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Missing Children's Day

Today May 25 is national missing children's day. This date was chosen because it was the date Etan Patz was abducted on his way to school in 1979. He was just 6. President Reagan set the date in 1983. It is also Internationale missing children's day which was started in 1998.

Warning for parents in the Blackstone Valley

A man in a grey car possibly with a woman has been trying to lure children into his car in the following communities:
Uxbridge Police: (508) 278-7755
Upton Police: (508) 529-3200
Sutton Police: (508) 865-8747
Northbridge Police: (508) 234-6211
Mendon Police: (508) 478-2737
The car has been described as a sedan or Impala again grey in color. The man is described as in his 60's with grey hair. Some reports say he looks like a local registered sex offender. This has not been confirmed. One child said he had a woman with him.  NECN story on this situation  UPDATE: MAY 9, 2015: ANOTHER ATTEMPT HAS BEEN MADE THIS TIME IN HOPKINTON,MA.