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The murder of the Grimes Sisters Chicago Dec. 1956

On January 22, 1957, the Grimes sisters were found dead by a construction worker named Leonard Prescott. Their naked bodies were discarded next to the German Church Road near Willow Springs. Barbara Grimes lay on her left side with her legs slightly drawn up toward her body. Patricia Grimes covered the head of her sister. She lay on her back and her head was turned sharply to the right.

The autopsy, performed by experienced pathologists, earned much criticism and came to the conclusion that the Grimes sisters died on December 28, the day they vanished, and that they died because of shock and exposure to low temperatures. This cause of death was only determined by excluding all other possibilities. However, Harry Glos, one of the chief investigators in the case, believed that the Grimes sisters were still alive when their bodies were discarded next to the German Church Road. He concluded this because of a thin ice layer on the bodies of the girls, which indicated that their bodies must …

Robert "Willy" Wilson 1944-2017

I know I have not posted here in quite a while. I have been going through hell. My father got very ill suddenly in Oct. 2016. He passed away April 7,2017. My heart is shattered. I was a total daddy's girl.   I will continue my work and post new cases soon. My father was so proud of me and my work. My work will now and forever be dedicated to my daddy.