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Kimberly Moreau

Kimberly Vanished from Jewell St. Jay,ME on May 10,1986. She was 17 weighed 135lbs. and was 5'7" when she was last seen. She was last seen getting into a Monte Carlo or Tran Am with a girlfriend and an unknown older man. Her friend is said to have known the man. This man who has not been named publicly is a person of interest in this case. His story of dropping her off down the road from her home at her request just did not add up. Child killer Lewis Lent is also a possible suspect. Her mom passed away two years after she disappeared. Her dad still lives in the same home on Jewell St waiting for his little girl to come home. In 1993 Kimberly was declared legally dead. Let's help bring her home so she may rest with her mom. Jay is a small town in middle Maine. My mom is from the area and I have been there many times. Livermore Falls police are also investigating the case as they are right next door to Jay and both towns are very small.…

Adrien McNaughton

Adrien went missing On June 12,1972 from Holmes Lake,Calabogie,Ontario,Canada. He was just 5 that day when he wandered off tword a wooded area never to be seen again. Police  released a sketch last year of what he would look like  at age 42. When Adrien went missing, he had blond hair, brown eyes and a scar over his left eye. He was wearing an orange striped shirt, jeans, blue nylon parka and running shoes. This poor child has been gone 38 years. That is WAY to long IMO. Let's see if we can bring him or God forbid his remains home.

Brittanee Marie Drexel

Brittanee vanished from Myrtle Beach,SC while on spring break without consent on April 25,2009. She was 17. Her mother thought she was staying at a friend's house near their Rochester,NY home. Brittanee's mom learned where she really was when her boyfriend John called her after he lost phone contact with Brittanee abruptly. Her mom was angry and scared. Her dad is devastated. Her mom and friends called and called Brittanee's phone again and again with no response. Her mom boyfriend and best friend went to SC to search for her to no avail. Her phone last pinged in a swampy area before it died. Searches were conducted in that area,but, only a pair of sunglasses that might have been hers were found. There are 4 unnamed persons of interest in this case as of April 2010. Nothing has come of them. Brittanee was last seen on survailance cam leaving the Blue Water Resort to go back to the Bar Harbor Hotel where she was staying about a mile away to return her friends shorts. She ne…

Michaela Joy Garecht

Michaela was abducted in front of her best friend Trina at a local convenience store on Nov. 19,1988 in Hayward,CA (San Francisco Bay Area).The location was at the corner of Mission Boulevard and Lafayette.  At that time it was called Rainbow Market.  Today it is Mexico Super. Her abductor had moved her scooter from in front of the store to near his car about three parking spots away. As Michaela went to pick up her scooter the man jumped out of his car and grabbed the 9 year old, throwing the screaming child into his car and driving off. Hayward police and San Francisco FBI have never given up looking for her. Michaela's case has never gone cold in 22 years. That dose my heart good,but,it's tempered by the knowledge that Michaela is still gone. I would like to thank Michaela's mother,Sharon Murch for the picture that will appear with this blog and for permitting me to write it. It is my honor and privilege to assist the families of the missing.  http://www.missingmichaela…