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Janice Pockett

Janice was abducted from Vernon,CT on July 26,1973. She has never been located. Only her bike was ever found. Today her younger sister Mary,just 6 at the time still searches for her. Janice was herself just 7. These things aren't supposed to happen in quiet rural Connecticut,are they?  I am very familiar with that part of the state as I have family there. Janice is not the only child to be taken from this quaint little New England town. There was Lisa Joy White,Deborah Spickler and others in near by towns including a little girl dumped from a car on the main street of near by East Windsor,CT,another quaint New England town know largely for tobacco farms and textile mills.She died at  the hospital. Her still unsolved  case stunned the community.  What was going on in CT. Was there a serial killer on the loose? I think so. I think there are those who know or have an idea who it was, because people talk in small towns.  Please listen to my show with Janice's sister Mary linked b…

Texas Killing Fields

The killing fields is an area between Houston and Gaveston,TX on Rt. 45.In my opinion there was more than 1 serial killer at work in that part of Texas at different times. A movie was made about the cases as well. It came out in 2011. I had the honor to interview  Laura Smither's parents Gay and Bob Smither on KIDMISSING RADIO a few months ago. They are wonderful people Please look at the list below and if you witinessed anything or think you might have information on any of theses cases please call the FBI or local law enfourcement.. Here is a list of the victims: Colette Wilson - Age 13, Caucasian. She was dropped off by Band Leader at a bus stop in Alvin on June 17, 1971. She disappeared, then her nude body was found close to I-10 and highway 6. Near Addicks Reservoir in west Houston, some 35 to 40 miles from where last seen 5 months earlier. She had been killed by a gunshot to head and her band instrument was never located. The remains of Colette Willson were found within 35 …


I have several news items regarding KIDMISSING and KIDMISSING RADIO.
The picture about is our official logo created by me. KIDMISSING'S is the same. I have 2 episodes of KIDMISSINGRADIO coming up. First on March 16,2013 is Christopher Abeyta  and 2nd is Janice Pockett. In both cases my guest will be a sister to the missing child. We also now have our own Twitter account. @KIDMISSING1 Please follow us. Here are a few links about the subjects of our upcoming shows. Find ChristopherJanice Pockett Facebook page created by her sister

March 16 KIDMISSING RADIO Christopher Abeyta

March 30 KIDMISSING RADIO Janice Pockett