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As we celebrate this season of love and giving please remember all those with an empty place place at the table and gifts unopened; the families of the missing. I can't imagine not knowing where my loved one is any day but especially this day. So, please keep them in your prayers today and always.

An Answer To Brittany Maynard

Here is a video I made in answer to the video I saw of right to die advocate Brittany Maynard.  I disagree with her decision,but it was just that her decision. IMO it was made out of more than just psychical  suffering.

Iowa paper boy mystery

Johnny Gosch 12 Sept. 5,1982 515-222-3320
Eugene Martin 13 Aug 12,1984 515-283-4864
Marc Allen 13 March 29,1986 514-283-4811 All from West Des Moines,IA

2 of the 3 boys delivered papers for the Des Moines Register. It was originally reported that all 3 did,but Marc in fact never did. Most believe all 3 cases  are linked,however because all 3 boys vanished every 2 years over a 4 year period.

Johnny: The first to be abducted was Johnny Gosch age 12 in 1982. His mom has never given up and works tirelessly to find him. There was a blue car possibly a Ford Fairmont at the place where the kids picked up their papers and asked Johnny for directions then turned around and asked an adult carrier the same. A bit later a couple in bed heard a loud muffler some say was from the same car looked out but did not see a boy.    Johnny was the first missing child on a milk carton. There were several possible sightings of Johnny. One woman said he ran up to her said he was Johnny but a man…

Sharon Marshall positively ID'D!

Here is an excerpt from Matt Birkbeck’s blog on the extraordinary news. On Wednesday, I received a call from Joe informing me that Sharon had finally been positively identified. I then spoke to her family today (Friday). The news was true. I can’t share all the details, but here’s what I can say….

Her name is Suzanne Marie Sevakig and she was from North Carolina. 

For those who read the book, you’ll recall Floyd fled Florida in 1973. He ended up in North Carolina a year later using another alias and met a recently divorced woman with four children - three young daughters and infant son. Floyd and the woman later married, and in 1975 the woman was sentenced to 30 days in jail for a minor crime. When she was released Floyd was gone and so where her children. She found two daughters at a local social services agency, where Floyd had taken them.  The mother went to the local police and FBI and tried to file kidnapping charges but they declined to investigate saying that since Floyd was the…

Blackstone,MA: 4 children and 3 infants remains found in unspeakable conditions

Let me start by giving some background on Blackstone. Blackstone is a very small town in the historic Blackstone River Valley which is in both MA and RI. This valley was  the birthplace of the industrial revolution in the US.
              Earlier this week police were called to home in Blackstone,MA on reports that a baby was crying for a very long time. When officers arrived they found the baby age 6 mons. covered in feces and in a home full of filth,rodents,roaches and dirty diapers stacked over a foot high. A total of 4 living children were removed from the home. Police discovered the remains of 3 babies in the home as well as the remains of cats and dogs. Police are not sure if they will find more human remains or not as CSI's in hazmat suits sift through the filth. Neighbors say the house has smelled for a long time,even reporting that in winter the windows were open and the smell coming out about knocked them over. I can't begin to wrap my head around this. The woman i…

Mary Ann Switalski

Mary Ann was last seen at a carnival at  her parish St. Priscilla's church in Chicago,IL on July 15,1963. She was thought to have gone to California with a magazine selling crew. Those who ran the crew told stories that did not match. The female said she went to California with them and the man said she stayed in Illinois. Her mother received a letter in her hand writing by not her writing style a couple of days later. Her family believes that the letter may have been dictated to her. On my next EP. of KIDMISSING RADIO I will interview her cousin Mary Riesbeck. The show will air on Sat. Sept. 13,2014 @ 5PM est. and will thereafter be archived to be listened to anytime. Mary's cousin's blog
Mary's Doe Network profile

Misty Donna Copsey

Misty was last seen in the evening walking home from the Puyallup Fairgrounds. She was visiting the fair together with her best friend. Misty's mother worked night, she drove the girls to the fair, but she could not pick the girls up. The girls were supposed to take the bus from Puyallup to Spanaway. The girls went on rides. Nothing unusual happened.

Misty missed her bus home, at 3rd Street SW and W. Pioneer at 21.20 and has not been seen since. She called her mother at 20.45 to tell her she missed the bus. Her mother asked her to call someone they both trusted, then call her back. The call never came. Misty's mother called the police when she came home from work and Misty wasn't there. Misty's friend said she'd walked home, leaving Misty at the bus stop, heading for the bus.

Misty had no money, was a good student, and had never run away before. She had a clean criminal record.

Some of Misty's clothing was discovered near Mud Mountain Dam on February 7, 1993. Sear…

Daniel (Danny) Barter

Danny vanished from his parents campsite on Perdido Bay,AL on June 18,1959. He was 4 years old. Bloodhounds traced his scent to the road. Some thought he had drowned in the bay in the early stages of the case. Now his is believed to be a non-family abduction. Danny's case was reopened in 2008.  In 2009 a 50 year anniversary vigil was held for Danny.   Danny's website
I will feature Danny's case on an upcoming episode of KIDMISSING TV.
Danny's mom said, at the time"I can understand why someone would want to take him because he's such a pretty child."

Ann Marie Burr

In 1961, Ann Marie Burr was a beautiful eight-year-old girl with golden blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a smile that could light up a room. On August 31, 1961, Ann Marie vanished.
Ann Marie’s family had been living in a house near the 3000 block of North 14th Street in Tacoma, Washington. Ann Marie shared her bedroom with her three-year-old younger sister Julie Burr. Julie had recently injured her arm so Ann Marie brought her little sister to their parent’s room in the middle of the night to tell them the cast was bothering her sister’s arm. Their parents told them to go back to their room. That was the last time anyone ever saw Ann Marie.

I have my doubts about Bundy in this case. There are several things that do not add up for me. The least of witch is the DNA not matching. He was only 14. Her body would have been found. The mom's lett…

Ann Gotlib new information

Here is a discription of what happened on the day Ann vanished. Respectfully snipped: "Gotlib was last seen in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky on June 1, 1983. She was riding her red and white bicycle from the Bashford Manor Mall back to her family's residence between 5:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Her bicycle was later found propped up against a brick pillar outside of Bacon's Department Store in the mall. She never arrived home and has not been heard from again. The mall was across the street from her Gerald Court home." Police think this was a non family abduction. They have had over forty suspects over the years. Many of whom have since died. 3 days after her diapearence police bloodhounds tracked her scent around a ditch near the mall and took them to an apartment occupied by Ester Okmyansky, who was the grandmother of the friend who was last to see Ann. She told police that Ann was never at her apartment. 3 weeks later a suspect was ruled out as he had an alibi e…

Andrei Chikatilo

Above are a picture of Chikatilo and several of his victims.

Chikatilo was a mild mannered married father and school teacher with a dark side. He was a child rapist serial killer. He used his position of trust to lure his victims. He confessed to 56 murders,but their were likely more.Here is a list of known victims courtesy of Wikipedia: List of victims[edit]
Number[160] Name[161] Sex Age Date of Murder Notes
1 Yelena Zakotnova F 9 22 December 1978 Chikatilo's first victim. Accosted by Chikatilo while walking home from an ice-skating rink.
2 Larisa Tkachenko F 17 3 September 1981 Approached by Chikatilo while waiting for a bus back to her boarding school.[162]
3 Lyubov Biryuk F 13 12 June 1982 Biryuk was abducted while returning from a shopping trip in the village of Donskoi.[163]
4 Lyubov Volobuyeva F 14 25 July 1982 Killed in an orchard near Krasnodar Airport.[141] Her body was found 7 August.
5 Oleg Pozhidayev M 9 13 August 1982 Chikatilo's first male victim. Pozhidayev was killed…


1st we have just finished filming EP. 5 of KIDMISSING TV. KIDMISSING RADIO has it's own page on Facebook. Please check it out and like us to keep up with all the new shows and guests. Here are links to my last 2 shows: Eddie Stecker murder and Bianca Noel Piper disappearance


Paul Fronczak

The above images from top to bottom l to r. Headline from original newspaper account of abduction. The man who grew up as Paul Fronczak A Man who believes he may be the real Paul side by side with an age progression of Paul. The same man's baby picture side by side with Paul's

In April of 1964 a woman posing as a nurse walked of a Chicago hospital with newborn Paul Joseph Fronczak kicking off a nationwide  manhunt. In 1966 a boy abandoned in NJ in a baby carriage. He was given to the Fronczaks as their son based on the FBI looking at his ears?! In 2012 a DNA test reviled he was NOT Paul. So, who is this man? A man in TX,who grew up in IL. thinks he might be the real Paul. He has taken a DNA test but results are slow in coming. This man Sam Miller has a genetic kidney disease and needs a kidney. He found out he was adopted when he went to family for a kidney. The two men are working together to solve their mysteries. Las Vegas TV station KLAS has set up a Facebook page to help…

Missing in NH

Rachael Garden 15 vanished from Newton,NH on March 22, 1980. One month April 26,1980 later another girl 14 year old Laureen Rahn vanished from Manchester,NH 34 miles away. A 26 year old woman  named Denise Denault also vanished from the area during this time. No info is available in her case.
              Rachael vanished after walking to a corner store to buy cigarettes. Where she was headed after that is unknown. It is only known that she never made it home that Sat. night or ever again. Very little was done to investigate her case as she was thought to have run away. Police still have no picture posted and fliers were ever made.

                 Laureen Rahn's case was  taken more seriously by the Manchester,NH police. Her case is still open in the cold case unit. Here is what is known. On the night she vanished Laureen had a girlfriend over while her mom was out and they drank. Her friend was sl…

Jeremiah Oliver

Jeremiah was last seen in Sept. 2013 in Fitchburg,MA but was not reported missing until his sister asked her 1st grade teacher where her little brother was in Dec. 2013. WTH! His mom (Elas Oliver) and boyfriend (Alberto Sierra) were arrested in the case and have a myriad of charges pending. Mom got 100,000 bail. No bail has been set  for her boyfriend at this time. The little girl (8) and her older brother are in foster care now. When she reported her brother missing to her teacher and school counselor she bravely told them of abuse she suffered at the hands of Sierra and had the bruises to prove it. She told of her older brother losing a finger from the abuse and Sierra abusing her mom. What a brave,brave,brave little girl. She should get an award. Many searches are ongoing by family and authorities at this time. Jeremiah's dad Jose who live is CT has been arrested on unrelated drug charges. He wants his kids despite his own issues. His family has joined in the search. http://ww…

Luke Degerness

Luke left his Prince George,BC High School on June 7,2007 after a meeting with the vice principal and his mom about retaking a class he was failing in summer school. He left the meeting,but never went his next class. His mom Gina will be on KIDMISSING RADIO with me Feb. 1,2014 to talk about Luke. When he vanished Luke was 14 years old and was 5'8" tall and weighed 130lbs. He had a pierced eyebrow. RCMP has established that he spent that 1st night at a friend's home. That begs the question: Why did the friend's mom not call Gina that night? Luke may be on mainland Canada,possibly in Vancouver,BC. He may also have hitchhiked the notorious Highway Of Tears. Missing Children's Society of Canada is also searching for Luke. They are the only missing children's organization in North America run by all retired law enforcement. You can call them @ 1-800-661-6160 or the RCMP @ 1-(250)- 561-3100.


First updates for 2014

Happy New Year All! This is my first post of 2014. I have 2 new KIDMISSING RADIO shows coming up. On Jan 11 (5-5:30PM est.) I will have Matt Birkbeck author of A Beautiful Child. This book is about a woman called Sharon Marshall among other names. She was abducted around the early 1970's as a preschool aged child. To this day no one knows her real indentity. She can't tell because she was killed in a hit and run. The prime suspect is her abductor/abuser Franklin Floyd. To listen click here:
Here is a Facebook group Matt and I admin about Sharon.

My other show in Jan will be a special Wednesday show on the birthday of Missing boy Luke Degerness at the request of his mom Gina. More details on the show coming. Here is Luke's Poster. He vanished from Prince George,BC on June 7, 2007. He was 14.