her Doe Network case file number:470UFFL Thanks to them and Unsolved Mysteries for the case details. Here is the link to the myspace I have created for her:Little Miss Panasoffkee Myspace
I recently came across this link to Unsolved mysteries page for her. LITTLE MISS P Here is a link my missing kids site's posts for her. There is a lot there. KIDMISSING'S POSTS ON LITTLE MISS PANASOFFKEE

OK Girl Scout Murders 1977

In Locust Grove,OK on June 15,1977 3 girls were raped and murdered at Camp Scott. The camp was closed after the discovery of the bodies and has never reopened. The 3 girls were Michelle Heather Guse, 9; Doris Denise Milner, 10; and Lori Lee Farmer 8. To this day 32 years later the case is still unsolved. a man was aquitted of the crime in May 1979. Later DNA testing showed a female asailent may have also been involved. Here is a link to more on the unknown female DNA found. More on female involement
Here is a link to a video about this case with old and new photos of the camp and tent 8 where the girls were killed. Nothing graphic. Video


Mercedes Went missing from her Billings,MT home on June 22,2009. She has not been seen since. There has been no media coverage of this missing 15 year old White/Native American girl. She has braces and wears glasses. Here is a link to her NCMEC poster: NCMEC POSTER

Lindsey Baum age 10 missing

Lindsey went missing walking home from a friendh house on Friday night around 9:30pm.
Lindsey Baum article and video

Above is a link to a story about Lindsey and video from the local news. Lindsey is missing from McCleary,WA. Here is a picture of the lovely blond child.