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White House Boys child abuse case

The White House  "torture room" At the Florida Industrial School For Boys in Marinna,FL atrocities took place from at least the 1940's through the 1960's which until recently were kept hidden inside the victims.  One victim started a website and support system  for these boys now men who were beaten beyond my comprehension. Thanks to this brave man Roger Dean Kiser author of The White House Boys: An American Tragedy I am able to tell you their story. Thank you Mr.Kiser and all the brave White House Boys for allowing this blog to be written. Roger Dean Kiser an example of the paddle used on these boys                 Many of these boys were not sent to the reform school for any crime,they simply weren't wanted or were orphans. They were taken to a building at the school behind the mess hall called the White House  and were told to lay on a filthy mattress on a bed frame with springs. They then had to hold onto the metal bed frame and bite the na

Breeann Rodriguez: remains found

Breeann's remains were found  near the Floodway Ditches, about eight miles southeast of the girl's family's home in Senath on Tuesday August, 16,2011. A quote from police:  "We appreciate all the help and support from the community in what has been a difficult time for all," Dunklin County Sheriff Bob Holder said in the statement. "We are saddened to confirm our fears but glad we have been able to recover her for her parents." Read more:

Jori Lirette murdered and decapitated by father

Jori Lirette Jori was 7 years old when his father just days ago killed him dismembered him and decapitated him. He left the boys head on the road by the house so his mother could see it. This man is NOT HUMAN. This boy was severely handicapped with Cerebral Palsy and heart problems. Even if he was not this is still an inhuman act. The "father"  Jeremiah Lee Wright, 30 is in jail on $5 million dollars bond. I have the urge to hit him so badly. quote from his mom from the article:  In Heaven I believe you're a beautiful star and you will always shine bright inside my heart, inside everybody's heart. If I could go back and change yesterday, I would. But I can't. "You will be missed and loved by everyone and we will pray every day in your honor. Love you, Mom." My thoughts and prayers are with you miss Lirette. Read more:

Breeann Rodriguez: killer confesses

Confessed killer 43 year old Shawn Morgan's mugshot Breeann's neighbor confessed to killing the 3 year old by smothering her with a garbage bag. He went on to add that then he put her in the bag and dumped her in a swamp now being searched for her remains. Police have located her bike in the water where he said he put her and her bike. I will blog again when  police give more info.

Breeann Rodriguez

Breeann and Daddy Breeann Breeann is 3 years old. She is 34in tall and weighs 30lbs. She went missing riding her bike near her Senath,Dunklin Co.,MO Home Sat. Aug. 6,2011. She is Hispanic with black curly hair and brown eyes. Her father is frantic as he says she is very nice and would go with anyone. Her bike has also not been found. The FBI has joined in the search for Breeann because she is so young. Please if you have any information no matter how insignificant it may seem call:  Senath Police Department at (573) 738-2818 or the Dunklin County Sheriff's Office at (573) 888-2424.   Breeann's bike

Celina Cass:Body Found :(

"A female's body was discovered Monday in a river less than half a mile from the home of an 11-year-old New Hampshire girl who disappeared almost a week ago, but authorities didn't immediately identify it."  Now,however it has been ID'd as Celina's. Tomorrow at 9AM in Concord,NH her autopsy will be conducted. It has been reported that her body was wrapped up,but police will not comment on the state of the remains. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. Her natural father is in the hospital intubated. How do they tell him what happened when he wakes up. I feel so horrible for him. Also as long as I do this it never gets easier to type that a child's body has been found.