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Leigh Frances Savoie

Leigh was 10 years old when he vanished from a diner on his way to Suffolk Downs in Revere,MA on April 7,1974 race track to shine shoes. He left his shoe shine box at the diner asking the owner to watch it for a minute. He never returned to the diner and never made it to the race track. In 2009 a $5,000 reward was offered by Revere police through the Carol Sund/Carrington foundation for information in this case. His mom said she believes her son is dead. Let's help her put Leigh to rest. Please call MA state police at: 1-508-820-2121 if you have an information on this case. To the right is a color picture of Leigh w/ age progression and a picture of his actual missing persons report from 1974.                 

I have a very rare cancer

After I had the surgery I blogged about last month I learned the mass was cancer. I have a very rare form of skin cancer called  DERMATOFIBROSARCOMA PROTUBERANS. I have since had a second surgery this month and need a third one called Mohs micrographic surgery next month. This surgery is named for the doctor who created it many years ago. There is a silver lining,however, in that this cancer only metastasizes in 1%-5% of cases. I wanted to share this with all of my readers to get the word about this rare disfiguring cancer. Mine is in my left forearm,which is pain in the bum since I'm left handed.  This is not my first battle with cancer either. I Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 1999. I had several operations,biopsies etc. and 6 months of chemo. I will beat this just as I beat that with my lord and savior Jesus Christ by my side.  I will see my oncologist on September 14th and will blog again about this after that. But, rest assured that I will still be blogging missing kids no matter wh

Alexis Chyenne Plyler

Alexis is 15 years old stands 5'5" 115lbs. and is missing from Cabarrus,County,NC. She is with an 18 year old male named Orlando. Police believe they may be in Myrtle Beach,SC. We need to bring her home. What dose this man want with this young girl? Orlando is driving a black Volkswagen.  Anyone with information on the location of Plyler is asked to call the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office at (704) 920-3000.   Ty Mary-Anne for passing on this case.

"Cropsey" Andre Rand

Only one of Rands multiple suspected victims has ever been found. She was Jennifer Schweiger a 12 year old with downs syndrome that he buried at his campsite in the woods near the mental hospital he was janitor at. He  got 25 years to life for her kidnapping and murder.  Here is a list of other possible victims who's bodies have yet to be found:   Alice Pereia, Holly Ann Hughes, Tiahease Tiawanna Jackson & Henry Gafforio. Audrey Lyn Nergenberg, an eighteen-year-old who disappeared in 1977 is also believed to be linked to Rand. Let's help Staten Island police solve these cases and brings these kids home for their families to bury. He spree of terror lasted from at least 1977 to 1987 when he killed Jennifer. At right is a picture of Jennifer, an innocent young life needlessly lost.     

Naomi Ross and Jay Lynn Mcivor both of Winnipeg , Manitoba,Canada

Both Ross (16) missing July 31.2010 and Mcivor (14) missing August 3,2010 are Aboriginal. Both are listed by Winnipeg police as endangered and exploitable. We must find them. Here are there descriptions courtesy of Winnipeg PD.   14 year old girl Jay Lynn Mcivor missing in Winnipeg Thursday, 05 August 2010 2 2:47 Written by Len Humes The Winnipeg Police Service is requesting the public’s assistance in locating a missing 14 year old female, Jay Lynn MCIVOR. MCIVOR was last seen on August 3, 2010. The Winnipeg Police Service considers MCIVOR to be a child in need of protection as she is at high risk of being exploited or victimized and investigators are concerned for her well-being. MCIVOR is described as Aboriginal, 5’8”, 140 pounds, with shoulder length straight brown hair and brown eyes. ‎16 year old girl Naomi Ross missing in Winnipeg Thursday, 05 August 2010 22:45  Written by Len Humes The Winnipeg Police Service is requesting the public’s assistance in locating a missing