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Nancy Bochicchio and Joey Bochicchio-Hauser murder

"It's hard to fathom what happened to a mother and her young daughter as they wrapped up a holiday shopping spree at the Boca Raton Town Center Mall. Police are trying to unravel the mystery of their heinous deaths just hours after a fun-filled girls' day out. Little Joey Bochicchio was just four days away from her eighth birthday.

The investigation for Boca Raton Police began minutes after mall prosecuting found the bodies of Nancy Bochicchio, 47, and her daughter Joey, 7 after midnight on December 13, 2007. They were bound and shot to death at point-blank range in Nancy's black Chrysler Aspen SUV.
Despite the time of the discovery, police believe Nancy and Joey were killed hours earlier in the afternoon of December 12."

I'd like to thank AMW for the above quote. Here is a link to a tweet as well as the AMW page from wich the above quote came. AMW story about this case / Tweet about this case

Chris Jericho PPV and RAW results

Chris and his mystery partner the Big Slow errr I mean Show defeated Legacy (Rhodes and Debiase) at Night Of Champions on Sunday. On monday after arguing with RAW guest host Shaq they fought Cryme Tyme in a non title bout and were again sucessful. While Chris' choice of a partner was awefull you can't deny their sucess and hey at least Chris is still one half of the Unified Tag Team Champions. He is the only man to be Undisputed Champion and Unified Tag Team Champions. Here is a link to My Chris Jericho fansite: Chris Jericho Fansite Here also is a link to my Chris Jericho group on Facebook: Jerichoholics For Life

UID woman called "laundry lady"

She was hit by a car and killed while walking on the north service rd to route 61 in West Memphis,AR on September 9,1987.If you recognize the woman in the picture to the right please contact:
Arkansas State Crime Laboratory
Christopher Edwards
501-920-3517 case number 320-87
NCIC Number:
U-266144136 I have set up a myspace for her. Her Myspace

Robert Manwill age 8 Missing

Robert went missing on Friday and has not been seen or heard from since. He is 4'2" and weighs 50lbs. Above is a link to an article about Robert's case. Anyone with information about Robert
Manwill's whereabouts can either
•Call the tip line: 570-6457
•Call Crime Stoppers: 343-COPS

Here is a link to an article about Robert's case: Article " "Robert may be injured or be the victim of a tragic event," said Boise Police Chief Jim Kerns at a brief Friday press conference. "But he is still missing."" Here is a link to the article at FOX News with this sad update to the case. FOX News article Also many local buinesses let their workers out Thursday to aid in the search for Robert.

The boy In the box/America's unknown child

class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family:'lucida grande';font-size:100%;">He was found in February of 1957 in a bassinet box in the fox chase district of Philidelphia,PA.He has never been ID'd. The Vidocq Society has been working on his case for years. They are a group of mostly retired police detectives. This boy was beaten and starved to death. He had many scars from surgery and what looked to the ME like cut downs for IV's. Thease are usualy done when venus acess cannot be achived any other way. His hair was crudely butchered shortly before death as he still had some of the hairs on him from his "haircut". He was covered in half a blanket. The bassinet box was traced back to J.C. Penny. However the purchesers of most of the other bassinets sold by that store were traced and ruled out. Here are links to My Facebook group for him. Vidocq Society's website for him and a myspace that was created for him. FACEBOOK GROUP /MYSP…

Little Miss Panasoffkee

This young woman was nicknamed "Little Miss Panasofkee" by a detective who has worked her case even into retirement. She was found under a bridge in Lake Panasofkee near Orlando,FL on February 19, 1971. She was estimated to be 18-23 years of age. She was aprox. 5'2" tall. She weighed aprox. 100lbs. She had had at lease 2 kids. She also had an operation called a Watson-Jones procedure. This was an operation to stabelize her ankle. They put a new tendon in. Who was she? Who strangled her with his belt? Why?? Here is her Doe Network case file number:470UFFL Thanks to them and Unsolved Mysteries for the case details. Here is the link to the myspace I have created for her:Little Miss Panasoffkee Myspace
I recently came across this link to Unsolved mysteries page for her. LITTLE MISS P Here is a link my missing kids site's posts for her. There is a lot there. KIDMISSING'S POSTS ON LITTLE MISS PANASOFFKEE

OK Girl Scout Murders 1977

In Locust Grove,OK on June 15,1977 3 girls were raped and murdered at Camp Scott. The camp was closed after the discovery of the bodies and has never reopened. The 3 girls were Michelle Heather Guse, 9; Doris Denise Milner, 10; and Lori Lee Farmer 8. To this day 32 years later the case is still unsolved. a man was aquitted of the crime in May 1979. Later DNA testing showed a female asailent may have also been involved. Here is a link to more on the unknown female DNA found. More on female involement
Here is a link to a video about this case with old and new photos of the camp and tent 8 where the girls were killed. Nothing graphic. Video


Mercedes Went missing from her Billings,MT home on June 22,2009. She has not been seen since. There has been no media coverage of this missing 15 year old White/Native American girl. She has braces and wears glasses. Here is a link to her NCMEC poster: NCMEC POSTER