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Hassani Campbell Missing disabled 5 year old post 2

Hassani's foster parents/aunt and uncle have been arrested in connection to his disappearence. Here is a quote from an article about the arrests. " On Friday, the foster parents of missing 5-year-old Hassani Campbell have been arrested on suspicion of murder.
Louis Ross, 38, the foster father of Hassani, and Jennifer Campbell, 33, the boy’s aunt were taken into custody by authorities, according to CBS 5." Here are links to the above quoted article and to a video from Nancy Grace's interview of his foster father.
Article quoted from above/ Video of interview with foster father

New Good Eats-Alton Brown Fanpage

I have just created a Good Eats-Alton Brown Fanpage. Please check it out.
Also, Happy 10th Birthday to Good Eats. That is a huge milestone in television. Here is a link to my site. I will also post a permenent link to it in the links on this page.
Good Eats-Alton Brown fanpage

Jaycee Dugard found alive 18 years after abduction

Jaycee was seen by a neighbor being abducted 18 years ago. She was just 11. Jaycee has now been located alive and the mother of 2 children by her abductor ages 11 and 15. They were all kept in a shed behind a fence in the backyard of the couple's home who had taken her. The couple sit in jail tonight on a $1 mil. bail. The shed was sound proof. It is where she gave birth as a 14 year old then again as an 18 year old. Her children have never seen a doctor or been to school or even in a house. Here are a couple of links about this unbelieveable story. God Bless you,Jaycee and happy 29th birthday today. ABC news story with video on Jaycee/Websleuths subforum for Jaycee

a spiritual break

I thought that with all the heavy stuff we deal with on this blog we could sometimes use a spiritual break. So, I am embedding a you tube of one of my favorite Christian singers: CARMAN Above is Carman singing America Again. As the song says we need GOD in America again.

Who killed Sarah Pryor?

Sarah disappeared from her Wayland,MA yard in October 1985. She was just 9. I was 11 at the time. I lived in Douglas aprox. 42mi. away. That is less than a 1 hour drive. Sarah's disappearence scared me very much. I always wondered what happened to the smiling blond little girl who's picture was on my tv every night for so long. Then in Jan. of 1998 Her picture reappared on my tv this time the story was that a fragment of her skull had been positively id'd by DNA. It had been found in the woods near the Weston,MA line in 1995. I was shocked and saddened but not surprised. I was also excited and hopeful that we would then learn who Sarah's killer was. That has not happened yet. I want to know for her family but also for selfish reasons. I want to know who made my small country town world feel not so safe anymore. I will never forget Sarah and I know that many other kids who grew up hear in Ma at the time of her abduction and murder won't either. Here are a couple of …

Hassani Campbell Missing disabled 5 year old

Hassani is described as an African-American male, three feet tall, weighing around 30 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a gray sweatshirt and sweat pants, along with leg braces.His leg braces have a Spider Man design. He has CP. Cerebral Palsey. He went missing from his foster dad's BMW behind a shoe store where his foster mom/aunt worked in Oakland,CA on Monday August 10,2009. Above is taken from an article on the case and my missing kid's site. Article on Hassani

"Jason" Doe

"Jason" was a passenger in a van accident that killed him and the driver. Some spectulate that he was hitching. This dose not jive with the fact that the driver Michael Eric Hager brought the unidentified to his father's home. "Jason" gets the name because of a note addressed to "Jason" from Caroline O. and Caroline T. found on his body. They left a phone number with a 914 prefix. He wore Levis 505 jeans and a t shirt from the Grateful dead concert for which he had ticket stubs that took place at RFK Stadium in Washington,DC. He and his companion drove south from there and ended up hitting a tree in Greensville County,VA near Emporia. He was 5'8" and 169lbs. He had red/brown hair and brown eyes. The accident that ended his and the drivers life happened about 1:30 pm on June 26,1995. Here is a link to his Websleuths forum: Websleuths Forum for "Jason"

Robert Manwill post 2

Robert's body has been found in New York canal in Ada county,ID. Police still don't know cause of death. Rest in peace young man. Here is a link to an article that includes video of the police press conference and other articles on the case. Article on Robert's body being recovered

Stanley Park boys 1953

These two brothers were found in a brushy area of Stanley Park,Vancouver,BC. The children were covered by what appeared to be a woman's raincape. The bodies were laying in a straight line with their feet almost close together and their heads at opposite directions. Found among the bodies was a little blue tin lunchbox, the paper lining rotted to a pulpy mess. Also there was a small worn rusty hatchet of the type used by shinglers or lathers, it's handle broken in 2 pieces. The axe was most likely used as the murder weapon in these cases, as one victim's skull had a wound to the back of the head which the axe fit in exact proportions. The other skull was fractured by what may have been the hammer of the axe. Vancouver police wish to identify a woman & 2 boys who may or may not have been involved with this case. In 1949 or 1950, a man who worked in a logging camp, who was with his buddy, picked up a woman with 2 children. During the ride, she had told the men that she ha…

In memorium Puffy and Midnight

Puffy was born in 1987 and Midnight in 1988. They were 6 months apart in age. Thease cats were my sons and best friends. Puffy passed away in Feb. 2005 and Midnight in May of that year. Puffy died from cancer and Ninight as we called him died from a broken heart. Puffy was part Maine coon best we could tell and Ninight was Burmese. Midnight had the scream of a siamese on him. He was nuts!LOL! He would put his claw in an open scoket of a surge supresser and get flung across the room and do it again. He liked to bite Christmas light bulbs. He also liked to watch Animal Cops on Animal Planet and demanded loudly I carry him to the living room and put him on my lap to watch every night.
Puffy Loved his deli sliced turkey. He laid right under the oven every Christmas and Thanksgiving as soon as he could smell the turkey. He loved to watch The People's Court with Judge Marilyn Millian. He loved her so much he'd cry when a commercial came on. He got real mad when they changed the time…

Happy Birthday Dean Malenko

Today is Dean Malenko's 49th birthday and my 35th. I was born on his 14th. For those who don't know who Dean Malenko is. He is a retired professional wrestler who is now a producer/road agent for WWE. He began his career in 1979 in FL. By the mid 1980's he was a star in Japan. IN 1994 he went to ECW with the late Eddie Guerrero and had some of the best matches ever. In 1995 Dean,Eddie and Chris Benoit went to WCW. He was a US champ there as well as one of only 2 guys to hold the Cruiserweight title 4 times. The other was Jericho. IN 2000 Dean went to WWE with Benoit,Guerrero and Perry Saturn as the Radicalz. He won the Lightheavyweight title twice. He also got show his wonderful sense of humor in a program with diva Lita. Then he retired and began his backstage work in August 2001 after a match at the Pillman/Hildebrand memorial show where he announced his plans to retire. Next to this birthday blog I have posted a picture of Dean and will post a link to a match video her…