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Aja Johnson and Lester Hobbs found dead

Aja who was abducted in Jan. by her estranged stepfather after her murdered her mother. See Aja Johnson :Amber Alert post: Here is clip from a Michelle Sigona article: "  The vehicle Hobbs was driving was found in a very rural area, off Southeast 108 Street and Highway 9.  Templeton says a surveyor was doing a survey of property in the area when he spotted the vehicle.  He went up to the car, saw the bodies, and called police.  A law enforcement source on the ground told me because of the decomposition that Hobbs and Aja most likely died about a week after the initial murder of Tonya Hobbs in January. “He got in that area, probably to lay low for a few days, got in there with the storm and maybe got trapped.  One thing led to another, couldn’t get the vehicle out, and would have to walk out on foot… he chose to stay.”  My source says Aja’s body was found outside the vehicle and Hobbs was found inside the ca

Charles Arlin Leon Henderson

Charles or Arlin as his loved ones call him went missing from Moscow Mills,MO on July 25,1991 while riding his bike. A man confessed to killing Arlin ,but, police found that he was lying and only 13 at the time of Arlin's abduction.The only other person of interest is Michael Devlin abductor of Ben Ownby and Shawn Hornbeck. Arlin's bike was found in a bean field and still in police custody as there are unknown prints on the frame police would like to I.D.. At a press conference tomorrow the FBI is set announce a new reward in this case the will also show a new age progression of Arlin. His parents will be in  attendance at the press conference. Let's hope the reward get's people talking about this case again and maybe brings someone forward with answers for the Henderson's.  /

Devon Christine Kroetsch

Devon vanished after school on March 10,2010in Belleville,MI. She is just 14 years old. Her family is desperately searching for her. They love her and want her home. Devon is 5 feet 6 inches tall, 120 pounds, has brown hair, and blue eyes. She was last seen using crutches with a bright orange cast on her foot. Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call the Canton Police Department at 734-394-5400.  /

Debra Lee Spickler

Debbie went missing while visiting her aunts home in Vernon,CT on July 24,1968. She was from Mystic,CT. She sent her mom a birthday card from her aunts and that was the last time her mom heard from her. She last seen in Henry Park in Vernon,CT. Debbie was 13 years old when she went missing. Debbie would be turning 55 this year. Very little is known about her case. If you have any info please call the Vernon,CT police at 1- 860-872-9126. Here is a picture of Debbie and links for her.   /