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Louis Mackerley, missing since June 7, 1984

Louis went missing from Allentown,PA on June 7,1984. He had told his parents,a teacher and school councler that he had been molested only 6 moths before his diappearence. He said his assalints names were Frank and Elizabeth but he did not know there last name. Although police ruled him out as the abductor a man named David Riggs acting as a "PI" investigated the case until it was learned that he had been arrested for attempted abduction of other boys. Further research revealed that his claims that he had "looked" for other missing boys under the name of his search group called Search Seven were bogus. It did not exist.
He also was not licenced as a PI. This guy just took advantage of the Mackerley's grief. Police were unable to make a molestation case against Frank and Elizabeth because of the lack of a last name or address. someone reported seeing Louis speaking with a man and a woman in a park shortly before he disappeared. It has been 25 years since the 7 y…

The 1988 murder of April Tinsley

On April 1,1988 8 year old April left her friends house and was abducted. 4 days later her suffocated and raped body was found in a ditch in Dekalb County. She was Taken from Ft. Wayne,IN. I don't know how far Dekalb county is from there.
2 years later her killer wrote "I kill April Tinsley" on a FT Wayne barn. Later he placed notes on little girls bikes and in a mailbox in the area. With the notes he left either a used condom with DNA matching the killer or naked pictures of his private parts. The last note was left in 2004. I am posting a picture of one of his sick letters and a picture of April with this blog. If you recognise the handwriting please contact law enforcement or AMW who are also on the case. April's killer is still out there and needs to be brought to justice. Here are a couple of link about April's case. story

WANE news story and video
enews park forrest

Highway of tears

3 girls ages 11,12 and 15 and women have been killed along Canada's "Highway of tears". They were Monica Jack age 12 May 1978, Kathryn-Mary Herbert age 11 sept. 27,1975 Her remains were recovered in Nov. and Theresa Hildebrandt age 15 1976. It is believed that the 3 girls were killed by the same man. Both Kathryn-Mary and Theresa Hildebrandt were from and killed in Abbotsford,BC and Monica was from and killed in nearby Nicola Lake near Merrit. They call the stretch of highway in the area "the highway of tears" from Prince George possiblely all the way down to US boarder in the Fraser Valley depending on how many victims can be connected there are aprox. 18 not all kids but all female.

Monica Jack: All that is known is that Monica was abducted and murdered while riding her bike home along Nicola Lake. Her bike was found at the bottom of an embankment. Some sources say her body was recovered ans some say it was not.

Theresa Hildebrandt: She was abducted and mu…

Shaniya Davis body found

It is with a heavy broken heart I post this: "Sanford, Nov 16 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Fayetteville police said on Monday that they have found the dead body of the missing 5-year-old Shaniya Davis.

The Shaniya’s body was found in an area bordered by Highway 87 south and Walker Road in Sanford. It was the second consecutive day of searching for the missing five-year-old child."

article on finding Shaniya's body

Update: Shaniya Nicole Davis

There have been 3 arrests in this case although Shaniah still has not been located. Mom's boyfriend , another man and her mother Antoinette Nicole Davis have all been arrested. The two men were later released. Mom has been charged with Child abuse involving prostitution and Human trafficking. That is just sick and disturbing. Shaniya's dad Bradley Lockhart had raised her until recently. He is devastated. We need to keep our eyes open and look all over for her so we may bring Shaniya home to the daddy who loves her. The FBI has brought in the US Marshalls Service to help them search for Shaniya. Here a couple of links with the very latest news on this sad sad case. Mother of missing 5-year-old NC girl charged/ Mother Of Missing Fayetteville Girl Charged With Human Trafficking

Shaniya Nicole Davis

Shaniya Disappeared from her Fayetteville,NC home at around 5:30Am today. Shaniya is 5 years old weighs 40lbs. and is 3' tall. She is black. She has a small scar on her foot. Shaniya was last seen wearing just a blue t-shirt and pink panties. She has a brother 7 living in the home as well as mom's boyfriend. A quote from an article about this case. " Chance said the family has a history with the Department of Social Services.
"There have been major DSS issues with this family – who has custody, switching back and forth," Chance said." That is a scary statement. This case is being featured on Nancy Grace tonight 8PM/10PM/1AM. Please check it out.
Please look at the picture to the right of this post and you have seen Shaniya please use contact information below to report your siting to police.

Anyone with information is urged to call Fayetteville police at 910-433-1856 or call or call 911 or *HP. WRAL channel 5 story and video on Shaniya's case

Heaven LaShae Ross

Heaven was abducted from her bus stop or trailer park entrance in Northport,AL on Aug. 19,2003. Heaven was placed on Project Jason's adopt a missing person list. I adopted her. On Dec.18,2006 her skeletal remains were found in an abandoned house in Holt,AL just 6mi. from home. Her book bag was found with her remains. The question still remains: Who killed Heaven? She was only 11 years old. I was so sad at having to report the finding of Heaven's remains on my site,I cried as I typed it. After her abduction her bedroom was torched and had to be redone. WHY?! After Heaven's remains were found the FBI rejoined the investigation. They had helped out when she first went missing. They were able to narrow their search for her killer a little by results from forensics testing conducted at Quantico,VA. More items later found have been sent to Birmingham,Al state crime lab for testing along with the items tested by the FBI lab. Here is a quote from an article about the FBI's inv…

Chris Jericho makes controversial statements at Sacramento Horror Film Festival

TMZ has posted a story about Chris Jericho on stage at Sacramento Horror Film Festival. They say he made some ethnic and Gay slurs. I watched the video and in my opinion it was benign. People such as GLADD are in my opinion are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Chris appologized if he offended anyone and that was called "insincere" by GLADD. I have posted a link below to the video.Please judge for yourself by watching the video yourselves. People who are familiar with Chris and his work have no doubt he was just having fun. I do not believe Chris would purposely offend anyone unless they offended him. These are just my humble opinions. You are as free to disagree with them as I am to state them. Thank You! TMZ story on Chris Jericho

Adji Desir

Adji is an Haitian American 6 year old boy with mental disabilities who disappeared Jan. 10,2009. It is said his disability gave him the mind of a 2 year old. Adji went outside to play with friends around 5:30pm on the day he disappeared from his grandmothers yard. Adji has never been seen again. He is 3' tall and weighs 45lbs. Adji is missing from Immokalee, Florida. The FBI is investigating his case as well as the county sheriff's department. Volunteers are still looking for Adji. Here are links to Adji's homepage and his FBI page.Adji's FBI page/Find adji To the right of this post is also a picture of Adji.