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Raymond Green

Raymond had just come home from the hospital from being born when a woman who befriended his mother at the hospital nursery came to visit them at home. The woman said her name was "Lisa". When the mom,Donna went into the shower and Raymond's uncle fell asleep she took him. She was seen getting into a brown car in the Atlanta,GA neighborhood she took Raymond from on November 6,1978. He was just 5 days old. The abduction left his 16 year old mother devastated. 31 years later the mother Donna Green met a forensic artist   named Diana Trepkov. at a CUE center for the missing event in Willmington,NC. Diane said she could help her. Diane drew a sketch of the abductor seen at right and one of Raymond.

Kayleah Wilson update

Kayleah's body was found in a drainage ditch in Greely,CO just a mile from home. The county coroner has declared her death a homicide. She was badly decomposed so it means she has been dead since shortly after her abduction. Cause of death has not been released. The FBI and local LE have opened a homicide investigation. RIP little angel.

AMBER ALERT: Karen Anastacio update

Here is an update on this case from Amber Alert on Facebook. Thank You so much guys.  "Contact: If you have information, please contact Austin Police Department, 512-974-5250

Circumstances: UPDATE: Austin Police Department number changed.
UPDATE: Vehicle information changed
UPDATE: PHOTOS ADDED. The Austin Police Department is searching for Karen Anastacio. Police are looking for Angel Rojas Ambrocio in her abduction. The suspect is driving a brown 1997 GMC Jimmy, TX License 84TFL4. The suspect was last heard from in Austin, TX. Law enforcement officials believe this child to be in grave or immediate danger.

Missing Child
Name: Karen Anastacio
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Hispanic Age: 13YO
Height: 5FT2 Weight: 115LBS
Gender: Female
Description: Wearing a black shirt and black pants and carrying a pink backpack

Name: Angel Rojas Ambrocio
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Hispanic Age: 25YO
Height: 5FT…

Kayleah Wilson

Kayleah vanished on her way to a friend's birthday party on Sunday, March 28,2010. She is 12 years old and is   5'1" tall. She has brown hair and eyes. Kayleah is missing from Greely,CO. Kayleah has just broken up with her 17 year old boyfriend. The boyfriend is not a suspect. The FBI has now joined local LE in the investigation. Suvalence cameras show she made it to the mall,but,it is not known how much further she made it. Her mom April reported her missing when she did not make her 7pm curfew. That is when she learned that Kayleah never made it to the party in the first place. That had to be terrifying.  /!/group.php?gid=110710275614207&v=wall  /

Shelby Wengerd

Shelby vanished on her way home home from a friend's home in her Perry Township,OH neighborhood on the   afternoon of Wednesday,May 12,2010. Shelby is 14 and has the mental capacity of an 8 year old according to her folks. Her dad has also said she loves to be with all her brothers and sisters. Let's get her back with them where she belongs. She is also said to be very loving and trusting.Sadly  sometimes that is not a good thing. The FBI and NCMEC have now joined the search for Shelby.,0,2454061.story  /

Cedrika Provencher

Cedrika went missing from Trio Riveries, Quebec, Canada on 7/31/07. She was last seen riding her bike having told folks who spoke with her that she was looking for a mans black and white dog. UGGGG!! Cedrika was just 9 2 years ago when she was abducted.  She disappeared from a place in Quebec where some of my ancestors came from,so this is a case closes to my heart. Also check out my missing kids Facebook page for a lady who is searching for Cedrika. Let's bring this little angel home to mom and dad where she belongs.  /

Rosie Tapia abducted and murdered on 8/13/95

Rosie was just 6 years old  that August night in 1995 when she was ripped from her home,raped and murdered by being thrown into the Jordan river in Salt Lake City,UT. Who took her from her bed? That question still has not been answered. Her mom found the window screen out and the blind on the floor that morning. A prisoner sent a letter to a guard about another inmate who told him what happened. This is the letter as printed on a news channel's website:  "The dude told me he was there. She wasn't the right girl he took the wrong girl. The other guy says, ‘We'll take her back.’ The dude says, ‘No we got to get rid of her.’ So they do some f- up s- to this little girl. Throw her in the water and wash away the evidence. There's a lot more to the story”  This letter was written last year and so far nothing has come of it. Rosie and her family deserve justice.…

AMBER ALERT: Karen Anastacio

13 year old Karen was taken from her middle school in Austin,TX by Angel Rojas a former family friend who committed a serious felony against the girl. Her parents were getting ready to file charges when he took her from school at 8am in his Ford SUV. Karen is believed to be in extreme danger.

"John Doe No. 24"

John Doe No. 24 was found Oct. 11,1945 by police in Jacksonville,IL. He was found to be "feeble minded" and was sent to the state hospital. He was a black teenager. He was a deaf mute and was blind from diabetes they believed. He was taught sign language by caregivers and was eventually moved to a nursing home in Peoria where he pantomimed about foot stomping jazz and scrawled the name "Lewis". Was this his name? His caregivers did not believe he was feeble minded. He was happy in the nursing home. He carried a backpack from the day he found. Inside it had a collection of rings, glassware and silverware. He had a straw hat as well. He loved it and wore it all the time. He died of a stroke on Nov. 28,1993. He was aprox. 64 years old. Country singer/songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter after reading about in the New York Times wrote a song called "John Doe No. 24" for him and purchased a grave marker for him as well. Dave Bakke wrote a book about him called God…