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Unidentified Female and Three Children in Allenstown,NH

A woman's body and that of a related child were found in a 55 gallon drum on November 10,1985 by a hunter in the woods of Allenstown,NH. On May 9,2000 a drum containing the skeletal remains of 2 more children were found in the same woods. DNA test show two of the three children are definitely related to the woman. DNA has not been concluded on the other child. The woman is said to have been approx. 23 years old. The female child found with her is said to be 8-10 years old. The other two children both females also were said to be 4-8 years old and 1-3 years old. They are all believed to have been killed between 1977 and 1985.

Chloe Clark found safe

The Mingo County Sheriff's Office says they've found Crystal Clark and her 13-month old daughter Chloe.

Clark turned herself in to authorities in Jackson, Tennessee. Her daughter Chloe is reported to be just fine.
Clark has been charged with the murder of her husband David "Matt" Clark. Extradition papers have been drawn up by W.VA authorities already. I am so grateful that Chole is alright and mom is behind bars.

Chloe Clark

Chole was taken by her mother after her mother allegedly shot and killed Chole's father and buried his body under blankets in the couples home. The mother Crystal Clark has threatened to harm Chole. authorities are very concerned about Chole's safety which  is why I have posted this case. I normally do not post parental abductions. There is an Amber Alert for Chole. Her mother is believed to be driving a silver Pontiac Voyager minivan with North Carolina license plates, numbered ABM2212. she may be in TN or in NC. The abduction  and murder took place in Charleston,WV yesterday and the alert was issued as soon as the body of David "Matt" Clark was found. No gun was located at the scene. Police believe that Crystal Clark is still armed with the murder weapon. Also a programming note: Please watch Nancy Grace tonight for more on this sad case.

Phylicia Barnes: Body found

Phylicia's body was found April 2 in the Susquehanna River in MD. ME says it's not out of the realm of possibility that she has been there since the NC teen vanished from her sisters MD apartment. The exact  cause of death has not been determined. She was found naked and a little ways down stream of an UID naked black male. He was 6'4" and 240lbs. He was a big man. There had to be more than one individual involved in killing a man that size and getting him into the river. I pray for her family and the family of the UID man as well. May there be justice is these cases.

41 year old murder of 15 year old John McCabe solved

3 men two who were friends of John's have been arrested and charged with his 1969 Lowell,MA murder after the case was recently reopened and one of the men confessed and cooperated with police. They are Michael Ferreira, now 57, Walter Shelley,60 and Allan Edward Brown, 59 who confessed. Ferreira and Shelley are in jail on half a million dollars bond. Brown is out because he cooperated with police. John's elderly parents are happy that there will finally be justice for their son who was killed for flirting with Shelley's girlfriend. He was beaten and hog tied. When the boys returned to him hours later they found him dead. He had been strangled by the hog tie rope when he tried to escape. They kept their deadly secret for 41 and 1/2 years. His parents found that both brown and Ferreira had signed the book at John's wake.

2 black children found in luggage in FL canal Update

Police believe they have ID'd the children as well as their mom found in a solid waste dump in West Palm Beach in Aug. as a UID. She was decomposed and burnt. {While the identities were not confirmed, Delray Beach police spokeswoman Nicole Guerriero said officials believe the dead are Jermaine McNeil, 10; his sister Ju’Tyra Allen, 6; and their mother, Felicia Brown, 25.   
Guerriero said the only suspect in the killings is Clem Beauchamp, 34, who was arrested Thursday on unrelated federal charges. The children were living in Beauchamp’s house on Southwest Seventh Avenue with Michelle Dent and her three children, two of whom are Beauchamp’s, officials said. For years, Beauchamp had on-again, off-again relationships with both Brown and Dent that led to vicious fights between the women. During one encounter in 2008, Dent threatened to kill Brown, records show.}…