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Sutton,MA police need help identifying this endangered girl

This girl walked into Heritage Plaza  in Sutton,MA which is located in Southern Worcester,County with a young male. She told the clerk she needed police. From the pictures posted below you can see what looks like bruises on her wrist and a dog collar and leash around her neck as well. She also has a fat lip. She looks to be a young  teen and very frightened. The young man appears to have a tattoo on his arm although it's not clear in the pictures what it is of. Sutton police desperately want to find this girl.
This case is personal to me as I was born in the Manchaug section of Sutton. If you have any information or know this girl or young man please Sutton PD @ 1-(508)-865-4449.

Go to this link for more pics: Sutton PD Facebook Page