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Who killed Sarah Pryor?

Sarah disappeared from her Wayland,MA yard in October 1985. She was just 9. I was 11 at the time. I lived in Douglas aprox. 42mi. away. That is less than a 1 hour drive. Sarah's disappearence scared me very much. I always wondered what happened to the smiling blond little girl who's picture was on my tv every night for so long. Then in Jan. of 1998 Her picture reappared on my tv this time the story was that a fragment of her skull had been positively id'd by DNA. It had been found in the woods near the Weston,MA line in 1995. I was shocked and saddened but not surprised. I was also excited and hopeful that we would then learn who Sarah's killer was. That has not happened yet. I want to know for her family but also for selfish reasons. I want to know who made my small country town world feel not so safe anymore. I will never forget Sarah and I know that many other kids who grew up hear in Ma at the time of her abduction and murder won't either. Here are a couple of links to articles about Sarah.
Article from South Coast Today/another article from South Coast Today/Garden of Peace website memorial for Sarah


  1. They said she was somewhere between the Wayland/Lincoln border and Route 117 when she was abducted which places her 100's of yards from where I grew up. I was also 9 years old at the time and I can say that I do not remember feeling scared myself. What I do remember however is deadbolts going on doors and the fear in my mother's face when they talked about Sarah on the TV.
    Now we are at the age where we are all having children ourselves and to know that this animal is still potentially out there, that officially scares me.
    I hope they haven't given up on this case.

  2. I lived on Farrar Rd which is on the Wayland/ Lincoln border and runs off of 126 I saw in another post you had written that she dissapeared from her front porch which is not true. She was a mile and a half from her house. Not that it makes much difference but I think when things are posted on the web they should be accurate. I remember the days and weeks of the police and search parties. The helpless feeling knowing that I lived less than a minute from where she was last seen and I had not seen or heard anything or that there was nothing I could do except join in the search. The lights that border 126/117 they were handing out fliers w/ her picture on them everyday for almost a month. Until that day we never locked our doors or cars the 2 large German Shepherds seemed enough, after that day in Oct everything was locked up even the 2 large garages on our property. A lot changed on that afternoon when Sarah disapeared for a lot of families but none lost anything more precious than hers did.

  3. I recall the day Sarah went missing. I lived at 220 Concord Road. Less than 1 mile North of Sarah's house. (Down the hill and on the sharp corner) I was raking leaves with my grandfather and witnessed Sarah walking past my house. I was 8 years old and was wondering who she was. I had not seen her before. When we later learned she was missing, my grandfather immediately called the police and they came by the house to get his statement. I will never forget that day. I would frequent the Dr. Murphy corn fields across the street from my house, digging up arrowheads and plucking a few ears for dinner. After Sarah went missing, I was too afraid to cross the street on my own. I did go a few times with my brother and father to help in the search for Sarah. We weren't sure where she was, but we searched the corn fields for weeks.


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