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Suspect pleads guilty in Lyon sisters case

Now maybe the Lyon family can have some peace in knowing what happened to their daughters after the plea. I just wish it included him telling where their remains are located. Their family deserves that. Below is a clip from an article about the plea. His uncle is next to be charged in this case.

The Lyon sisters disappeared on March 25, 1975, after walking from their home in Kensington, Maryland, to the shopping center. Welch was charged in the girls' killings in 2015 after members of his extended family said they saw him carrying two large duffel bags on property the family owned on Taylor's Mountain in Bedford County, Virginia. During Welch's plea hearing in Bedford Circuit Court Tuesday, Commonwealth's Attorney Wes Nance said witnesses told authorities Welch put a green duffel bag in a large fire burning on the mountain. Nance said other witnesses recalled that the fire burned for days and had "the stench of death." Welch, now 60, did not speak during the…

Rainbow Falls Jane Doe

On June 15,1993 a teenage girl between 13-20 yrs. old was found dead with no ID a few clues in makeshift campsite at the Rainbow Falls Campground in Douglas County,CO. She is the only UID in the county. She was white and had dark blond hair. 5'8" 150-160lbs. She was very curvy with hips and a bust. She wore a black Harley Davidson T-shirt. She had on 2 necklaces and a pinky ring on. (see pics below) She appears to have been murdered as she had a blow to the head. This was not her cause of death. The ME could not determine that. 

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