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Alihana Lemmon killed by sitter

The monster, Michael Plumadore Alihana Lemmon

Allen County sheriff's investigators said in an affidavit that 39-year-old Michael Plumadore admits he killed Aliahna Lemmon on Thursday.   According to the affidavit, Plumadore told police that after beating Aliahna to death, he stuffed her body into trash bags and hid her in the freezer at his home in a rundown trailer park in Fort Wayne. He said he later chopped up her body and stuffed her remains into freezer bags. Police said Plumadore told them he had hidden Aliahna's head, feet and hands at his trailer and discarded her other remains at a nearby business. Police obtained a warrant to search his trailer on Monday and found the body parts. The affidavit does not provide details about why Plumadore killed the child. A judge ordered Plumadore held without bail or bond at an initial hearing Tuesday, sheriff's department spokesman Cpl. Jeremy Tinkel said.…

Alihana Lemmon

Alihana is 9 years old 4ft. tall and 40lbs. She is partially blind and partially deaf. It is believed she slept walked out of her babysitter neighbor's home on Christmas Eve morning.  In addition to sleep walking she suffers from night terrors and PTSD and ADHD. The dogs tracked her to the bus stop and the trail went cold. This poor child who just the day before buried her grandfather needs to come home and open her Christmas presents. She slept in grampy's chair and in her dress from his funeral. That just breaks my heart to pieces. The neighbor who was caring for while her mom had the flu cared for her grampa til he died. This case was featured on Nancy Grace tonight.

Aish Khan found safe

Kansas student Aisha Khan is safe and sound after going missing on Dec.16, but her whereabouts since then remain a mystery. Khan, 19, was last seen on the Edwards campus of the University of Kansas in Overland Park. Her husband Waseem Khan told "Good Morning America" on Wednesday that he believed she had been kidnapped, but officials told The Kansas City Star on Wednesday night that she was not abducted. There was no word on where Aisha Khan had been for the last six days. "On behalf of the Khan family, we are ecstatic to announce that Aisha has been found," her family said in a statement posted on the 'Help Find Aisha Khan' Facebook page. "She is safe and is unharmed. The family is truly grateful to each and every one of your support and encouragement during this difficult journey."

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Aish Khan

Aisha vanished from the University of Kansas on Friday after a confrontation with a drunk.
She called her sister frantically after the confrontation. Her sister rushed to be with her and found her book bag  cellphone and other items on a picnic table and no Aisha. Her family are strict Muslims and her husband of 5 months has said if the kidnapper returns her to him he will forgive him. Her mother is devastated. She wants her 19 year old child back. Police believe she was abducted and are searching hard for her.

Ayla Reynolds

Ayla age 20 months went missing from Waterville,ME On Friday night/Saturday morning Dec. 15/16 2011. She was wearing one piece PJ's with "Daddy's Princess" printed on them and a soft cast with sling. Waterville police,state police,the Warden's service and the FBI are searching for her. They have searched for 40 hours with no luck. They are even using search dogs. If she wandered off she will freeze to death if she is not found soon. Police fear she may have been taken. I think she wandered out the door and was grabbed. Please,let's bring her home for Christmas.

Jorelys Rivera found dead in dumpster

Jorelys' body was found today in a dumpster that came from her complex. She was raped and severely beaten. Quote from article:" "This is going to be a very, very horrendous crime. I am convinced of that after having observed the body," Georgia Bureau of Investigation director Vernon Keenan said. "A child who dies under extreme violence is the absolutely the worst thing that can happen to a human being." The body, thought to be missing girl Jorelys Rivera, was badly beaten and sexually assaulted, Keenan said. Autopsy results, still pending, will confirm the identity and cause of death. Cherokee County Sheriffs Department/AP This handout photo provided, by the Cherokee... View Full Size Missing Georgia Girl, 7, May Have Been Abducted Watch Video Missing Girl's Mother: 'We Just Want Bianca Back' Watch Video Aruba Mystery: Is Gary Giordano Unemotional? Watch Video Keenan said the body was discovered around 12:30 p.m. today. Canton Poli…

Jorelys Rivera

Jorelys vanished at 5:30 last night from the playground at her Canton,GA apartment complex when the teen watch her and other young children went inside to get drinks for the kids. Police now believe the 7 year old has been abducted. She is 3-feet-tall and weighs about 80 pounds. She was last seen wearing a pink shirt, blue jeans and black boots. If you have any information about where Jorelys Rivera might be you can call the Canton Police Department at (770) 720-4883.

Amber Alert Bianca Jones

Bianca was taken when her father was car jacked this morning in Detroit,MI. She is a 2 year old African American girl with braided hair and brown eyes. The car was found,but no Bianca. The suspect is described as a 6' 190lbs black male with medium skin tone and facial hair. Please call 313-596-2555 if you have any info. UPDATE: A reward has been issued in this case of $15,000 and an addition $2,500 dollars from crime stoppers. Also a composite of the suspect has been released.

Ishmyel Jean found safe

He was in downtown Miami. He stay with occupy wall st protesters in their tent city. He was heading to a cousins in downtown when I guess he got lost. He was upset so walked right past his grandmothers where he was supose to go. Thank the good Lord he is ok.

Amber Alert Jahessye Shockley

Jahessye is a 5 year old African american female believed to have wandered out of her Glendale,AZ home while in the care of a 13 year old sibling for just 30 minutes. When mom arrived home her daughter was gone. It is believed She was abducted by an African american woman age 25-35  in 1998-2000 Chevy Malibu. She has been missing since Oct. 11,2011. I should have blogged Jahessye's case a lot sooner. I am so sorry I did not. She is 3'5" and weighs 55lbs.


Ishmyel is just 11. He went missing walking 1 block from his N.Miami,FL home to his grandmothers.
He was upset from being punished by his mom for misbehaving in school that day (November 3,2011) and she allowed him to go to his grandmothers,but he never made it. This poor child has been missing for 3 days now. Ishmyel is black with black hair and brown eyes. He is 5'6" and just 95lbs. He was wearing a black shirt and Khaki pants. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Jean is asked to contact North Miami Police at 305-891-0294 ext. 23228 or Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

Alexandra "Allie" Loftis

Allie is just 13 and all alone on a Peter Pan bus to NYC. What is she running from or to? She is a bi-racial child with brown hair and brown eyes. Allie is
5'4" and weighs 130lbs. She left her Wayland,MA home and was last seen getting on a bus bound for NYC as mentioned above. The bus left from Boston. How on earth did this child get from Wayland to Boston in the first place? That is a long way for anyone to go let alone a kid. NY port authority has been notified of her disappearance. Police ask that anyone with information call Detective Ruth Backman or Detective Sgt. Jamie D. Berger at the Wayland Police Department at 508-358-4721. Read more:

Robbie Wood Jr.

Robbie is an autistic 9 year old boy who went missing on a walk with his family in Hanover,VA. He is said not to dressed for the cold. This special little boy needs our help.  quote from article linked below.  Along with deputies from surrounding counties, members of the CERT team, fire department, state police, and the National Guard helped.
"I'm a father with children and I can't imagine what their families are going through," said Sgt. First class Gary Abele. Deputies have also notified 3,300 people in the area through reverse 911 calls to watch out for any signs of Robbie — any hope that he, his mom, and the rest of his family will be reunited again.

Amber Alert: Lisa Irwin

Lisa is 10 months old. Police believe she was taken out her Lister,MO bedroom window in the middle of the night. She  has a cold with a cough. Lisa is 30inches tall and weighs 26-30lbs. She has blond hair and blue eyes,a bug bite below her ear and a birthmark on her right outer thigh. Police have taken the unusual step of issuing an Amber Alert without a suspect because there signs of a break in at the window which is being dusted for prints. My prayers are with mom and dad who went to check on their sick baby at 4am and found an empty crib. I can't begin to imagine the horror of that.

Aliayah Lunsford

Aliayah is 3 years old. She went missing from her bed in Weston,West Virgina.Police doge went to the river. That is never a god sign,although they searched the river and she was not located there. Her says she checked on her 6:30AM and came back at 9 to take the sick child's temp and she was gone? Hmmm.Police and SAR dogs are still searching as well as volunteers. The only 2 pictures available are of the tot crying at Christmas. I don't get that at all. There are as you can see lots of questions in this case and so few answers.

Kerra Wilson body found arrest made

Kerra's raped and murdered body was found by a rancher in a very rugged part of his land last night. It was too late to recover her,so police waited for first light today. Her stepfather 32-year-old Salvador Carlos Lopez was arrested and charged with Rape and 1st degree murder. I can't even express what I am feeling. This never gets easier at all. quote from article:  Lopez was being held at the Scotts Bluff county jail, and was scheduled to make an initial court appearance in Sioux County later Friday. Bartling said Lopez does not have an extensive criminal record.
"We were hoping to bring Kerra safely home to her family; sadly, we weren't able to do that," Bartling said. Kerra Wilson has three younger siblings who are all staying with family members.

Kerra Wilson

8 year old Kerra Wilson vanished Wednesday morning from her school yard in Mitchell,Neb. She has blue eyes and brown hair. As of tonight the FBI has joined in the investigation. Her parents and stepdad have already been interviewed. Let's just pray for a safe return. If you have an information about this case please call the Omaha FBI office at 402-493-8688, the Nebraska State Patrol (Scottsbluff office) at 308-632-1211 or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
 at 1-800-843-5678.

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Kienan Hebert found safe:)

From the article linked below: On Sunday morning, a day after the parents made an emotional appeal for their son's safe return, the child was found apparently unharmed asleep on an armchair in the living room.   Police said they suspected that Hopley had brought him back. After the manhunt was extended to the neighbouring province of Alberta, police found Hopley on Tuesday morning at a remote industrial site. Kienan's father, Paul Hebert, told Canadian media: "We're happy for the community, relieved for the community." Hopley has a string of criminal convictions and was jailed in 1985 for a sexual assault. In 2008 he was imprisoned after breaking into a house in Sparwood and attempting to snatch a child.

Kienan Hebert

Kienan is a 3 year old Sparwood,BC boy who taken by Randall Hopley, 46 On Sept. 7,2011.       .Hopley is a sex offender who had set up a chilling lair to keep kids in another family's cabin in Alberta and yet is still out awaiting trial. Alberta despite this and the fact they are 20 miles away has declined to issue an Amber Alert. They sad it will be looked into. HU! Just issue the alert! Ferry's have even been turned around to searched because at least BC has an Amber Alert. "We're 100 per cent optimistic that we'll get him back and we're 100 per cent sure we'll get him back in an alive state," the emotional father said when he spoke briefly with reporters Thursday evening.
"As time prolongs, we'll see where that takes us. We have to be optimistic." He said the family has already been down a long road with their son Caleb, who has undergone three heart surgeries.
"Now with Kienan it's the same feeling. A life-and-death scenari…

Anthony Bernard Franko

Tony was 10 when he went missing on his way to school May 8,1983 in Lemmon Valley,NV.

He was just 3 months shy of his 11th birthday. A defrocked priest was a suspect but no evedience was ever found linking him to the case. It is unlikely that he is the abductor because his molestation victims were female. Tony's mom is still waiting and hoping. It's about time to answer the question: Where is Tony.

White House Boys child abuse case

At the Florida Industrial School For Boys in Marinna,FL atrocities took place from at least the 1940's through the 1960's which until recently were kept hidden inside the victims.  One victim started a website and support system  for these boys now men who were beaten beyond my comprehension. Thanks to this brave man Roger Dean Kiser author of The White House Boys: An American Tragedy I am able to tell you their story. Thank you Mr.Kiser and all the brave White House Boys for allowing this blog to be written.
                Many of these boys were not sent to the reform school for any crime,they simply weren't wanted or were orphans. They were taken to a building at the school behind the mess hall called the White House  and were told to lay on a filthy mattress on a bed frame with springs. They then had to hold onto the metal bed frame and bite the nasty pillow while they were beat with a leather strap that had a metal strip inside for reinforcement. The wounds were horre…

Breeann Rodriguez: remains found

Breeann's remains were found near the Floodway Ditches, about eight miles southeast of the girl's family's home in Senath on Tuesday August, 16,2011. A quote from police: "We appreciate all the help and support from the community in what has been a difficult time for all," Dunklin County Sheriff Bob Holder said in the statement. "We are saddened to confirm our fears but glad we have been able to recover her for her parents."

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Jori Lirette murdered and decapitated by father

Jori was 7 years old when his father just days ago killed him dismembered him and decapitated him. He left the boys head on the road by the house so his mother could see it. This man is NOT HUMAN. This boy was severely handicapped with Cerebral Palsy and heart problems. Even if he was not this is still an inhuman act. The "father" Jeremiah Lee Wright, 30 is in jail on $5 million dollars bond. I have the urge to hit him so badly.

quote from his mom from the article: In Heaven I believe you're a beautiful star and you will always shine bright inside my heart, inside everybody's heart. If I could go back and change yesterday, I would. But I can't.
"You will be missed and loved by everyone and we will pray every day in your honor. Love you, Mom." My thoughts and prayers are with you miss Lirette.

Read more:…

Breeann Rodriguez: killer confesses

Breeann's neighbor confessed to killing the 3 year old by smothering her with a garbage bag. He went on to add that then he put her in the bag and dumped her in a swamp now being searched for her remains. Police have located her bike in the water where he said he put her and her bike. I will blog again when  police give more info.

Breeann Rodriguez

Breeann is 3 years old. She is 34in tall and weighs 30lbs. She went missing riding her bike near her Senath,Dunklin Co.,MO Home Sat. Aug. 6,2011. She is Hispanic with black curly hair and brown eyes. Her father is frantic as he says she is very nice and would go with anyone. Her bike has also not been found. The FBI has joined in the search for Breeann because she is so young. Please if you have any information no matter how insignificant it may seem call: Senath Police Department at (573) 738-2818 or the Dunklin County Sheriff's Office at (573) 888-2424.

Celina Cass:Body Found :(

"A female's body was discovered Monday in a river less than half a mile from the home of an 11-year-old New Hampshire girl who disappeared almost a week ago, but authorities didn't immediately identify it." 
Now,however it has been ID'd as Celina's. Tomorrow at 9AM in Concord,NH her autopsy will be conducted. It has been reported that her body was wrapped up,but police will not comment on the state of the remains. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. Her natural father is in the hospital intubated. How do they tell him what happened when he wakes up. I feel so horrible for him. Also as long as I do this it never gets easier to type that a child's body has been found.

Celina Cass

Celina is just 11 and in 5th grade. She is missing from tiny West Stewartstown,NH pop. 900. The town is just 1 mile from the Canadian border. Several police agencies including the FBI CARD team and RCMP are investigating. Celina was last seen by her parents on Monday July 25,2011 playing on the computer. Police and FBI are searching the computer and phone records for clues. They have also searched a red pickup truck parked next door. Her apartment building has been roped off as well.

Katelynn Headley

Katelynn is 17 years old is 5'6" tall and weighs 120lbs. She is missing from Clermont,FL. She vanished in a Ford Mustang with an unknown driver on Sunday. The car has out of state plates. No tag number has been given. If you have seen Katelynn or have any info regarding her disappearance please call 1-352-394-5588.,0,4299049.story

Katherine Phillips

4 1/2 month old Kathrine was abducted by Sean Phillips believed to be her father from her mothers home in Ludington,MI. He is in a MI jail on half a million dollars bail. The baby is still missing. He will not tell authorities where Kathrine is. "She is bald with blue eyes and last was seen wearing pink shorts and a matching pink tank top with black and pink flowers. Local authorities called in the U.S. Coast Guard and FBI to assist in the search."  If you know where Kathrine is please call the Ludington Police Department at 231-843-3425 or Mason-Oceana Dispatch at 231-869-5858.

Having surgery

I am having surgery July 21,2011. I having a hysterectomy and also my right ovary removed. I will be in the hospital for 2 days. It will take several weeks for me to recover. So, I will not be on my blog for a little while. Rest assured I will be back. I will always fight for my missing kids.

OFF TOPIC:  Folks let's keep Caylee Anthony in our memories,but,also remember Casey was found not guilty like it or not and many don't. Our system worked the way it was supposed to. Jurors are human beings,give them a break.

Maegan Lee Allen

Maegan ran away from her Nashville,TN home with her boyfriend Austin Sevegny. He has been arrested in the past for domestic violence on his mom. He is also addicted to meth. These 2 children are both just 16. I would like to thank her mom Amy for her post on Finding The Missing Children with this info. I am frustrated that there is so little online about Maegan. Here are pictures of Maegan and Austin. Her mom notes his pic is older before his meth use.  Both children are at this link.

Etian Blasingame

Etian was abducted by his father 28 year old Michael Blasingame in 2008 from Plano,TX. His wanted by the US Marshall's service for. Michael's mother has been arrested for helping him move around the world with his son. Marshals are concentrating on Thiland and Malaysia in their search for etian and Michael. Michael has know gang affiliations as well.  Here are pictures  of Etian his father and his unique tattoos.