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Little Miss X UID girl

Little Miss X was found by hunters Skinner Ridge Rd in Williams,Arizona 10 miles from the Grand Canyon on Halloween 1958. Anthropologists believe her to be between 13 and 17 years of age. She was naked  although the following Spring clothes were found in area. They also said she may have been either Spanish or Indian. Anthropologists also concluded that she had been there about a year. Her remains were buried and exhumed in 1962 to compare her teeth to Connie Smith  WY girl missing from CT. This was inconclusive as her dentist thought he recognised the work but others said it was not her. Now her remains are missing so no DNA can be extracted. Apparently when she was reburied no one wrote down where! There is another girl she needs to be compared to, Donnis Marie Redman. This case was brough to my attention by my friends and fellow advocates Jenny and Jerry Boone.