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Jeremiah Oliver

Jeremiah was last seen in Sept. 2013 in Fitchburg,MA but was not reported missing until his sister asked her 1st grade teacher where her little brother was in Dec. 2013. WTH! His mom (Elas Oliver) and boyfriend (Alberto Sierra) were arrested in the case and have a myriad of charges pending. Mom got 100,000 bail. No bail has been set  for her boyfriend at this time. The little girl (8) and her older brother are in foster care now. When she reported her brother missing to her teacher and school counselor she bravely told them of abuse she suffered at the hands of Sierra and had the bruises to prove it. She told of her older brother losing a finger from the abuse and Sierra abusing her mom. What a brave,brave,brave little girl. She should get an award. Many searches are ongoing by family and authorities at this time. Jeremiah's dad Jose who live is CT has been arrested on unrelated drug charges. He wants his kids despite his own issues. His family has joined in the search. http://ww…

Luke Degerness

Luke left his Prince George,BC High School on June 7,2007 after a meeting with the vice principal and his mom about retaking a class he was failing in summer school. He left the meeting,but never went his next class. His mom Gina will be on KIDMISSING RADIO with me Feb. 1,2014 to talk about Luke. When he vanished Luke was 14 years old and was 5'8" tall and weighed 130lbs. He had a pierced eyebrow. RCMP has established that he spent that 1st night at a friend's home. That begs the question: Why did the friend's mom not call Gina that night? Luke may be on mainland Canada,possibly in Vancouver,BC. He may also have hitchhiked the notorious Highway Of Tears. Missing Children's Society of Canada is also searching for Luke. They are the only missing children's organization in North America run by all retired law enforcement. You can call them @ 1-800-661-6160 or the RCMP @ 1-(250)- 561-3100.


First updates for 2014

Happy New Year All! This is my first post of 2014. I have 2 new KIDMISSING RADIO shows coming up. On Jan 11 (5-5:30PM est.) I will have Matt Birkbeck author of A Beautiful Child. This book is about a woman called Sharon Marshall among other names. She was abducted around the early 1970's as a preschool aged child. To this day no one knows her real indentity. She can't tell because she was killed in a hit and run. The prime suspect is her abductor/abuser Franklin Floyd. To listen click here:
Here is a Facebook group Matt and I admin about Sharon.

My other show in Jan will be a special Wednesday show on the birthday of Missing boy Luke Degerness at the request of his mom Gina. More details on the show coming. Here is Luke's Poster. He vanished from Prince George,BC on June 7, 2007. He was 14.