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Remains of UID 4 year old girl found on Deer Island

The remains of an approximately 4 year old little girl were found in a trash bag on the beach on Deer Island near Winthrop,MA on June 25,2015.  She is described as having brown eyes and brown hair that was about 14 inches long. She was about 3 1/2 feet tall and weighed just over 30 pounds, which is normal for her height. No race has been determined. She may have been white or Hispanic. A woman and her dog found the child. The woman had a very emotional reaction that I believe any of us would have had. Cause of death has not been determined.  The investigation is ongoing. Authorities have asked the public to call them at 617-727-8817 or 617-539-5806 if they notice that a toddler is missing.

Daffany Sherika Tullos

Tullos was last seen in her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi on July 26, 1988. Daffany was just 7 at the time. She left her grandparents' home on Azalea Circle after arguing with her mother over fish sticks. She was last seen walking south on Azalea Drive toward Northside Drive. 2014 After the mom was eliminated, Drake says police then turned their attention to a family friend arrested on sexual battery charges released from jail the same day Tullos went missing. But she says authorities were unable to connect him to the case. If you have any information about Daffany please call: Jackson Police Department Missing Persons Unit 601-960-1234

Charley Ross

Charley Ross July 1,1874 Age: 4 Philadelphia ,PA On July 1, 1874, four-year-old Ross and his five-year-old older brother Walter Lewis were playing in the front yard of their family's home in Germantown , a well-to-do section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A horse-drawn carriage pulled up and they were approached by two men who offered the boys candy and fireworks if they would take a ride with them. The boys agreed and they all proceeded through Philadelphia to a store where Walter was directed to buy fireworks inside with 25 cents given to him. Walter did so, but the carriage left without him. Charley Ross was never seen again. [2]

An open letter to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Dear Duggars,           You say what Josh did was no big deal. Well as someone who was used as bait as a five year old by a trusted woman it is a big deal. I was asked to touch a man's private parts. That has stayed with me for 35 years! These things don't go away just because they are not spoken of. They are always there. They help shape who we are. IMO you need to let your daughters tell whatever they are comfortable telling,not to media necessarily to anyone they trust,so they may get it out. I finally did after 35 years! Please,I beg of you don't make them wait that long. Furthermore,I fear for Josh's daughter. Even if as you say you feel you failed your daughters,you have a chance not to fail Mackenzie. Take it! Thank You