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Celina Cass

Celina is just 11 and in 5th grade. She is missing from tiny West Stewartstown,NH pop. 900. The town is just 1 mile from the Canadian border. Several police agencies including the FBI CARD team and RCMP are investigating. Celina was last seen by her parents on Monday July 25,2011 playing on the computer. Police and FBI are searching the computer and phone records for clues. They have also searched a red pickup truck parked next door. Her apartment building has been roped off as well.

Katelynn Headley

Katelynn is 17 years old is 5'6" tall and weighs 120lbs. She is missing from Clermont,FL. She vanished in a Ford Mustang with an unknown driver on Sunday. The car has out of state plates. No tag number has been given. If you have seen Katelynn or have any info regarding her disappearance please call 1-352-394-5588.,0,4299049.story

Katherine Phillips

4 1/2 month old Kathrine was abducted by Sean Phillips believed to be her father from her mothers home in Ludington,MI. He is in a MI jail on half a million dollars bail. The baby is still missing. He will not tell authorities where Kathrine is. "She is bald with blue eyes and last was seen wearing pink shorts and a matching pink tank top with black and pink flowers. Local authorities called in the U.S. Coast Guard and FBI to assist in the search."  If you know where Kathrine is please call the Ludington Police Department at 231-843-3425 or Mason-Oceana Dispatch at 231-869-5858.

Having surgery

I am having surgery July 21,2011. I having a hysterectomy and also my right ovary removed. I will be in the hospital for 2 days. It will take several weeks for me to recover. So, I will not be on my blog for a little while. Rest assured I will be back. I will always fight for my missing kids.

OFF TOPIC:  Folks let's keep Caylee Anthony in our memories,but,also remember Casey was found not guilty like it or not and many don't. Our system worked the way it was supposed to. Jurors are human beings,give them a break.