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Brianna Maitland

At the time of her disappearance, Maitland was living with her friend, Jillian Stout, in Sheldon, Vermont, about 20 miles (32 km) west of Montgomery.[7] At about 3:30 p.m. on Friday, March 19, Maitland left a note saying she'd return after work that evening. She departed for the Black Lantern Inn in a 1985 Oldsmobile sedan registered to her mother, Kellie. After a busy, uneventful evening at work, Maitland clocked out at 11:20 p.m. She told her co-workers she needed to get home and rest before working the next day at her second job in St. Albans.[8][4] By all accounts Maitland was alone in her vehicle when she left.[9] Early the next afternoon, a Vermont State Police trooper was dispatched to an abandoned house on Route 118 in Richford,[10] about a mile from the Black Lantern Inn. Maitland's car was found backed into the side of the house. Known locally as "the old Dutchburn house,"[11] the siding of the home had been breached by the rear end of the car. A piece of …
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Suspect pleads guilty in Lyon sisters case

Now maybe the Lyon family can have some peace in knowing what happened to their daughters after the plea. I just wish it included him telling where their remains are located. Their family deserves that. Below is a clip from an article about the plea. His uncle is next to be charged in this case.

The Lyon sisters disappeared on March 25, 1975, after walking from their home in Kensington, Maryland, to the shopping center. Welch was charged in the girls' killings in 2015 after members of his extended family said they saw him carrying two large duffel bags on property the family owned on Taylor's Mountain in Bedford County, Virginia. During Welch's plea hearing in Bedford Circuit Court Tuesday, Commonwealth's Attorney Wes Nance said witnesses told authorities Welch put a green duffel bag in a large fire burning on the mountain. Nance said other witnesses recalled that the fire burned for days and had "the stench of death." Welch, now 60, did not speak during the…

Rainbow Falls Jane Doe

On June 15,1993 a teenage girl between 13-20 yrs. old was found dead with no ID a few clues in makeshift campsite at the Rainbow Falls Campground in Douglas County,CO. She is the only UID in the county. She was white and had dark blond hair. 5'8" 150-160lbs. She was very curvy with hips and a bust. She wore a black Harley Davidson T-shirt. She had on 2 necklaces and a pinky ring on. (see pics below) She appears to have been murdered as she had a blow to the head. This was not her cause of death. The ME could not determine that. 

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Wesley Dale Morgan

Wesley was last seen May 15,2001 playing with puppies on the front porch of his Clinton,LA home. He was just 2. His mother is suspected to have sold or given him away. She tried to sell another child for $2000 in 2008.

Bobby Fritz

Bobby was just 5 years old when he went missing from  Campbellsport,WI  on May 14,1983. He told his sister he was going home to eat. He never made it back to the house. After searching the river police determined he was abducted.

Sharon Gallegos missing

On July 21,1960  in Alamogordo,NM Sharon age 4 1/2 and a playmate were walking back home from the corner store where her mom sent her to get ketchup when a woman came up to them and tried to lure Sharon away. She offered her candy and clothes. She said no. So, the woman described as being fat with dirty blonde hair grabbed her arm and took her to a dark green 1950's car. Sharon told her friend that she was scared when they 1st spotted the car as the woman had approached her before. The only big lead in this case was the discovery of an unidentified little girl called "little miss Nobody" in the AZ desert. She was initially thought to be Sharon but was later proved not to be and remains UID to this day.
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UID calling herself "Mary Anderson/Mary Andrews"

"Mary Anderson/Andrews"  is said to have Killed herself Oct. 9,1996 in a room at the Hotel Vintage Park Seattle,WA. She drank cyanide mixed into Metamucil. We (my mom and I) think maybe she was murdered. Our theory is that perhaps she didn't know the poison was in there.                             She checked into the hotel under the Name Mary Anderson and may have also used Andrews as well. "Mary" is said to be between 30-40 years old. She may be older in our opinion. She gave a NYC address that actually has an apartment building across the street. She also gave a NYC phone number that comes back to Queens no where the address. She was clearly familiar with NYC. Who was she really and was she murdered?