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Aveion Lewis found at landfill

Baby Aveion was found at the landfill today. His stepfather admitted he made up the abduction story which is posted here in my first post about Aveion. Aveion would have turned 3 yesterday. It makes me MAD that he spent his birthday as garbage on the dump instead of at Chuckie Cheese like he was supose to be. I take comfort,however in the fact that i know Jesus gave him a birthday party in heaven. RIP Aveion. There wil be Justice. Stepdad Brandon Lockett is behind bars where he belongs and hopefuly will stay there for the rest of his life.

Aja Johnson Amber Alert

Aja was kidnapped by her step father Lester William Hobbsin Geronimo,OK. He may be headed to TX. .He is driving a 1992 white Toyota Paseo with Oklahoma tag number 577BPW. The back window has been replaced with a piece of sheet metal. Thanks to Code Amber for the details on the car. 
  He first killed her mom before taking her. He was not be anywhere near Aja. Aja's dad made a tearful plea for his daughter's safe return. I will link the video here. WARNING: It is heart wrenching. Aja just turned 7 20 days ago. She is a 7 year old white female. She needs meds for a sleep disorder and slight ADHD.  video of J.J. Johnson's plea for his missing daughter

At right J.J. Johnson holding a picture of his missing daughter AJA.

Patrick Alford

Patrick is a 7 year old black male. He went missing from Brooklyn,NY Friday night Jan.22,2010. It is said Patrick went to the trash compactor with his foster mother and when she returned to their apartment he was not with her. She claims she went back out to look for him and he was gone. Patrick had only been in care for 2-3 weeks.  Here is an article about Patrick and his picture.

Vanessa Robles 15 and her 6 month old son D' Andre Binion

Vanessa was last seen getting into a white pickup truck with a plow on front at her Chicago home at 8am Monday morning; she had her 6 month old son D'Andre with her . The driver of the truck is described as a black male. Vanessa is white and her child is of mixed black and white race. Here is a link to a short news clip about the case. There is very little to go on at this time. Thanks to Nancy Grace for posting it on Facebook.

At right are pictures of Vanessa and D'Andre.

Aveion Lewis

Aveion was abducted during a home invasion after his stepdad was beaten unconsious. A note was left behind demanding money. The suspects are 3 men possibly in a white 1990's Chevy Blazer. The 2 year old African America boy is 2 years old and was taken from Roanoke,VA on January 14,2010. One of the suspects may be called Tony. They are all black males. Aveion is just a baby please keep your eyes open for him. Also, There are 3 police agencies working on his case. Roanoke police,Virginia state police and the FBI. I have tweeted Aveion's case as well as put it on my Facebook. At right is a picture of Aveion. Also here is a link to his AMW profile. Aveion on AMW page

Gabriel Johnson

Gabriel was taken from his dad by his mom. He is 8 months old. His mother took him from AZ and claims she gave him to a couple she met in a park in her hometown of San Antonio,TX. Police are investigating this claim but are dubious of it. A couple named Jack and Terri Smith wanted to adopt Gabriel and had custody of him for a time. Mom Elizabeth Johnson was arrested in FL. Her car with the baby's car seat still inside was found in Texas. The question still remains where is Gabriel? Mom is jailed and is not talking. At right is a picture of 8 month old Gabriel. Also here is a link to an article on this heartbreaking case. Article on Gabriel/ Video of the Smith's on Today Show

Linda Jane Stilwell

Linda was abducted on August 10,1968 from Melbourne,AU. She was days from her 8th birthday (August 22). She is believed to have been taken by Derek Percy a notorious child killer in Australia. In august 41 years after her abduction an inquest will begin to see if there is enough evidence to charge him with her abduction and murder. Linda or her remains have never been found. Her sister Karen just wants him to tell where her body is so she may bury her sister so she may rest. I am posting this on behalf of her sister who asked me to post her on my site when she saw that as of the new year I am now including kids from Australia,UK and Ireland on Kidmissing and on here as well. A right is the last picture of Linda ever taken. I would like to thank her sister for the use of the picture. Also here is a link to her sisters site for her and a Facebook page to keep Percy in prison.

Karen's page for Linda
Keep Derek Percy in prison Facebook page

Moors murders

The Moors murders took place in England between July 1963 and October 1965. They called them the Moors murders because that is where the victims were burried. All the victims but 1 Keith Bennett were found. In July of this year police made one last search for Keith. The killers were Myra Hindley and Ian Brady. She is now dead. He is still serving a life sentence and won't help police find Keith. Including Keith, Hindley and Brady killed 5 children the other victims were: Pauline Reade, John Kilbride,Lesley Ann Downey and Edward Evans. Here are links to more on this case and posted to the right are a picture of the killers and Keith Bennett.

Story on this years search for Keith's remains

More on the murderers and how they were caught