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Who Killed Mya Lyons?

Mya Lyons was a 9 year old African American female from Chicago,IL. She was lured out of her home right after going to bed on the night of Monday July 14,2008 around 11pm. At around midnight Tuesday the 15th. Her father found her lifeless body in an alley not far from home. She had been beaten to death and stabbed. Let's see if we can help get justice for Mya. Her family deserves that much after all they have lost. I will add her case to my unsolved murders forum on my message board. Here is a link to more on Mya's case. Also to the right of this post is a picture of Mya. more on Mya's case Also go here for more: Websleuths thread on Mya's case Please contact police if you have any info on this case.

Elizabeth Olten found dead

Elizabeth was found in a heavily wooded area. A juvenile suspect led police to her body. The juvenile suspect is in fact a 15 year old female who lived in the home Olten was visiting. Also,she dug Elizabeth's grave before the crime. My prayers go out to her family and her killers family. You make ask why I'd pray for the killer's family. It is because both families have been forever altered. Here is a link to more on the terrible find. Article on finding Elizabeth's body

Two girls: 1 missing 1 murdered dumped in landfill

Elizabeth Olten age 9 is missing from St. Martin's, Mo since Wednesday. No Amber Alert has been issued as "there is no proof she was abducted" Here's a clue, she's 9 folks. They did however issue an endangered child alert. Today searches are ongoing for Elizabeth. I pray she has better outcome than Somer Thompson. Somer was abducted on her way home from school. She had been walking with her sisters and friends but after a fight with her sisters she seperated from the group and was taken. Her body was found at the dump just over the state Line in GA. She was abducted from Orange Park,FL which is near the state line. At right are photos of both girls and here are links to more on each case.
Article on Elizabeth

Article on Somer


I have added several links to this blog including one to my new profile and stories. I am so excited about begining writing fanfic online. Thank you,Natalie for getting me into it. I have updated my Good Eats-Alton Brown fanpage to reflect the airing of the special Good Eats turns 10 and the 10th season premeir airing Monday night. I have also updated my Chris Jericho. I have added Smackdown results and a picture to the photo gallery. I started a Facebook group for Sarah Pryor. A link to it is on the links on this page. Links to my Chris Jericho page and Good Eats-Alton Brown fanpage are on here as well. I will also link my profile on my Facebook.
Also, I have updated my other Facebook groups. My Lighting The Way Home Facebook group would not be what it is without Christine my fellow admin. Thank you,Christine. She runs the volunteer group witch the Facebook group is made for. Please check it out. Thank you to all who read my blog. I will continue to post…