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Unsolved Murder Of Stephanie Olisky

Stephanie Olisky was found dying on the main road in her small home town of East Windsor,CT. She did pass 3 days later in the hospital from head injuries. She is believed to have been thrown forceably from a moving car. Who would do this to an innocent 15 year old child. Her sister Margaret Olisky will join me to dicuss this question and tell us about her sister.Please listen and maybe you can help solve this sad mystery which is close to my heart.You see this isn't just another small New England town to me,it's my grandfather's hometown. Much of my family is still there or nearby. So this is my most personal case.

My show with her sister scheduled for Sat. March 3,2018 5PM est.:


Theresa Corley unsolved murder

Theresa was murdered Dec 6,1978 in Bellingham MA after leaving a bar following an argument. She met up with a truck driver and told him she had been raped. Her took to the Bellingham PD and from there she vanished. Her body was found naked and strangled on the side of Route 495. Route 495 is a major highway in MA and CT.  Her family has now put up a $25,000 reward for info and a conviction in this case. DNA testing was recently completed in this case. So they now have the profile of her probable killer. Her sister Gerri Houde will join me on KIDMISSING RADIO on Sat. Feb. 24th 2018. Please checkout Justice For Theresa Corley Bellingham,MA 1978