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Jonathan Foster found deceased :(

Jonathan Foster (victim) The poor boy who had been abducted on Christmas Eve was found burnt in a ditch Tuesday.He was ID'd as Jonathan Wednesday evening. Jonathan's killer a manager of the apartments where he lived has been arrested. Her name is Mona Nelson. She has a criminal history and should never have had the keys to all those apartments. Police have found a mountain of evidence in apartment as well surveillance footage of her car at the place where the child's body was left. She admitted she dropped his body ,but, denies killing him. Nelson former boxer and armed robber is charged with capitol murder in this case. Mona Nelson (kidnapper/killer)

Late 1970's so called "Babysitter Killer" murders solved?

1970's mugshot of Busch Jill Robinson Mark Stebbins Kristine Mihelich Timothy King The murders of 4 children in Oakland County,MI who were carefully cleaned and had their clothes washed dried and ironed got their killer dubbed "The Babysitter Killer". Now thanks to the father of one of the victims we now know who more than likely killed them and maybe more. The first victim was Mark Stebbins,12 from Ferndale,MI Feb. 13,1976.His body was found in a parking lot 6 days later. The next victim was Jill Robinson,12 taken from Royal Oak on Dec 12,1976. Her body was found in Troy. The 3rd victim was Kristine Mihelich,10 who was taken from Berkley on Jan. 2,1977. The last victim was Timothy King 11 taken March 11,1977 from Birmingham. His body was found in a ditch near Livonia. It was his father that learned the identity of the killer through a freedom of information lawsuit out of which he recived the case files. It is clear from those files that a local pedoph

Jonathan Foster

Jonathan vanished as he walked from his babysitter's home to his to get videogames. He was not wearing a coat on a 30 degree Houston,TX Christmas eve. It was 1:40PM. Jonathan is 12 years old. He is 4'7" tall and weighs just 85lbs. He was wearing a tan t-shirt with a guitar on it,blue jeans and white sneakers with a red stripe. He also has a visible overbite.An Amber Alert has just now been issued 3 days later. Law enforcement is very  concerned  that Jonathan may have met with foul play. Here is a link to a local news video about Jonathan.   

Brittany Mae Smith FOUND ALIVE

Police have found Brittany alive in San Fransisco,CA with Easley after being recognized in a store. Store workers called SFPD who rescued her and arrested him. Brittany has spoken to her family. VA police will be on the first flight out to question Easley. Brittany will sent home to family in VA as soon as possible. Family may even come and get her in CA. I am so happy she is alive. Now she can go home and bury her mom as the funeral was on hold until she was found. Please pray for her healing from this ordeal.

Pearl Harbor anniversary

I wanted to blog about today's anniversary because both of my grandfathers (RIP) served in WWII as did my fathers uncles as well as others in our family. I am proud of my family's history of service. Today is a day to remember that service and honor those who lost their lives on this day in 1941. We must keep the history alive because pretty soon those who lived through it will no longer be with us. We lose more WWII veterans each day. So, please take a moment to think of those who lost their lives on the "Day that will live in infamy!" and all those who fought to keep us free after our freedom was threatened that morning as some our ships sunk and killed so many sailors. Please let's teach the next generations what today December 7th is all about. Teach them how the Japanese air force sunk our ships at Hawaii's Pearl Harbor dragging us into WWII an act they would come to regret.                     Here is a link to an article about the dedication of a new v

Brittany Mae Smith

Brittany Smith Wal-Mart surveillance video still Brittany was kidnapped by Jeffery Scott Easley who is also suspected in the murder of her mother Tina during the kidnap. Brittany is only 12.  She was taken from her Salem,Va home in Roanoke county. Police fear she is in grave danger. We must find her soon. Police have issued an Amber Alert for her in her hometown of Roanoke,VA and for the whole county. Brittany is 5' and weighs 100lbs. She is white with light brown hair. Easley is believed to be driving Brittany's mothers 2005 Dodge Neon VA plate: xkf-2365. He is a 32 year old white male. They were last spotted on  Wal-Mart surveillance Friday night between 8:00 and 8:30 pm.. Easley used Tina's credit card for purchases at the store . . If you have any information about this case or Brittany's whereabouts please call:Roanoke County police: 1-540-562-3265 or VA state police: 1-800-822-4453.    UPDATE: Ea

Kimberly Moreau

Kimberly Vanished from Jewell St. Jay,ME on May 10,1986. She was 17 weighed 135lbs. and was 5'7" when she was last seen. She was last seen getting into a Monte Carlo or Tran Am with a girlfriend and an unknown older man. Her friend is said to have known the man. This man who has not been named publicly is a person of interest in this case. His story of dropping her off down the road from her home at her request just did not add up. Child killer Lewis Lent is also a possible suspect. Her mom passed away two years after she disappeared. Her dad still lives in the same home on Jewell St waiting for his little girl to come home. In 1993 Kimberly was declared legally dead. Let's help bring her home so she may rest with her mom. Jay is a small town in middle Maine. My mom is from the area and I have been there many times. Livermore Falls police are also investigating the case as they are right next door to Jay and both towns are very small.

Adrien McNaughton

Adrien went missing On June 12,1972 from Holmes Lake,Calabogie,Ontario,Canada. He was just 5 that day when he wandered off tword a wooded area never to be seen again. Police  released a sketch last year of what he would look like  at age 42.  When Adrien went missing, he had blond hair, brown eyes and a scar over his left eye. He was wearing an orange striped shirt, jeans, blue nylon parka and running shoes. This poor child has been gone 38 years. That is WAY to long IMO. Let's see if we can bring him or God forbid his remains home.

Brittanee Marie Drexel

Brittanee vanished from Myrtle Beach,SC while on spring break without consent on April 25,2009. She was 17. Her mother thought she was staying at a friend's house near their Rochester,NY home. Brittanee's mom learned where she really was when her boyfriend John called her after he lost phone contact with Brittanee abruptly. Her mom was angry and scared. Her dad is devastated. Her mom and friends called and called Brittanee's phone again and again with no response. Her mom boyfriend and best friend went to SC to search for her to no avail. Her phone last pinged in a swampy area before it died. Searches were conducted in that area,but, only a pair of sunglasses that might have been hers were found. There are 4 unnamed persons of interest in this case as of April 2010. Nothing has come of them. Brittanee was last seen on survailance cam leaving the Blue Water Resort to go back to the Bar Harbor Hotel where she was staying about a mile away to return her friends shorts. She nev

Michaela Joy Garecht

Michaela was abducted in front of her best friend Trina at a local convenience store on Nov. 19,1988 in Hayward,CA  (San Francisco Bay Area) . The location was at the corner of Mission Boulevard and Lafayette.  At that time it was called Rainbow Market.  Today it is Mexico Super.  Her abductor had moved her scooter from in front of the store to near his car about three parking spots away. As Michaela went to pick up her scooter the man jumped out of his car and grabbed the 9 year old, throwing the screaming child into his car and driving off. Hayward police and San Francisco FBI have never given up looking for her. Michaela's case has never gone cold in 22 years. That dose my heart good,but,it's tempered by the knowledge that Michaela is still gone. I would like to thank Michaela's mother,Sharon Murch for the picture that will appear with this blog and for permitting me to write it. It is my honor and privilege to assist the families of the missing.   http://www.missingmich

Mohs Surgery

Mohs is a surgery devised by Dr. Frederic E. Mohs (1910-2002)   in 1936 at the University of Wisconsin to remove skin cancers in situ (in place). This can be a needlessly cruel surgery as they use local with you wide awake and go deeper than local can go. So, it hurts. Not to mention all the needles over and over. In my case I advocated for myself and got heavily sedated during my procedure. My friend did not and he was in a lot of pain. We both at least got our wounds closed. Many in my support group had to go days with gaping wounds before they were closed. That is just cruel and wrong. The general public needs to know about this procedure. This is NOT 1936 anymore. We have the ability to do it without pain and nerves. We also have the ability to close wounds before people leave the hospital. That part to me is inexcusable. This surgery is done in   layers.They look at all the margins of each layer and decide if they need to take more or not. In  some places you leave the procedure r

DFSP resource page

I have just created a website for the very rare cancer I have. Myself and my support group online want to get the word out about it. No one has heard of it. It is called DFSP: dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans. It makes up less than 1% of all sarcomas. It is so rare that not even the American Cancer Society has info on it. That is a scary thought from where I sit as a patient. There are approx. 1-4 cases diagnosed per million people worldwide each year. Early next year I will have Radiation treatments. I have also undergone 3 operations as well. Here is a link to the new site.   DFSP resource page My next blog will be about Mohs surgery. It is needlessly cruel.                      

Rhiannon Smith

Rhiannon is just 16 and has been missing from her Winsted/Winchester,CT home that she shared with her grandmother. E mails and chats found on her computer indicate 3 boys named Jake,Nick and Sanji wanted to harm her. She,However stated in her note that they were going to help her run to Canada. Her friend posted on Websleuths that he felt she may have gone to with her father and twin brother somewhere in the south and her brother may be hiding her. This in unlikely as I'm sure even as inept as police were in this case they contacted her dad. Police to a break from looking for her for a week because the lead investigator was on VACATION . Yes you read that correctly vacation. That is inexcusable!! A whitness came forward to say say a girl fitting Rhiannon's description was  sleeping in a dug out at a local ball field. Why did police not go there right away? Police have also made statements they believe she is dead. She said in her note she was in danger.   http://www.websleuths.

Sahara Boyd FOUND SAFE!!

Sahara was found safe after she called her grandma from a cab in Williamsburg,Brooklyn. Police went and brought her home. They want to question the brother of the 30 year old perv who sent Sahara pictures of his genitalia. Dose perversion run in this family!?  If police find the brother had her I hope they put both he and his brother away for a very very long time.

Sahara Boyd

Sarah went missing on her way to school on Tuesday,September 14,2010 in Throgs Neck in NYC. The 11 year old black female's school never called her parents. So, precious hours were lost in the search. A Bronx man named Dawud McKelvin sent her pictures of his genitalia on a cell phone that was her grams thinking it was hers. On September 3 she went missing and was found with McKelvin at that time. He was arrested and released ROR for the pictures. He claims not to know where the child is. Why was he not arrested for kidnapping the first time or at very least contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Police should have tailed McKelvin after he was released by the dumb a** judge. He might have led them to Sahara. We need to find her before this perv dose something unspeakable to her.

Charles Arlin Henderson

Arlin as he was called went missing from his Moscow Mills,MO neighborhood on July 25,1991 riding his BMX bike to a friends house. He was just 11. His bike was found October 10,1991 about 10 miles from his home. On March 16,2010 his bike is shown to the public for the first time. That was on Arlin's 30th birthday. His mom Debbie Griffith was with police as they unveiled the bike hoping it would jog someone's memory of that day 19 years ago.  At right is a picture of Arlin's bike and of Arlin both then and in an age progression.                         

Elizabeth "Beth" Gill

Beth went missing on June 13,1965 from her Cape Girardeau, MO front yard at age 2. She was the youngest of 10. Her siblings are still looking for her. The FBI has now reopened the case and classified it a kidnapping.  Her sister believes she is still alive and abducted and raised by her abductor or sold. A door to door purse salesman was the main person of interest in the case back then and police would still like to speak with him. NCMEC did an age progression of Beth. Several women have come forward who could be Beth. DNA is being conducted on them. At right is Beth's picture and age progression.

Steven Stayner memorial statue

On August 28th,2010 a statue of Steven leading little Timmy White to safety after escaping from their kidnapper Kenneth Parnell was dedicated in Applegate Park in Steven's home town of Merced,CA. His now grown daughter Ashley was in attendance along with her grandparents Steven's mom Kay and dad Delbert. Steven was killed on his motorcycle in a hit and run at 24 in 1989. He left two young children. I am so glad they have honored Steven's heroism in this way. I just pray that Steven and Timmy who died earlier this year at age 34 of a blood clot in his lung are together again. Timmy was county sheriff's deputy in CA when he passed and left two children as well. His widow also attended the dedication.  I have posted a picture of the bronze  statue done by sculptor Paula Slater at right.

Chelsea Vandenburg, 14, diabetic missing since Tuesday.

share    Chelsea never made it to school. See link to the left for more. I had to add to this post as all they wrote was the word share when I clicked to share her story. Chelsea is from Logan,WA.

Leigh Frances Savoie

Leigh was 10 years old when he vanished from a diner on his way to Suffolk Downs in Revere,MA on April 7,1974 race track to shine shoes. He left his shoe shine box at the diner asking the owner to watch it for a minute. He never returned to the diner and never made it to the race track. In 2009 a $5,000 reward was offered by Revere police through the Carol Sund/Carrington foundation for information in this case. His mom said she believes her son is dead. Let's help her put Leigh to rest. Please call MA state police at: 1-508-820-2121 if you have an information on this case. To the right is a color picture of Leigh w/ age progression and a picture of his actual missing persons report from 1974.                 

I have a very rare cancer

After I had the surgery I blogged about last month I learned the mass was cancer. I have a very rare form of skin cancer called  DERMATOFIBROSARCOMA PROTUBERANS. I have since had a second surgery this month and need a third one called Mohs micrographic surgery next month. This surgery is named for the doctor who created it many years ago. There is a silver lining,however, in that this cancer only metastasizes in 1%-5% of cases. I wanted to share this with all of my readers to get the word about this rare disfiguring cancer. Mine is in my left forearm,which is pain in the bum since I'm left handed.  This is not my first battle with cancer either. I Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 1999. I had several operations,biopsies etc. and 6 months of chemo. I will beat this just as I beat that with my lord and savior Jesus Christ by my side.  I will see my oncologist on September 14th and will blog again about this after that. But, rest assured that I will still be blogging missing kids no matter wh

Alexis Chyenne Plyler

Alexis is 15 years old stands 5'5" 115lbs. and is missing from Cabarrus,County,NC. She is with an 18 year old male named Orlando. Police believe they may be in Myrtle Beach,SC. We need to bring her home. What dose this man want with this young girl? Orlando is driving a black Volkswagen.  Anyone with information on the location of Plyler is asked to call the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office at (704) 920-3000.   Ty Mary-Anne for passing on this case.

"Cropsey" Andre Rand

Only one of Rands multiple suspected victims has ever been found. She was Jennifer Schweiger a 12 year old with downs syndrome that he buried at his campsite in the woods near the mental hospital he was janitor at. He  got 25 years to life for her kidnapping and murder.  Here is a list of other possible victims who's bodies have yet to be found:   Alice Pereia, Holly Ann Hughes, Tiahease Tiawanna Jackson & Henry Gafforio. Audrey Lyn Nergenberg, an eighteen-year-old who disappeared in 1977 is also believed to be linked to Rand. Let's help Staten Island police solve these cases and brings these kids home for their families to bury. He spree of terror lasted from at least 1977 to 1987 when he killed Jennifer. At right is a picture of Jennifer, an innocent young life needlessly lost.     

Naomi Ross and Jay Lynn Mcivor both of Winnipeg , Manitoba,Canada

Both Ross (16) missing July 31.2010 and Mcivor (14) missing August 3,2010 are Aboriginal. Both are listed by Winnipeg police as endangered and exploitable. We must find them. Here are there descriptions courtesy of Winnipeg PD.   14 year old girl Jay Lynn Mcivor missing in Winnipeg Thursday, 05 August 2010 2 2:47 Written by Len Humes The Winnipeg Police Service is requesting the public’s assistance in locating a missing 14 year old female, Jay Lynn MCIVOR. MCIVOR was last seen on August 3, 2010. The Winnipeg Police Service considers MCIVOR to be a child in need of protection as she is at high risk of being exploited or victimized and investigators are concerned for her well-being. MCIVOR is described as Aboriginal, 5’8”, 140 pounds, with shoulder length straight brown hair and brown eyes. ‎16 year old girl Naomi Ross missing in Winnipeg Thursday, 05 August 2010 22:45  Written by Len Humes The Winnipeg Police Service is requesting the public’s assistance in locating a missing

Angela Tschida

Angela Is a 14 year old white female who left her Cottage Grove,MN home with a registered sex offender on July 6. She is still missing. The man she is with Alexius McMullin is a violent criminal who has committed rape,  assault and robbery. She must be found. She left no clues on her computer as to where they were headed. He has been in trouble in FL, so he may have connections there. If you have any info please call:    Washington County Communications at (651) 439-9381, Detective Tom Ueland at (651) 458-6012 or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST. Here are pictures of Angela and Alexius.

Taking a break

I am having surgery tomorrow July 19,2010. So, I will be taking a break from the blog for a few days to recover. I am having a mass removed from my left forearm. I will be home the same day. My recovery will be about 10 days. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. TY to all my readers. I will be back as soon as possible.

Asha Degree

Asha vanished from Shelby,NC in the early morning hours of Feb. 14,2000. The 9 year old was last seen by two motorists walking along the nearby highway. Why didn't one of them stop? Eighteen months later  , a   construction worker found Asha's book bag in a wooded area along N.C. 18, about six miles south of Morganton. Also found were several items that authorities identified as belonging to the missing girl.  It has been 10 years now since Asha's been missing. Where is this precious child. Her parents and her brother want her home. Next month Asha will turn 19. Let's bring her home to celebrate with her family.

Jochebed Vargas and Cristian Pineda

Jochebed Vargas and Cristian Pineda ran away from Central Falls,RI together. Vargas is a 12 year old girl and  Pineda is a 15 year old boy. Police believe they may have left the state. It is thought that they may have taken the bus or other public transportation. They are dating but their parents did not approve. Their parents fear for their safety because of their young ages.

Alisa Maier found safe!!!

Little  Alisa Maier  is home, safe and sound, after a harrowing 24 hours for her family.      The 4-year-old  Missouri  girl, who was snatched from her front yard earlier this week, was found at a car wash Tuesday night. Police are searching for the man they believe abducted her. Alisa was unharmed when she was discovered by police in a  St. Louis  suburb more than 80 miles from her home, after a passerby called 911 to report a little boy walking around outside just before 10 p.m. It turned out to be Alisa, whose hair had been cut. Read more:

Alisa Maier

Alisa age 4 was kidnapped from her front yard in  Louisiana, Missouri as she played with her 6 year old brother on Monday July 5,2010. The brother describes the abductor as a dark skinned white man with dark curly hair. He is said to be in his late teens early 20's. He was driving a black car with damage to the front end or hood. Alisa is 3 feet tall weighs 40lbs. Alisa has brown eyes and hair. She was wearing jean shorts and a white t-shirt. The abduction took place at around 8PM. Mom tried to chase down the car but it was already to far gone when she left. If you have any info on this case please call police at   (573) 754-4021.

Beaumont Children

Jane(9),Arnna(7) and Grant(4) left their home in the Adelaide suburb of Somerton Park to Glenelg beach by bus on Jan. 26,1966 at 10AM. It should be noted that the reason the children were at the beach in Jan. is because in Australia as in all the southern hemisphere summer is in our (USA) winter months. When the did not return on the noon bus their parents knew something was wrong. A massive search began soon after for them. Police found 7 folks who had seen them that day. Some had seen them alone and some with a man. 2 years after they vanished a letter was received by the Beaumonts from someone claiming to be "the Man" saying he would give them back at a designated spot. It was proved in 2005 that it was sent as a joke by a teen. No charges were filed as the statute of limitations had long expired. I have some questions: 1. Who would take 3 children at once? 2. Why take 3  different  aged children? according to their website all of Australia knows who the Beaumont children

Kayla Berg

Kayla vanished from Antigo,WI on August 11,2009. She was last seen with her brothers friend by her friends at McDonalds in Antigo. He claims to have dropped her off at her boyfriend's home which had recently been condemned by the health dept. of Wausau,WI and as a result no one was living in the home.. It was being    renovated to bring it up to code. Her mom questions why she'd ask to be dropped off there.     Kayla is a gymnast and had just moved back to her hometown after a few months in TX. She and her brother were homesick and she missed gymnastics. Let's find her and get her back on the mat. She turned 16 just weeks after she vanished.         

Rachel Lenore Battancourt update

Rachel's sister has gotten Rachel listed with the NCMEC and they did an age progression of Rachel which i will post here. The police are also taking DNA from her sister to put in CODIS to help ID Rachel if a possible match is ever found. I am so excited about these developments and wanted to share them with you.!/group.php?gid=429503825161   Rachel's Facebook group.

Etan Patz case update

Etan's case has been reopened by the new DA in Manhattan. He vanished on his way to the bus stop in May 1979 at age 6. A man named Jose Ramos was found responsible for Etan kidnapping and murder in a civil court. He once dated a woman hired to walk Etan to school during a bus strike earlier in the school year. The was the first time he had walked to the stop on his own. Ramos will be released from jail in November 2012 if they cannot charge him with Etan's murder. That would be easier if they could find Etan's remains which   have never been located. His parents still live in the same home in Soho they lived in in 1979 when Etan was taken from them.   /                                                                    *** COMMEN

Kyron Horman

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Searchers culled from police agencies statewide, in addition to the FBI, were pursuing tips Saturday and still searching  around  Skyline Elementary School  after a student didn't return home Friday afternoon.   Kyron Horman, 7, was last seen early in the day at the school, 11536 NW Skyline Blvd., during a science fair.  The above is respectfully snipped from an article on Kyron.  Kyron is 7 years old is 3'8" tall and weighs just 50lbs. He wears eyeglasses as well. Kyron has brown hair and eyes. He is such a tiny boy. I'd like to thank Chris Cone for sharing his case with me on my missing kids Facebook page.

Joan Leigh Hall

Joan vanished from Warrenton,OR after leaving a mini mart and heading a half mile to the grade school where her aunt taught grade 3. The 17 year old high school senior was going to help her aunt. She never arrived. Joan had been named the first female president of her explorer post sponsored by the sheriff's department the night before she vanished. Joan vanished on 9/30/83. Her parents were never the same after she went missing. Her father had a heart attack just days after she went missing. In 1994 both of Joan's parents died two months apart.   Anyone with any information that could be useful in tracking down what happened to Joan Leigh Hall is asked to call the Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office at (503) 325-8635.   /  

Raymond Green

Raymond had just come home from the hospital from being born when a woman who befriended his mother at the hospital nursery came to visit them at home. The woman said her name was "Lisa". When the mom,Donna went into the shower and Raymond's uncle fell asleep she took him. She was seen getting into a brown car in the Atlanta,GA neighborhood she took Raymond from on November 6,1978. He was just 5 days old. The abduction left his 16 year old mother  devastated. 31 years later the mother Donna Green met a forensic artist   named  Diana Trepkov. at a CUE center for the missing event in Willmington,NC. Diane said she could help her. Diane drew a sketch of the abductor seen at right and one of Raymond.

Kayleah Wilson update

Kayleah's body was found in a drainage ditch in Greely,CO just a mile from home. The county coroner has declared her death a homicide. She was badly decomposed so it means she has been dead since shortly after her abduction. Cause of death has not been released. The FBI and local LE have opened a homicide investigation. RIP little angel.

AMBER ALERT: Karen Anastacio update

Here is an update on this case from Amber Alert on Facebook. Thank You so much guys.  "Contact: If you have information, please contact Austin Police Department, 512-974-5250 Circumstances: UPDATE: Austin Police Department number changed. UPDATE: Vehicle information changed UPDATE: PHOTOS ADDED. The Austin Police Department is searching for Karen Anastacio. Police are looking for Angel Rojas Ambrocio in her abduction. The suspect is driving a brown 1997 GMC Jimmy, TX License 84TFL4. The suspect was last heard from in Austin, TX. Law enforcement officials believe this child to be in grave or immediate danger. Missing Child Name: Karen Anastacio Alias: Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Skin Color: Hispanic Age: 13YO Height: 5FT2 Weight: 115LBS Gender: Female Description: Wearing a black shirt and black pants and carrying a pink backpack Suspect Name: Angel Rojas Ambrocio Alias: Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Skin Color: Hispanic Age: 25YO Height

Kayleah Wilson

Kayleah vanished on her way to a friend's birthday party on Sunday, March 28,2010. She is 12 years old and is   5'1" tall. She has brown hair and eyes. Kayleah is missing from Greely,CO. Kayleah has just broken up with her 17 year old boyfriend. The boyfriend is not a suspect. The FBI has now joined local LE in the investigation. Suvalence cameras show she made it to the mall,but,it is not known how much further she made it. Her mom April reported her missing when she did not make her 7pm curfew. That is when she learned that Kayleah never made it to the party in the first place. That had to be terrifying.   /!/group.php?gid=110710275614207&v=wall   /