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I am the new state admin for Maine for Lostnmissing

Wow! I'd like to thank Cynthia Caron for choosing me as state admin. for Maine. I honored. Please check out our page.
We have all the info for missing persons in Maine old and recent. Maine is a state  that means a lot to me. My mom was born there and I went there every summer as a child. So, I will run this page with love and devotion.

I will be on Jessie's mom Glendene's show Missing and Exploited

I am  very proud to say I will be on On Friday April 19,2013. That is this coming Friday. I will be speaking about my passion for missing and UID children. Please listen in @ 8:30PM est. Please call in also and ask me about some of my pet cases or yours. Thank You to Glendene Grant for having me on. I pray that I do well and she is happy with the show in the end.