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Misty Donna Copsey

Misty was last seen in the evening walking home from the Puyallup Fairgrounds. She was visiting the fair together with her best friend. Misty's mother worked night, she drove the girls to the fair, but she could not pick the girls up. The girls were supposed to take the bus from Puyallup to Spanaway. The girls went on rides. Nothing unusual happened.

Misty missed her bus home, at 3rd Street SW and W. Pioneer at 21.20 and has not been seen since. She called her mother at 20.45 to tell her she missed the bus. Her mother asked her to call someone they both trusted, then call her back. The call never came. Misty's mother called the police when she came home from work and Misty wasn't there. Misty's friend said she'd walked home, leaving Misty at the bus stop, heading for the bus.

Misty had no money, was a good student, and had never run away before. She had a clean criminal record.

Some of Misty's clothing was discovered near Mud Mountain Dam on February 7, 1993. Sear…