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LaRue Henderson

LaRue vanished from his Dorchester,MA home Tuesday Feb. 28th at around 1PM. He did not have his asthma meds with him. LaRue is a 13 year old black male. He  was last seen wearing a dark blue “puffy” coat with a fur collar and the “Mecca” brand name on the back, a gray thermal shirt, blue jeans and white Nike sneakers with a red swoosh and black trim.  I so wish there was more info to give on him. Please call    the Area B-2 detectives at 617-343-4275 if you have any info on LaRue's whereabouts.

Jade Beneby

Jade is a 17 year old African american female 5'6" 102lbs. She was walking to her school bus stop in Del Ray Beach,FL and was abducted. She has text-ed her mom twice. first she said she needed help. In the 2nd text a minute later she told her mom she did all she could,but ended up in the trunk of a car. Her mother,father and stepmother are begging the abductor to bring her back.

Latasha R. Jackson and Chaniya Wynn

Latasha Jackson Chaniya Wynn Thomas Lorde Latasha is the 19 year old mother of 13 month old Chaniya Wynn. Latasha's ex boyfriend a man who has been described as a violent sex offender named  Thomas Lorde abducted them with a 9mm gun. We need to find them now.  Chaniya was last seen wearing a multicolored, pink-hooded jacket, with multicolored shirt and jeans. She was also wearing earrings. Chaniya is a black female, 1-foot tall, 18 lbs., with black hair and brown eyes. Jackson was last seen wearing a green shirt, brown leather waist-length jacket with fur around the collar, dark blue jeans, grey knee-high boots and a grey knit hat. She was pushing a brown stroller with pink flowers and carrying a pink diaper bag, along with a large black shoulder purse. Jackson is described as being a black female, 5’11″, 188 lbs., with brown hair, brown eyes and a medium complexion. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Latasha Jackson, Chaniya Wynn or Thomas Lorde is

David Warner

David circa. 1983 David went missing from Jefferson City,TN in March of 1983. He was 12 years old at the time. He would be 40 this year. The main person of interest in the case is David's biological father. If he has been with him all these years all his family wants is to see him again. They miss him terribly.  If you have any information into the disappearance of David Warner, you are asked to call Investigator Hutchison at 865-429-7021, extension 115.

Bradley Allen Meinz

Bradley Allen Meinz was last seen Monday in the 1400 block of West Ashby. Bradley is 5' 4" tall and weighs about 100 pounds. He has brown eyes, brown hair, wears blue-framed glasses, and has a scar on his right heel. Bradley was wearing an orange-colored shirt; khaki pants; a white, gray and black jacket, and brown and black shoes. This poor boy looks so young. He missing in San Antonio,TX, a city of over 2 million people. It's so easy for a 13 year old to vanish among all those people. Bradley is in my prayers. Please call  San Antonio missing persons if you see him.

Steven Craig Damman

Steven disapeared from a supermarket parking lot on Halloween 1955. He was just 2 months shy of 3 years old. He was left outside by his mom to look after his 7 month old sister Pam who was in her carrige. When mom returned 15 minutes later both children were gone. The baby was quickly found. Steven never has been. His mom's DNA was cheaked against "The Boy In The Box". There was no match.  I believe based on his young age Steven was raised by his abductor. He is most likely still alive.  Here is a link to more on steven.

Faith Doe

Faith Doe was discovered in the basement of an abandoned apartment building in St.Louis,MO in  1983. She was an 8-11 year old African American little girl. She had been strangled and decapitated. Her hands were tied behind her back. "Faith" was about 4'10" tall and Weighed about 70lbs.She remains unidentified.  Distinguishing Characteristics : No scars, no deformities, well nourished and she was of medium complexion Clothing: Yellow V  Neck Sweater  and two coats of red finger nail polish Cause of Death: Homicide (sexually assaulted and then strangled, head removed with large bladed knife after death) Location of Death: Unknown (killed elsewhere) Other: Red and white nylon rope used to tie her hands behind her back ANY INFORMATION PERTAINING TO FAITH DOE PLEASE CONTACT: St. Louis Police Department Detective  Thomas Carroll 314-444-5371 You may remain anonymous when submitting information. NCIC Number: U-470002710 Please refer to this number when contacting a