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Grateful Doe Identified!!

Grateful Doe has been identified as 19 year old Jason Callahan because  We all never gave up or let his story die a boy has his name back. A friend of his saw the sketch from NCMEC and called. His mom gave DNA and his ID was confirmed. Thank You Lord for this Christmas Miracle.  Clip from article linked at bottom: Jason Callahan left his home in Myrtle Beach to follow the band “The Grateful Dead” on tour. His body was later found at the scene of a crash in Emporia, but he had no identification on him — just a pair of Grateful Dead concert ticket stubs in his pocket. Callahan’s body was never identified, and went unclaimed for years. But earlier this year, his mother filed a missing person’s report. That’s when Myrtle Beach Police came to Virginia to collect DNA samples. That DNA proved the remains belonged to Jason.

Unsolved murder of Deanna Cremin

Cremin was a student of Somerville High School. She did volunteer work at Somerville Cable Access Television, worked with third graders at the Child Development Program at her school, and worked at Star Market.

Deanna Cremin was found behind a senior housing complex four days after her seventeenth birthday. An autopsy revealed she had been strangled, and her murder remains unsolved.
Police identified three men as persons of interest in the crime: Cremin's teenage boyfriend; a Somerville firefighter more than twice Cremin's age, said to have been fixated on her; and a third adult man, later imprisoned at Massachusetts Correctional Institution - Cedar Junction.[5][7][8] But no charges were pressed.
In 2005, Middlesex

KidMissing 15 Pacific Northwest

UID woman and 3 little girls found in Allenstown,NH

Bodies found on November 10, 1985( Woman and oldest child) and May 9, 2000 (2  youngest children)
Estimated date of death: 1980-1984
Woman:  Estimated Age: 23-32 years old Oldest child  Estimated Age: 9-10 3rd child Estimated Age: 2-3 4th child Estimated Age: 3-4 Anyone with info should call: NH state police at (603) 223-3856 OR 1-800-THE-LOST
Case website: Please note the beautiful group composite was done By: Carl Koppleman
The remains of a woman between the ages of 23 and 33 were found with a female child by a hunter on November 10, 1985, wrapped in plastic (perhaps a garbage bag),[5] hidden in a 55-gallon metal drum.[2]

Earthly remains of Cedrika Provencher found

The remains of Cédrika Provencher, who was reported missing July 31, 2007, have been found, the Sûreté du Québec said Saturday. They were found in the woods off highway 40 in nearby St. Maurice,Quebec. 
Whn she vanished Cedrika became Quebec's little baby says many grandfathers who searched for the 9 year old. Hearts are broken all over Quebec and beyond for the family of the curly haired little girl.  Her father Martin Provencher thanked everyone for their help in the search for Cedrika.  You are very welcome,sir.