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Jonathan Foster found deceased :(

The poor boy who had been abducted on Christmas Eve was found burnt in a ditch Tuesday.He was ID'd as Jonathan Wednesday evening. Jonathan's killer a manager of the apartments where he lived has been arrested. Her name is Mona Nelson. She has a criminal history and should never have had the keys to all those apartments. Police have found a mountain of evidence in apartment as well surveillance footage of her car at the place where the child's body was left. She admitted she dropped his body ,but, denies killing him. Nelson former boxer and armed robber is charged with capitol murder in this case.

Late 1970's so called "Babysitter Killer" murders solved?

The murders of 4 children in Oakland County,MI who were carefully cleaned and had their clothes washed dried and ironed got their killer dubbed "The Babysitter Killer". Now thanks to the father of one of the victims we now know who more than likely killed them and maybe more. The first victim was Mark Stebbins,12 from Ferndale,MI Feb. 13,1976.His body was found in a parking lot 6 days later. The next victim was Jill Robinson,12 taken from Royal Oak on Dec 12,1976. Her body was found in Troy. The 3rd victim was Kristine Mihelich,10 who was taken from Berkley on Jan. 2,1977. The last victim was Timothy King 11 taken March 11,1977 from Birmingham. His body was found in a ditch near Livonia. It was his father that learned the identity of the killer through a freedom of information lawsuit out of which he recived the case files. It is clear from those files that a local pedophile named Christopher Busch was the killer of these 4 children and maybe more. He also was convicted on 4…

Jonathan Foster

Jonathan vanished as he walked from his babysitter's home to his to get videogames. He was not wearing a coat on a 30 degree Houston,TX Christmas eve. It was 1:40PM. Jonathan is 12 years old. He is 4'7" tall and weighs just 85lbs. He was wearing a tan t-shirt with a guitar on it,blue jeans and white sneakers with a red stripe. He also has a visible overbite.An Amber Alert has just now been issued 3 days later. Law enforcement is very concerned that Jonathan may have met with foul play. Here is a link to a local news video about Jonathan.

Brittany Mae Smith FOUND ALIVE

Police have found Brittany alive in San Fransisco,CA with Easley after being recognized in a store. Store workers called SFPD who rescued her and arrested him. Brittany has spoken to her family. VA police will be on the first flight out to question Easley. Brittany will sent home to family in VA as soon as possible. Family may even come and get her in CA. I am so happy she is alive. Now she can go home and bury her mom as the funeral was on hold until she was found. Please pray for her healing from this ordeal.

Pearl Harbor anniversary

I wanted to blog about today's anniversary because both of my grandfathers (RIP) served in WWII as did my fathers uncles as well as others in our family. I am proud of my family's history of service. Today is a day to remember that service and honor those who lost their lives on this day in 1941. We must keep the history alive because pretty soon those who lived through it will no longer be with us. We lose more WWII veterans each day. So, please take a moment to think of those who lost their lives on the "Day that will live in infamy!" and all those who fought to keep us free after our freedom was threatened that morning as some our ships sunk and killed so many sailors. Please let's teach the next generations what today December 7th is all about. Teach them how the Japanese air force sunk our ships at Hawaii's Pearl Harbor dragging us into WWII an act they would come to regret. 
                   Here is a link to an article about the dedication of a new v…

Brittany Mae Smith

Brittany was kidnapped by Jeffery Scott Easley who is also suspected in the murder of her mother Tina during the kidnap. Brittany is only 12.  She was taken from her Salem,Va home in Roanoke county. Police fear she is in grave danger. We must find her soon. Police have issued an Amber Alert for her in her hometown of Roanoke,VA and for the whole county. Brittany is 5' and weighs 100lbs. She is white with light brown hair. Easley is believed to be driving Brittany's mothers 2005 Dodge Neon VA plate: xkf-2365. He is a 32 year old white male. They were last spotted on  Wal-Mart surveillance Friday night between 8:00 and 8:30 pm.. Easley used Tina's credit card for purchases at the store.. If you have any information about this case or Brittany's whereabouts please call:Roanoke County police: 1-540-562-3265 or VA state police: 1-800-822-4453.
UPDATE: Easley has been reported to have been inappropriate with Britta…