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January 14 KIDMISSING RADIO James Walker Missing

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Michaela Garecht Update

January 12 KIDMISSING RADIO Annette (Craver) Vail

Miss X

Johnny Hundley and Jimmy McQueary

  Johnny and Jimmy were best friends who vanished from from Fairfax,OH Oct 15,1964. The boys went out to play after school and were never seen or heard from again. They were just 9 at the time. Johnny's big sister Bonnie was the last to see her brother walking toward Jimmy's house at about 3:30PM. She's still searching for them to this day. There have several rumors and theories bandied about but none have panned out. There was even a false confession. She needs a Christmas miracle.


 I am so excited! KIDMISSING RADIO has moved to Anchor Podcasts. The show can now be heard on Google,Apple Spotify and more! I am uploading my shows from Blogtalk then in the new year I will begin producing new shows.   I have also begun uploading new episodes of KIDMISSING TV recently. Please check them out. Be nice LOL I'm still new to editing on my own.

Lyon sisters update

  This case will be profiled on ID Sat Nov. 28th,2020 at 9PM est. I am so excited for this case to get the press it deserves. Hopefully this will lead to the whereabouts of their remains. Their family should be able to finally give them a proper burial.