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Wylie's little angel identified

After eight days, he has a name: Gerren Joseph Isgrigg.   Late Friday, Wylie investigators confirmed the identity of the 6-year-old whose body was found by a mowing crew April 15 near a Collin County pond. Gerren's maternal grandmother and primary caregiver, 63-year-old Darlene Phillips, was arrested after 10 p.m. on a murder charge. Her bail was set at $500,000.  Respectfully snipped:

Rachel Lenore Battancourt

Rachel was abducted by her babysitter Alma Johnson in 1965 when she was just 2. She was first taken to San  Antonio,TX. Her mom went there when she learned of this ,but, was told she had been taken to TN. In 1967 Johnson tried to make Rachel's mom give up her parental rights. She refused to do so and continues to search for her now 46 year old daughter along with her other daughter Gina. Police did not take action at the time. Today Cold Case units have been notified by Gina and hopefully will look at the case.!/group.php?gid=429503825161&v=wall&ref=nf

Wylie's little angel

A boy's body was found in Wylie park in Wylie,TX outside of Dallas on Thursday April 15,2010. He was about 3 feet tall and weighed 28 pounds. It appears he had a feeding tube inserted at some point. It is clear he had medical needs and handicaps as well. As you can see in the sketch at right he had a very crude haircut. He also had big brown gorgeous eyes. Let's give him his name back. He reminds me so much of the boy in the box. Let's not let him be un id'd for over 50 years like the boy in the box has been. If you know who he is or have any info on this case please call 1-800-THE-LOST.   /   

Kreneice Jones, 3 yrs. old and LaMoine Allen, 2 yrs. old

This unrelated girl and boy were abducted from in front of the Jimmy Jackson grocery store on May 10,1992.. An unidentified blue compact car with a false convertible top, chrome hubcaps and dark-tinted windows was seen in the area at the time the children vanished. The store they vanished from was 4 miles east of Woodville,MS on highway 24 where the kids were at a mothers day church dinner earlier.  LaMoine was from Edgard,LA as was Kreneice.  The children were African american.  They were ages 2 and 3.  There is a good chance that they are still alive and don't know they were abducted.  If you have any information concerning this case, please contact: Federal Bureau Of Investigation Mississippi State Office 601-684-2500.  /   / l

Ann Gotlib

Here is a discription of what happened on the day Ann vanished. Respectfully snipped: " Gotlib was last seen in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky on June 1, 1983.Ann was just 12 years old. She was riding her red and white bicycle from the  Bashford Manor Mall  back to her family's residence between 5:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Her bicycle was later found propped up against a brick pillar outside of  Bacon's Department Store  in the mall. She never arrived home and has not been heard from again. The mall was across the street from her Gerald Court home." Police think this was a non family abduction. They have had over forty suspects over the years. Many of whom have since died. 3 days after her diapearence police bloodhounds tracked her scent around a ditch near the mall and took them to an apartment occupied by Ester Okmyansky, who was the grandmother of the friend who was last to see Ann. She told police that Ann was never at her apartment. 3 weeks later a suspect was

Justin Bloxom

Justin was lured by a 34 year old registered sex offender pretending to be a girl. "She" told him they should meet. Justin went to meet "her" and was murdered and left in a shallow pool of water Where he was discovered 4/30/10 not long after he went missing. The sex offender has been arrested and charged with 2nd degree  murder. Here is a link to an article about Justin. I want to end this post by extending my deapest sympathy to Justin's Parents ,friends, classmates and family. RIP,Justin, you are in God's hands now.