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Paul Allen Allard

Paul was 14 when his vanished August 14,1976 from Miami,Dade county,FL. He was from CT and was visiting family in Miami. He called his mom that day to ask to come home. His mom said she'd send his uncle to pick him up. Paul headed to the local 7/11 to get a soda,but never made it. He had a serious injury to his left hand. The hand was taped up. He was to have 2 fingers on his left hand amputated when he returned home to CT. He also has a scar on his right hand. It is thought that he might have tried to hitch hike home and was abducted in the process. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is 5'4"  and 110lbs.

EDITORIAL: This poor child was facing life changing surgery and had to be very anxious. As if that were not bad enough he gets abducted. I feel so bad for him.

Chad Ray Stilson Found Safe

Chad Ray Stilson

Elizabeth Ennen: BODY FOUND

It was announced on Nancy Grace last night that a body believed to be Elizabeth was found just 12 miles from where she was abducted from. I would also like to correct my earlier post. The abductor's son was not her boyfriend as first reported. Elizabeth had a crush on him. She was sitting for the abductor's (Salinas) common law wife so she could go to Bingo with her sister. The common law wife has been known to Elizabeth's mom since the woman was 15 according to the mom's sister who was on Nancy Grace last night. She also stated that Elizabeth's mom is sedated and beside herself understandably. Please pray for her at this horrible time.

Elizabeth Ennen

Elizabeth was violently abducted by her boyfriend's father. The abduction from a parking lot was caught on surveillance video. She was taken from Lubbock,TX on Jan 5,2011. She is a white female 5'3" and 135lbs. Elizabeth is just 15. She is without her mental health meds and a warm coat. The boyfriend's father Humberto Salinas Jr. has been arrested,but, it is still unknown where Elizabeth is. Salinas was seen both taking her into a room at the Carriage House hotel where she had been babysitting in another room. Then was later seen taking her from the scene. Police say she appeared to be very frightened of Salinas. He needs to tell police where she is so she can be brought home to her family. Police have released the video of the abduction to the public. Her case will be on Nancy Grace tonight.

Rhiannon Smith Safe

Rhinnon was found safe in Al. Yippie! I like typing that so much better than what I normally have to type here.  Thank God she was found OK. Now she can go home to her family where she belongs.

Cherrie Mahan

Cherrie vanished from her school bus stop in Winfield Township,PA on Feb. 26,1985. She was just 8 years old 4'2" 68lbs. This year after 26 long years a lead has literally walked into state police barracks that has been described as crucial. It may the lead that brings Cherrie or her remains home. In 1998 she was declared dead by a judge on be half of her mom so her brother could have money in the bank Cherrie was awarded from a car accident a few years before she went missing. Also, her mom gave the $58,000 dollars that had been raised for the search to the National Center For Missing And Exploited Children. How selfless! Still though she knows her daughter is most likely dead Joyce McKinney just wants to know what happened that day 26 years ago. I do not think that is too much to ask. Do you?  If you know anything about this case please call 1-800-THE-LOST or PA  state police.

Juliani Cardenas

Juliani is just 4 years old. His mother's ex-boyfriend assaulted his grandmother and snatched the child from her arms on Tuesday Jan. 18,2011 in Patterson,CA. He has tried at least 3 other times to snatch the preschooler. The abductor is NOT the boys father. The abductor named Jose Esteban Rodriguez is 27 years old and has a manslaughter conviction on his record. Police are searching a canal where a witness saw a car matching the description of Rodriguez's car go in. If the car is not in the canal he is driving a silver Toyota Carola. Juliani is 3'6" and weighs 40lbs. Both the abductor and Juliani are Hispanic males with black hair and brown eyes. Police have said the believe Juliani is in danger. His mother and  grandmother are devastated. Anyone with any info on this case please call the Stanislaus County sheriff's dept. at 1-209-380-6015.

Kimberly Alice King

Kimberley was 12 years old when she vanished from Warren,MI. She was last heard from when she called home from a pay phone and spoke with her sister at 11PM on the night she vanished September 15,1979. Her sister told her to return to her friends house as it was too late for her to out wandering. She never made it back. There is speculation she could have been one of the "Babysitter Killer's" victims. Police first thought she had run away during the sleepover she was at,so they did not look for her or track down the pay phone records for that night. Police today wish they had as it could have been a major clue. If you have any info on this case please call 1-800-THE-LOST or 1-586-574-4705. Kimberly was 5'5" and weighed 105lbs at the time of her disappearance. She would be 43 now.…

Phylicia Barnes

Phylicia went missing in Baltimore,MD while visiting family there. She is from NC. Foul play is suspected in the 16 year old's case. Phylicia's family in NC desperately want her home safe. Police have asked for the FBI's help on the case. They have also set up a hotline for tips: 1-855-223-0033. Please call it if you know anything about where Phylicia is. No discription of what she was wearing has been given. I do know she is lovely African American girl.  Police have searched Leakin Park to no avail after a tip.

Hailey Dunn

Hailey vanished Dec. 27,2010 from her Colorado,TX home. She left to go to her dad's close by ,but, the 13 year old never arrived. Her scent was tracked halfway to her dad's and and also to a hotel. It was also found that she may only be wearing flip flops if any shoes at all. Her mom's boyfriend has just taken a polygraph test. Police have also searched the home and a back shed. Police are not saying what if anything was found. Police are also not saying weather the boyfriend passed the polygraph or not. " Colorado City police have said they believe Hailey was last seen Dec. 27 at 3:15 p.m. in her house in the 1800 block of Chestnut. Colorado City is 75 miles north of San Angelo.
Hailey is about 5-feet tall, weighs 120 pounds and has brown hair. She was last seen wearing navy blue sweatpants, a light-colored short-sleeve T-shirt and pink and white tennis shoes." If you have info on Hailey's whereabouts please call Colorado City police  at:  1-325-728-5294.  htt…