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Iowa paper boy mystery

Johnny Gosch 12 Sept. 5,1982 515-222-3320
Eugene Martin 13 Aug 12,1984 515-283-4864
Marc Allen 13 March 29,1986 514-283-4811 All from West Des Moines,IA

2 of the 3 boys delivered papers for the Des Moines Register. It was originally reported that all 3 did,but Marc in fact never did. Most believe all 3 cases  are linked,however because all 3 boys vanished every 2 years over a 4 year period.

Johnny: The first to be abducted was Johnny Gosch age 12 in 1982. His mom has never given up and works tirelessly to find him. There was a blue car possibly a Ford Fairmont at the place where the kids picked up their papers and asked Johnny for directions then turned around and asked an adult carrier the same. A bit later a couple in bed heard a loud muffler some say was from the same car looked out but did not see a boy.    Johnny was the first missing child on a milk carton. There were several possible sightings of Johnny. One woman said he ran up to her said he was Johnny but a man…

Sharon Marshall positively ID'D!

Here is an excerpt from Matt Birkbeck’s blog on the extraordinary news. On Wednesday, I received a call from Joe informing me that Sharon had finally been positively identified. I then spoke to her family today (Friday). The news was true. I can’t share all the details, but here’s what I can say….

Her name is Suzanne Marie Sevakig and she was from North Carolina. 

For those who read the book, you’ll recall Floyd fled Florida in 1973. He ended up in North Carolina a year later using another alias and met a recently divorced woman with four children - three young daughters and infant son. Floyd and the woman later married, and in 1975 the woman was sentenced to 30 days in jail for a minor crime. When she was released Floyd was gone and so where her children. She found two daughters at a local social services agency, where Floyd had taken them.  The mother went to the local police and FBI and tried to file kidnapping charges but they declined to investigate saying that since Floyd was the…