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Whalom Park Memories

I am so excited that the new Whalom Park ownership program is trying to bring back a piece of my childhood. I spent many happy days at Whalom Park built in 1893. The park closed after the 2000 season. My fondest memories were in kiddie land. I rode the motorcycle ride, the boat ride the carocell (sp). I also rode the coaster from the top of which you could see the whole of lake Whalom. It was beautiful view. I rode the bumper cars with my dad. I was too little to drive them myself. My parents won me lots of prizes in the midway. I got a bunch of Michael Jackson posters a huge Hulk Hogan picture in a frame and more. I want the thank the ownership program for the pictures they have allowed me to use in this blog. I will also link them in my links section at right.

Chris Benoit: A case for innocence

There are several points I'd like to make in my case for Chris' innocence. I have read all the reports from the detectives and CSI's as well as statements from the neighbor and the widow of referee "Mark Curtis" Brian Hildebrand.
1. The crime scene was purposefully contaminated by the neighbor when she went through the house after being instructed to kennel the dog and leave.
2. Cops decided Chris did it before they even went through the scene.
3. so many innconsistancies in the reports.
4. Nancy was covered in a saddle blanket. The neighbor owned a horse riding school.
5. Why was blood on Chris nose and hand not collected and the blood on his nose disappeared later. The blood on his hand is described by one ivestegator as on his nail bed. another discribes it as splatter. HU!
6. Why was Nancy gagged? Maybe by someone who was famillar with her "banshee" screams at ringside and was afraid someone wou…