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Pricella Ristick Found safe

"Later this week, investigators with Gwinnett County’s Special Victim’s Unit learned the Pricilla had been calling Thompson from a blocked number, telling him “she was in a building with many people and they wouldn’t let her leave,” police spokesman Cpl. Edwin Ritter said. Pricilla later told investigators — who had confiscated Thompson’s phone — that she was at a Kroger in Atlanta and didn’t want to go home. “She never indicated that she was in any sort of fear or danger and claimed she was fine,” Ritter said. Investigators were ultimately able to trace the number the girl was calling from to an intersection in Las Vegas, Nevada. While they spoke with her, they also contacted the Las Vegas Police Department and provided them her location. LVPD responded to the location and found Pricilla “safe and unhurt,” Ritter said. She told police there that she caught a bus to Las Vegas and had been there for one or two days, he said."…

Pricella Ristick

Pricella is a 12 year old who was abducted from a mall in Gwinnett County,GA on Sunday Feb.,   20,2011. She somehow called her mom an hour later and told her she could not get away. Her mom is scared to death. Pricella was with her uncle at a strip mall in Lilburn,Ga,Gwinnett county selling flowers in the parking lot. Her uncle went inside Little Cesar's. when he emerged a few moments later she was gone. She had been seen by a lady in the salon next door talking to a woman the girl later ID'd on the phone as "Nancy". The woman was in a white van. Pricella told her mom during the short call that "Nancy" was going to cash a check and give her money for groceries. No Amber Alert issued errrr! We need to find and rescue this child. She is in danger. IMO this sounds like human trafficking.
In the above link there is video of her and the van from the security camera's at the mall. Pricella's case with be f…

Joshua Davis Jr.

Joshua disappeared from his home on Friday Feb. 4,2011. He is just 18 months old. He wandered or was taken from his home in New Braunfuls,TX near San Antonio. Joshua has asthma. His attacks are induced by activity so he could not walk far. Also the unseasonably cold weather would affect his breathing. The cold icy conditions put him at risk for hypothermia if he is out side somewhere. It is believed that he was abducted,however. Josh is a black male just 2' tall.