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Kayla Berg

Kayla vanished from Antigo,WI on August 11,2009. She was last seen with her brothers friend by her friends at McDonalds in Antigo. He claims to have dropped her off at her boyfriend's home which had recently been condemned by the health dept. of Wausau,WI and as a result no one was living in the home.. It was being    renovated to bring it up to code. Her mom questions why she'd ask to be dropped off there.    
Kayla is a gymnast and had just moved back to her hometown after a few months in TX. She and her brother were homesick and she missed gymnastics. Let's find her and get her back on the mat. She turned 16 just weeks after she vanished.

Rachel Lenore Battancourt update

Rachel's sister has gotten Rachel listed with the NCMEC and they did an age progression of Rachel which i will post here. The police are also taking DNA from her sister to put in CODIS to help ID Rachel if a possible match is ever found. I am so excited about these developments and wanted to share them with you.!/group.php?gid=429503825161  Rachel's Facebook group.

Etan Patz case update

Etan's case has been reopened by the new DA in Manhattan. He vanished on his way to the bus stop in May 1979 at age 6. A man named Jose Ramos was found responsible for Etan kidnapping and murder in a civil court. He once dated a woman hired to walk Etan to school during a bus strike earlier in the school year. The was the first time he had walked to the stop on his own. Ramos will be released from jail in November 2012 if they cannot charge him with Etan's murder. That would be easier if they could find Etan's remains which   have never been located. His parents still live in the same home in Soho they lived in in 1979 when Etan was taken from them.  /

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Kyron Horman

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Searchers culled from police agencies statewide, in addition to the FBI, were pursuing tips Saturday and still searching  around Skyline Elementary School after a student didn't return home Friday afternoon.   Kyron Horman, 7, was last seen early in the day at the school, 11536 NW Skyline Blvd., during a science fair.  The above is respectfully snipped from an article on Kyron.  Kyron is 7 years old is 3'8" tall and weighs just 50lbs. He wears eyeglasses as well. Kyron has brown hair and eyes. He is such a tiny boy. I'd like to thank Chris Cone for sharing his case with me on my missing kids Facebook page.

Joan Leigh Hall

Joan vanished from Warrenton,OR after leaving a mini mart and heading a half mile to the grade school where her aunt taught grade 3. The 17 year old high school senior was going to help her aunt. She never arrived. Joan had been named the first female president of her explorer post sponsored by the sheriff's department the night before she vanished. Joan vanished on 9/30/83. Her parents were never the same after she went missing. Her father had a heart attack just days after she went missing. In 1994 both of Joan's parents died two months apart.
Anyone with any information that could be useful in tracking down what happened to Joan Leigh Hall is asked to call the Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office at (503) 325-8635.  /