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Lindsey Baum age 10 missing

Lindsey went missing walking home from a friendh house on Friday night around 9:30pm.
Lindsey Baum article and video

Above is a link to a story about Lindsey and video from the local news. Lindsey is missing from McCleary,WA. Here is a picture of the lovely blond child.

Patience (Burgess) Wilson

My great grandmother Patience (Burgess) Wilson is an enigma. Here is all we know about her;She was born in Tartaraghan(sp) county Aramagh northern Ireland around 1869-1872. She wound up in CT where she married Thomas Wilson. They had 3 sons Bill, Robert and James and 2 daughters Florence and Mable. Robert was my grandfather. He died 11 months before my birth. Though I never met him in life I feel through this project I know him and his family. Patience died in Oct. 1954 in Broodbrook,CT. Broadbrook is a small village in East Windsor. Here is a picture of her at right.

What became of Bill and Love?

Bill and Josephine "Love" Kennedy were siblings who lived as foster children with my great grandparents David and Parmelia Hemingway durring the mid to late 1920's. We have estimated the time period based on dates on photographs of the two with our family. Also Josephine is referred to as Love in photographs. We can see from the old pictures that they were just like family to our family. We would like to know what became of Of Bill and Love. If you know or knew them please contact me by EMAIL There parents were born in VT and RI respectively according to census records. I have posted a picture of them at right.

Central Location

This blog will be a centarl location to get links to all my sites and updates to each one also. Here are my sites and a brief discription of each.
MY GENEALOGY PAGE This is a page for my french and irish families. It also has tools to help you get started on your genealogy. MY CHRIS JERICHO FANPAGE This is my fansite for wrestler,actor,and lead singer of FOZZY Chris Jericho
MY MISSING KIDS SITE This site is dedicated to finding missing kids and bringing child killers to justice. We also help find missing adults on our missing adults message bord at the site. I am a volunteer with Lighting The Way home to help ID unidentified people as well as find the missing.