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Victor John Theel (Jackie)

Jackie went missing on his way home from school on September 5,1944 in Paynesville,MN. He was 6 years old and this was his 1st day of kindergarten. His footprints and sent stopped at highway 23. 2 of his 14 siblings are still in Paynesville and are searching for Jackie. There are a few theroies about what could have happened to him. 1 was that a solider took so the solider would have a dependant and get discharged. Also there have been a least 3 unconfermed sitings of Jackie.
Websleuths thread on Jackie

Russell John Mort

Russell was last seen playing in the fenced backyard of his family's trailer home in Lynch's trailer park in Wheatfield, New York. A white male and female in a convertable Corvette were seen in the area at the time of Russell's disapearence. They are wanted for questioning in the case. Noone knowns for sure sure if they are witnesses or the abductors. Russell was just 2 1/2 at the time. Some authoroties believe he may have drowned in a creek nearby. How can that be possible if he was in a fenced yard?

Andrew Amato

Andrew went missing from Webster,MA in 1978 on September 30th. He was last seen playing with his 6 year old cousin and 7 year old sister. Andrew fell dropping a favorite toy. as they were walking along a wooded path near their home at the ash St. Trailer Park. Andrew's cousin went to get help after Andrew fell and when she returned he was gone.The path they were on led to Rt 52 now Rt.395 which goes to CT. Also RI is only 10 to 15min. away as well. Police have recently been excavating under a very long line of power lines in RI for Andrew's remains based on statements. Also according to what the lead investigator told me his parents are still very involved in the case. Also, when I asked if Nathaniel Bar-Jona had been ruled out in this case he said that no one had been ruled out. If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

Webster Police Department
Detective James Hoover

Here is a link to the police department's page on Andrew. Webster Poli…

Anthonette Christine Cayedito

Anthonette was abducted from her front door in the middle of the night on April 6,1986 in Gallup,NM. She was just nine years old at the time. She was tricked into opening the door for what she thought was an uncle. It was not. "There were several possible sightings of her in the days after her disappearance; she was allegedly seen at a restaurant with a man and kept dropping her fork. After the girl and the man left, someone found a note from the girl asking for help and the police. It has not been confirmed that the girl in the restaurant was Cayedito." Quoted from NCMEC poster. I first became aware of Anthonette's case when I saw it on unsolved Mysteries. Here is a link to their page for her case. Unsolved Mysteries page about Anthonette.

Anthony Peter Tumolo

Anthony vanished riding his bike to his best friend's (Jack Marino) home on October 15, 1966 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His parents did not relise he was missing until the next morning. Anthony nor his bike have ever been found. Marino is now a policeman who interviewed a boy who's claim of seeing him ended the police search back in October 1966. He admitted to Jack the he lied. He never saw Anthony. Marino and Anthony's sister are still searching for him. They believe he may have been hit by a car and his body and bike hidden in consrtution that was going on at that time on I95. Anthony's Charley Project page

Jimmy McQueary and Johnny Hundley

The boys (best friends) disappared from Fairfax,OH on October 15,1964. A 17 year old Marine confessed 3 years later but recanted and passed a poly. When the man was interviewed by the media recently he said he'd take another poly. Neither boy has ever been seen again. Late last year the FBI reopened the investigation. Here is a link to a news video from last year about the reopening of the case. news video