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Highway of tears

3 girls ages 11,12 and 15 and women have been killed along Canada's "Highway of tears". They were Monica Jack age 12 May 1978, Kathryn-Mary Herbert age 11 sept. 27,1975 Her remains were recovered in Nov. and Theresa Hildebrandt age 15 1976. It is believed that the 3 girls were killed by the same man. Both Kathryn-Mary and Theresa Hildebrandt were from and killed in Abbotsford,BC and Monica was from and killed in nearby Nicola Lake near Merrit. They call the stretch of highway in the area "the highway of tears" from Prince George possiblely all the way down to US boarder in the Fraser Valley depending on how many victims can be connected there are aprox. 18 not all kids but all female.

Monica Jack: All that is known is that Monica was abducted and murdered while riding her bike home along Nicola Lake. Her bike was found at the bottom of an embankment. Some sources say her body was recovered ans some say it was not.

Theresa Hildebrandt: She was abducted and murdered in 1976. Her skeletal remains were discovered in 1982 by a 10 year old girl and her brother cutting through the woods on their way home from school. This was in nearby Mount Lehman,BC.

Kathryn-Mary Herbert: Her remains were found 2 months after her abduction and murder. Her body was found in the woods by Indians gathering wood for a burrial ceremony. She had been left in a wooded area of the reservation. There is a documentary about her case on CBC.
LINKS: Theresa on a canadian message board
Monica on a Canadian message board
KIDMISSING (my site) on the girls
NOTE: I am posting a picture of Monica and of Kathryn-Mary but could not find one of Theresa.


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