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Chris Benoit: A case for innocence

There are several points I'd like to make in my case for Chris' innocence. I have read all the reports from the detectives and CSI's as well as statements from the neighbor and the widow of referee "Mark Curtis" Brian Hildebrand.
1. The crime scene was purposefully contaminated by the neighbor when she went through the house after being instructed to kennel the dog and leave.
2. Cops decided Chris did it before they even went through the scene.
3. so many innconsistancies in the reports.
4. Nancy was covered in a saddle blanket. The neighbor owned a horse riding school.
5. Why was blood on Chris nose and hand not collected and the blood on his nose disappeared later. The blood on his hand is described by one ivestegator as on his nail bed. another discribes it as splatter. HU!
6. Why was Nancy gagged? Maybe by someone who was famillar with her "banshee" screams at ringside and was afraid someone would hear her.
7. According to Chris' oldest son David when he saw Chris and Nancy fight she hit him but he walked away and did not hit back.
6. Why dose the CSI report say Nancy had rope around her neck and fibers from it were found in the downstairs bath?
7. other neighbors were allowed into the locked gate at the scene futher contaminating things.
8. Evidence was either missed or forgotten about for days and collected later. There goes chain of custody.
9. Nancy was not afraid of Chris because she used to hide drugs just to piss him off. You don't do that if you are afraid of someone. Nancy herself had drug and alcohol problems also.
10. How did Daniel's scalp get pulled off his skull by neck compression without turning his little vertabrae in dust so to speak.
1 more thing a knife found under Daniel's bed was not recovered for over a week. It was recovered on July 3,2007. It was forgotten about.
Chris has a small black eye and a pinch on the back of his neck. His lividity was on his chest,stomach and legs suggesting he was laying face down at some point. If he had been hanging the whole time it would have been all in his legs and lower body. They never did DNA on the blood on his hand. If it was splatter then where did it come from? The only blood Nancy had on her was from her mouth not anthing splattered. There are more questions in this case but this is the jist of it.


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