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Little Miss X UID girl

Little Miss X was found by hunters Skinner Ridge Rd in Williams,Arizona 10 miles from the Grand Canyon on Halloween 1958. Anthropologists believe her to be between 13 and 17 years of age. She was naked  although the following Spring clothes were found in area. They also said she may have been either Spanish or Indian. Anthropologists also concluded that she had been there about a year. Her remains were buried and exhumed in 1962 to compare her teeth to Connie Smith  WY girl missing from CT. This was inconclusive as her dentist thought he recognised the work but others said it was not her. Now her remains are missing so no DNA can be extracted. Apparently when she was reburied no one wrote down where! There is another girl she needs to be compared to, Donnis Marie Redman. This case was brough to my attention by my friends and fellow advocates Jenny and Jerry Boone.

New collaborating

I am collaborating with my elementary school friend Brett Gaulin on his FB page FIND ME and mine Finding The Missing Children. This will help us both keep up all the missing.


My first episode is complete. Here it is:

Angelia Griffin

Columbus police officers are looking for help locating a missing 8-year-old girl who walked away from home. According to police, Angelia Griffin, 8, walked away from her east Columbus home on Saturday. Griffin is described as a black female, 4 feet 9 inches tall and weighing 116 pounds. Griffin was last seen wearing a white shirt with pink pants and pink gray and black shoes. Anyone with information is asked to call Columbus police at 614-645-4624.

Beverly Rose Potts

Age at Time of Disappearance: 10 years oldHeight and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 4'11"; 90 lbs.Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Blonde hair; blue eyes.Clothing: Blue jeans with a side zipper and no label; bright red cotton panties; green socks; a white cotton Honeylane undershirt; a red sport shirt; a navy blue poplin jacket with no label and both pockets torn; size five or five and a half brown Karrybrooke Sportshoes loafers and a yellow gold ring. Beverly Rose Potts (April 15, 1941 - unknown) was last seen at a performance of Showagon, a city-sponsored arts program featuring local kids who sing and dance, on the evening of August 24, 1951.  Beverly was 10 years-old, she had gone to Halloran Park (between West 117th and 120th) with a friend to see the show at 7 pm.  Her friend had to be home by dark, and so left at 8:40 pm leaving Beverly to find a way home on her own.  They had left their bikes at Beverly's house.  A 13 year-old fellow student thought t…

Miracle in Ohio

Amanda Berry,Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were rescued after Amanda kicked out part of a screen door. A neighbor pulled her out after kicking down the rest of the door. This was just 3/4 of a mile from  the area each vanished from. She took her 6 year old daughter with her. She had been according to Berry fathered by her captor. What a brave woman.
Three men,brothers,Ariel Castro,Onil Castro and Pedro Castro ages 50-54 were arrested in this crime.
These girls were 14 one day shy of 17 and 20 when they were taken in 2002,2003 and 2004. Ariel Castro who's home they were chained up in was a Cleveland school bus driver EEK!! Someone presumably Castro made a call to Amanda's mother from her cell phone right after she was taken and said he married her. The caller would not let her speak. a few years ago police were called twice,once because a naked woman was crawling in the backyard. Nothing was done. The 2nd call stated someone was banging on the plastic covered windows trying…

Wendy Camp, Cynthia Britto, and Lisa Kreger bodies found after 21 years

JENNINGS, Okla. - The OSBI has cracked a 21-year-old cold case in Creek County. The case involves the disappearance of three people in 1992.  Thursday the OSBI announced their bodies have been found Thursday. One person has been arrested and more arrests are possible. Prosecutors said a recent tip led investigators to the grave where three bodies were found. Officials said they started digging April 15 and by the next   day, they began to recover the remains of the three victims buried under eight feet of dirt. This case was featured on Unsolved Mysteries in the mid 1990's. I am happy for Jonathan and for the rest of the girls families that they were found though sadly not alive. Now there can be justice served. 

I am the new state admin for Maine for Lostnmissing

Wow! I'd like to thank Cynthia Caron for choosing me as state admin. for Maine. I honored. Please check out our page.
We have all the info for missing persons in Maine old and recent. Maine is a state  that means a lot to me. My mom was born there and I went there every summer as a child. So, I will run this page with love and devotion.

I will be on Jessie's mom Glendene's show Missing and Exploited

I am  very proud to say I will be on On Friday April 19,2013. That is this coming Friday. I will be speaking about my passion for missing and UID children. Please listen in @ 8:30PM est. Please call in also and ask me about some of my pet cases or yours. Thank You to Glendene Grant for having me on. I pray that I do well and she is happy with the show in the end.

Janice Pockett

Janice was abducted from Vernon,CT on July 26,1973. She has never been located. Only her bike was ever found. Today her younger sister Mary,just 6 at the time still searches for her. Janice was herself just 7. These things aren't supposed to happen in quiet rural Connecticut,are they?  I am very familiar with that part of the state as I have family there. Janice is not the only child to be taken from this quaint little New England town. There was Lisa Joy White,Deborah Spickler and others in near by towns including a little girl dumped from a car on the main street of near by East Windsor,CT,another quaint New England town know largely for tobacco farms and textile mills.She died at  the hospital. Her still unsolved  case stunned the community.  What was going on in CT. Was there a serial killer on the loose? I think so. I think there are those who know or have an idea who it was, because people talk in small towns.  Please listen to my show with Janice's sister Mary linked b…

Texas Killing Fields

The killing fields is an area between Houston and Gaveston,TX on Rt. 45.In my opinion there was more than 1 serial killer at work in that part of Texas at different times. A movie was made about the cases as well. It came out in 2011. I had the honor to interview  Laura Smither's parents Gay and Bob Smither on KIDMISSING RADIO a few months ago. They are wonderful people Please look at the list below and if you witinessed anything or think you might have information on any of theses cases please call the FBI or local law enfourcement.. Here is a list of the victims: Colette Wilson - Age 13, Caucasian. She was dropped off by Band Leader at a bus stop in Alvin on June 17, 1971. She disappeared, then her nude body was found close to I-10 and highway 6. Near Addicks Reservoir in west Houston, some 35 to 40 miles from where last seen 5 months earlier. She had been killed by a gunshot to head and her band instrument was never located. The remains of Colette Willson were found within 35 …


I have several news items regarding KIDMISSING and KIDMISSING RADIO.
The picture about is our official logo created by me. KIDMISSING'S is the same. I have 2 episodes of KIDMISSINGRADIO coming up. First on March 16,2013 is Christopher Abeyta  and 2nd is Janice Pockett. In both cases my guest will be a sister to the missing child. We also now have our own Twitter account. @KIDMISSING1 Please follow us. Here are a few links about the subjects of our upcoming shows. Find ChristopherJanice Pockett Facebook page created by her sister

March 16 KIDMISSING RADIO Christopher Abeyta

March 30 KIDMISSING RADIO Janice Pockett

Natalie Perez and her baby Hazel Rodriguez

SAN ANTONIO- A teenage mom and her baby girl have been missing for more than two weeks. But it took days before her family could file a missing persons report. As a result, they fear they may have lost precious time to find their loved ones.

It takes 48- hours before a missing persons report can be filed. In this case it took 11 days since the family said police first labeled 19- year old Natalie Perez as a run away.

Her sister Eva Perez said, “She didn't go to school so she went to the store and took the baby and after that we didn't know what happened”.  11 days!!  Now, their family has been able to set up a meeting with the Heidi Search Center and they are also inquiring about an amber alert. They are urging anyone with information to call San Antonio Police at 210- 207-7420 or to contact the Perez family at 210-602-6427 or 210-602-6158.

Daren and Rey Bonilla

Daren 5 and Rey 3 were taken by an acquaintance of their mother know as "Gloria". This brazen woman described as a 23 year old Hispanic woman with long brown hair. She stands 5’7″ and weighs approximately 125 pounds. She also has a tribal tattoo on her right arm, drove right up to their N. Miami,FL yard and put them in her car. The babysitter called police. Daren was last seen wearing a blue and yellow Spongebob Squarepants t-shirt and blue and white Nike basketball shorts. Rey was last seen wearing a blue and red shirt and red basketball shorts. She was driving a Chevy SUV believed to be a rental. Anyone with information regarding the kidnapping is urged to call (305) 471-TIPS or North Miami Police.

Molly Linhardt

Molly’s parents dropped her off for work at Kentucky Fried Chicken on Jungerman Road around 4:00 p.m. Monday. They later found out she was not scheduled to work. Authorities say Linhardt left the KFC in an unknown direction.

Molly is described as white female, 5’3″, 110 lbs with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing her KFC uniform, black pants, black shirt and black shoes and black hat. 

Authorities think Molly may be with Benjamin Kinkade, 27, a registered sex offender. Kinkade is from Wright City, Missouri, and drives a silver 2006 Chevy Colorado with Missouri tags 7PT914. Kinkade is listed on the Missouri Sex Offender Registry. In 2002 he was charged with statutory rape of a 12-year-old girl in Troy, Missouri.

Authorities say Molly does not have her cell phone and attempts to locate her or Kincade have not been successful.…

Raina Bennett possibly sex trafficked 12 year old

Her mother Laura admits this began when Raina stormed out after a fight. She was on foot, without a phone, or even shoes.
She called a friend a day later. It was traced to the Travelodge Motel on Edgewater Drive and West 117th. Her mom says the clerk recognized Raina's picture immediately.
"She said she'd come to the desk Monday morning very disoriented, not knowing where she was, not knowing what time it was. She had to question where she was. Was it day or night? In the company of an older black male," said Laura Bennett.
Lakewood and Cleveland police are now involved, and her family says they shared suspicions about the man she was with.
"That he was not your fine upstanding citizen -- that he was sought out by many people and the belief was that they were pimping her out," said Bennett.
Her loved ones say she hasn't contacted anyone in days.

Sarah Allen

Community joins search for missing girl. A Marlborough mother hopes “missing” posters across the region and a new Facebook page will help bring her daughter home. Keene police have been searching for 16-year-old Sarah Allen since her mother, Kimberly Diemond, reported her missing on Dec. 17 after the teen ran away from home. All leads police have received so far have not panned out, Keene police Sgt. Christopher L. Simonds said this week. Diemond reported Sarah missing to Keene police because that’s where she was last seen, and they’re overseeing the case. Sarah was last seen at CitySide apartments at the corner of Water Street and Community Way in Keene. She is 5-foot-1, 100 pounds, has long black hair and a lip ring and was wearing skinny jeans with a black sweatshirt and blue-and-black-checkered shoes.