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KidMissing 18 missing in 1980's

RIP Jacob Wetterling

On October 22, 1989, just after 9:00 p.m., Jacob Wetterling (11), his younger brother Trevor (10), and a friend Aaron (11), were cycling home from a convenience store where they had gone to rent a video,[1] when a masked gunman came out of a driveway and ordered the boys to throw their bikes into a ditch and lie face down on the ground. He then asked each boy his age. Jacob's brother was told to run toward a nearby wooded area and not look back or else he would be shot. The gunman then demanded to view the faces of the two remaining boys. He picked Jacob, and told his friend to run away and not look back otherwise he would shoot.[2] This was the last time Jacob was ever seen.

Sources tell 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS the remains of Jacob Wetterling have been found after Danny Heinrich, who authorities had named as a person of interest in his 1989 kidnapping, agreed to cooperate and provide information. The sources say Heinrich led investigators t…

My latest TV and radio episodes

KIDMISSING tv ep. 17

Dedicated in loving memory to my cousin Larry Lee.

Missing: Kayla Berg. Kayla's mom joined me on KIDMISSING RADIO recently to talk about her missing daughter.

My newest webpage

I have created a new website Phenomenal Fans Of AJ Styles . Also please check my AJ Styles Fangroup on Facebook. Phenomenal fans of AJ Styles AJ was a TNA star for 12 years before making his way to New Japan to became a 2x IWGP world champ. He is only the 4th foreigner to hold that title. He is now in WWE for the 1st time and is on the verge of becoming WWE world champion. If you have never seen him wrestle  then you know why they call him phenomenal. For those of you who have not I will post a match below.

Mini bio: AJ was born Allen Neal Jones at Camp Lejuene,Marine Corp. base,NC. He grew up in poverty in Gainesville,GA. He began wrestling for Bill Berhens at NWA Wildside  in  Atlanta at 20. He married his high school sweetheart Wendy in 2001 with the money he made in his short run with WCW. They have 4 children: Ajay 11, Avery 9, Albey 7, Anney 18 months. AJ has AJ tattooed on his side with the dates of birth of the 3 boys underneath. He has not added Anney's yet. He is a devo…

Buckskin girl UID

This UID female ages teen to 20's became known as buckskin girl for the unique jacket she was found in. Recently new scientific tests have indicated though she was found in Troy,OH April 21,1981 she was likely from the northeast. here is a quote from an article: Lab results on pollen found on her clothing came back on Sunday and suggest that she was from or spent a significant amount of time in the northeastern dry-oak forest region of Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts or Rhode Island, according to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

She was approximately 5-feet-6 and 125 pounds. She had long reddish-brown hair that was styled in two side braids and a part down the middle. She had a ruddy complexion with freckles on her face and had several scars. One was under her chin, one was on her left arm, two were on her left wrist, right hand, right ankle and right foot and she had a porcelain-metal crown in her top right central incisor. …

Wesley Dale Morgan

2 year old Wesley Dale Morgan went missing from his Clinton,LA front porch May 15,2001. Last month the FBI sent out it's CARD team to help in the investigation.
The East Feliciana Parish Sheriff's Department said they could not comment on why the FBI has reopened the case, and it is unclear if new leads have come about.  Officials plan to raise awareness of the boy’s disappearance to hopefully locate him after more than a decade. They added digital billboards will be put up throughout Louisiana and parts of Mississippi. Investigators said new technology and additional resources will help in trying to solve the case. Some of that technology involves showing what Morgan may have looked like at 12 years old and what he may have looked like at 15 years old. The FBI is offering up to a $10,000 reward for information leading to Morgan’s location. Anyone with information about Morgan or his disappearance is urged to call 225-291-1005.…

KidMissing EP. 16 1970's

Jeremy Grice

Jeremy vanished after wandering from his N. Augusta,SC home late on Nov. 22,1985. He was just 4. Several ponds in the area were drained to no avail. His mom and dad are still heartbroken and want and need answers. What happened to their beloved son on that cold Nov. night? Why did the neighbor who saw him wandering around outside at 8:45 PM shoeless knock on his parents door? So many questions so few answers.

25th anniversary article

Mystery In NH

My latest EP. of KIDMISSING TV was a special focused on the Allentown,NH case involving the UID women and 3 little girls found in barrels in 1985 and 2000. please watch below,TY.

Noah Israel Chamberlin

Noah is just 2 years old. He wandered away from his grandmother and big sister on a nature walk in the woods behind their home in Pinson,TN.
Searches had been called off as 6 volunteer searchers had gone missing but were found waiting with an injured searcher. Police are very concerned about Noah in the cold night air and coming rain. Please pray he is found very soon. He has been out there all alone Thurs. the 14th. That is 4 days!