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Richard "Peewee" Marlow

Richard vanished from his   from Etobicke, Ontario, Canada yard on    July 18, 1944. His sister now 87 continues her search for her baby brother. She and her daughters just want to bury him with his parents in the empty plot reserved for him.   Ten years after Richard vanished, his mother died. “It went on and on and on, and it just broke her heart,” said Dykeman. Gertrude had medical issues, but they all knew what it really was — not knowing where her baby went. She was 56. John died in 1973, at 80. Three of Richard’s brothers have passed away, too. “I really think it haunted them, that they died not knowing what happened to their brother,” said Dykeman. “It tormented them. It’s something that I think was on their mind every day.” Aileen, Dykeman’s mother, and Robert, three years older than Richard, are all that’s left of his immediate family.

Two UID boys found murdered in Dorchester,MA 1988

"Clayton" Boston Police detectives on Wednesday asked the public to help them identify two teenage boys whose bodies were found in the woods in Dorchester in the fall of 1988 — and to help answer the question of how the boys died. A forensic artist has finished a facial reconstruction for one of the teens — an image of what he could have looked like — and that new image has inspired the call for public assistance, said police spokeswoman Officer Rachel McGuire. “The case is old, the technology is new,” said McGuire. A facial reconstruction of a boy, estimated to be 14 to 16 years old, found dead in 1988. BOSTON POLICE DEPARTMENT A facial reconstruction of a boy, estimated to be 14 to 16 years old, found dead in 1988. Police are seeking information about the teenagers’ identities, as well as how they wound up in the woods, said McGuire. The boys may have been called "Clayton" and

Belle Chasse John Doe

On Valentine’s Day in 1975, the body of a 16-17 year old white male was found in Belle Chasse, Louisiana. He had committed suicide by hanging himself from a persimmon tree using a bedsheet. He was wearing a maroon and yellow knit shirt, blue trousers and unmatched socks. He was not wearing shoes. A jar laying against the tree trunk was filled with note paper. He left a suicide note, addressed to “mom and dad” which read in part: “When you stop growing you are dead. I stopped growing long ago. I never did develop into a real person and I cannot tolerate the false and empty existence I have created”.