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Sahara Boyd FOUND SAFE!!

Sahara was found safe after she called her grandma from a cab in Williamsburg,Brooklyn. Police went and brought her home. They want to question the brother of the 30 year old perv who sent Sahara pictures of his genitalia. Dose perversion run in this family!?  If police find the brother had her I hope they put both he and his brother away for a very very long time.

Sahara Boyd

Sarah went missing on her way to school on Tuesday,September 14,2010 in Throgs Neck in NYC. The 11 year old black female's school never called her parents. So, precious hours were lost in the search. A Bronx man named Dawud McKelvin sent her pictures of his genitalia on a cell phone that was her grams thinking it was hers. On September 3 she went missing and was found with McKelvin at that time. He was arrested and released ROR for the pictures. He claims not to know where the child is. Why was he not arrested for kidnapping the first time or at very least contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Police should have tailed McKelvin after he was released by the dumb a** judge. He might have led them to Sahara. We need to find her before this perv dose something unspeakable to her.

Charles Arlin Henderson

Arlin as he was called went missing from his Moscow Mills,MO neighborhood on July 25,1991 riding his BMX bike to a friends house. He was just 11. His bike was found October 10,1991 about 10 miles from his home. On March 16,2010 his bike is shown to the public for the first time. That was on Arlin's 30th birthday. His mom Debbie Griffith was with police as they unveiled the bike hoping it would jog someone's memory of that day 19 years ago.  At right is a picture of Arlin's bike and of Arlin both then and in an age progression.

Elizabeth "Beth" Gill

Beth went missing on June 13,1965 from her Cape Girardeau, MO front yard at age 2. She was the youngest of 10. Her siblings are still looking for her. The FBI has now reopened the case and classified it a kidnapping.  Her sister believes she is still alive and abducted and raised by her abductor or sold. A door to door purse salesman was the main person of interest in the case back then and police would still like to speak with him. NCMEC did an age progression of Beth. Several women have come forward who could be Beth. DNA is being conducted on them. At right is Beth's picture and age progression.

Steven Stayner memorial statue

On August 28th,2010 a statue of Steven leading little Timmy White to safety after escaping from their kidnapper Kenneth Parnell was dedicated in Applegate Park in Steven's home town of Merced,CA. His now grown daughter Ashley was in attendance along with her grandparents Steven's mom Kay and dad Delbert. Steven was killed on his motorcycle in a hit and run at 24 in 1989. He left two young children. I am so glad they have honored Steven's heroism in this way. I just pray that Steven and Timmy who died earlier this year at age 34 of a blood clot in his lung are together again. Timmy was county sheriff's deputy in CA when he passed and left two children as well. His widow also attended the dedication.  I have posted a picture of the bronze  statue done by sculptor Paula Slater at right.

Chelsea Vandenburg, 14, diabetic missing since Tuesday.

share   Chelsea never made it to school. See link to the left for more. I had to add to this post as all they wrote was the word share when I clicked to share her story. Chelsea is from Logan,WA.