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Maria Flores missing

Maria vanished from her school in Hinesville,GA on May 20th 2019. She had planned for her boyfriend to pick her up after school but she was no where to be found when he arrived to get her.  She was 17. On Dec.4 she would have turned 18. If she had run away from the less than ideal home situation she was in at 18 she'd be free but never surfaced. Her grandmother Val Cooday and   and mother Yemisi Smith  both in Alaska will join me on KIDMISSING RADIO to talk about Maria and her disappearance. Maria is part Tlingit Indian from Alaska. She is also part Nigerian. She has dark hair and eyes. Maria is 5'4" 130lbs. She is described by her grandma Val as being vulnerable and not worldly.  Please listen here Dec. 28,2019.
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Max Chung missing

Max's dad wrote me at midnight last night at Finding The Missing Children on Facebook scared and frantically searching for his son. I have gotten the above poster all over Facebook for him. Max is 17 years old and went missing in NYC on June 13,2019. That is a dangerous place for a kid to be all alone. Please share his poster and help Martin bring his son home.  In his Facebook group Martin has posted many letters from friends about what an extraordinary boy he was. One girl who didn't know him well related how he made a point  to turn in his chair and include her in  a classroom conversation. It is people like him from school that I never forgot. He needs to know the impact he had on her and I'm sure others.  Max, your dad misses and loves you very much. Please if you can see this call him and or go home. 

New Facebook group to help a mom

I have started a new Facebook group Healing through justice for the victims of Felix Vail . Vail was serial killer who’s 1st known victim was his 1st wife whom he is incarcerated for drowning in 1962. It took over 50 years to convict him. I am now working with the mother of his 17 year old 2nd wife Annette Craver who vanished in 1984. He also had a girlfriend in the 1970’s who vanished named Sharon Hensley. I will also have Annette’s mom on KIDMISSING RADIO on April 6,2019. I would like to thank Rusty Arnold for directing Mary Rose’s friend Binney to me and Binney for for connecting me with Mary.

Shakira and Tiara Russell

Shakira and Tiara Russell vanished sometime between 9 PM and 12 AM Oct 16,2018 from their Edmond,OK home. Shakira is 5’4” 100 lbs Age: 13 Tiara is 5’ 7” 138 lbs Age: 15. The girls did not have their cell phones or medications with them. Their parents are worried sick. If you have any information on their whereabouts please call Edmond,OK PD @ 1-405-359-4420

Patricia Gonyea (unsolved murder)

Patricia was 17 when she was found murdered in the window well of a factory on Grand St Worcester,MA on Oct. 22,1984. She had called her folks to let them know she was running late leaving her boyfriends house that night around 11 PM. She then took the city bus to Main St a 3 minute or so walk home. So, how did she end up in a window well on Grand? She had to have been abducted somewhere between Main and her home. A witness did in fact see someone following her that night. 

Friends and family are planning a vigil on the anniversary, at 6:30 p.m. near 100 Canterbury St.

This case is local for me yet I've never heard about it until now. Thank you to Kathy Curran WCVB for bringing this case back into the spotlight. 

Please note Patricia went by Patty Ann.

Andrew Amato 40th Anniversary

Andrew vanished while playing in the woods of Webster,MA with his cousin and sister on Oct. 3rd 1978. He fell down and his cousin ran home to get his mom. When the returned he was gone. Yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of Andrew's disappearance. I can't imagine not knowing for 40 years where your child is!? Police have said that a man made a deathbed confession in this case to his family. They have searched the area he said Andrew was in with no success because of the size of the area.It is under power lines running from MA through RI. Originally notorious child killer Nathanial Bar Jonah was a suspect and it was erroneously reported that Andrew's name was on his disturbing list of boys.

Sutton,MA police need help identifying this endangered girl

This girl walked into Heritage Plaza  in Sutton,MA which is located in Southern Worcester,County with a young male. She told the clerk she needed police. From the pictures posted below you can see what looks like bruises on her wrist and a dog collar and leash around her neck as well. She also has a fat lip. She looks to be a young  teen and very frightened. The young man appears to have a tattoo on his arm although it's not clear in the pictures what it is of. Sutton police desperately want to find this girl.
This case is personal to me as I was born in the Manchaug section of Sutton. If you have any information or know this girl or young man please Sutton PD @ 1-(508)-865-4449.

Go to this link for more pics: Sutton PD Facebook Page