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Sharon Marshall/Suzanne Davis/Tonya Hughes Tadlock

Who was Sharon/Suzanne/Tonya? She is believed to have been abducted between 1973 and 1975 by Franklin Deleno F:loyd. He posed as her father as she grew up. When she was in her twenties he married her. In 1986 when she graduated from high school she was pregnant with her 1st child. She had a daughter who is believed to have been adopted out. Her 2nd child Michael Anthony Hughes was born in 1989. She kept him. She then had another daughter who was adopted out and has since been located. "Sharon" was killed in a hit and run in 1990 in Oklahoma City,OK. She was in her twenties. In 1994 Floyd a convicted felon abducted Michael from his school. Michael has never been seen again. Floyd is not the father of any of "Sharon's" children. Floyd now sits on Florida's death row although no date of  execution  has been set as of now. He was convicted of the murder of Cheryl Commesso a dancer with Sharon/Tonya at a bar in Florida. Floyd was also convicted of the kidnappin

Angelo (Andy) Puglisi

Andy was abducted from the pool at his apartment complex in Lawrence,MA in August 1976. A childhood friend of Andy's named Melanie Perkins made a documentary about Andy called Have You Seen Andy . I have seen it and have it on tape. There is a lot of information in it. There were two strong suspects, Wayne W. Chapman and Charles E. Pierce. Both men were pedophiles.  Nathaniel Bar-Jona is also a possible suspect in this case. Melanie found a note in a Lawrence police file stating that Pierce confessed to killing Andy to a cell mate. It is believed that Andy was murdered. His parents want their son's remains so they may lay him to rest. Whomever abducted and murdered Andy not only took him from his parents and friends, but, by their actions left his baby sister  with no memories of her brother.   

Debbie Fijan age 10 murdered February 11,1966

Debbie stayed after  on Feb. 11,1966 at her  west Chicago school to keep time at a basketball game. When her mom went to pick her up she was not there. A few hours later her body was found in  an icy ditch near the intersection of  Fair Oaks and Lies roads.Debbie had been stabbed 19 times. She was just 10 years old. Her younger brother now in his late 40's remembers her going to church with him and talking to him about Jesus. He also fondly remembered her smile and sweetness.  Her case is being investigated by the cold case unit of DuPage Co. IL sheriff's dept. by detectives Tim Garlisch and Joe Dalgiudice. According to 1966 articles Debbie's favorite teacher was arrested in this case but the grand jury refused to indict Loren Schofield age 27 saying they had insufficient evidence.  The weapon in this case has never been found. http:/

UPDATE Selena Found SAFE

Ann Arbor police have found Selena safe and she is in their custody. No further info given. I like making updates like this one. WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!  

Amber Alert: Selena Leroux Riggins 14

Selena was abducted while visiting a friend in Ann Arbor,MI on Thursday, Febuary  4,2010. She was visiting from London,ON,Canada. Her friend woke up in a  Yspilanti  Hotel and is hospitalized at this time recovering from a possible rape and drugging. Both suspects   Woodrow Roosevelt Williams II and Wayne William Rankin both 25 have since turned themselves in to LE. Selena is still missing. Here is a link with news video: