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Missing in NH

Rachael Garden 15 vanished from Newton,NH on March 22, 1980. One month April 26,1980 later another girl 14 year old Laureen Rahn vanished from Manchester,NH 34 miles away. A 26 year old woman  named Denise Denault also vanished from the area during this time. No info is available in her case.
              Rachael vanished after walking to a corner store to buy cigarettes. Where she was headed after that is unknown. It is only known that she never made it home that Sat. night or ever again. Very little was done to investigate her case as she was thought to have run away. Police still have no picture posted and fliers were ever made.

                 Laureen Rahn's case was  taken more seriously by the Manchester,NH police. Her case is still open in the cold case unit. Here is what is known. On the night she vanished Laureen had a girlfriend over while her mom was out and they drank. Her friend was sl…