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Ann Gotlib new information

Here is a discription of what happened on the day Ann vanished. Respectfully snipped: "Gotlib was last seen in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky on June 1, 1983. She was riding her red and white bicycle from the Bashford Manor Mall back to her family's residence between 5:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Her bicycle was later found propped up against a brick pillar outside of Bacon's Department Store in the mall. She never arrived home and has not been heard from again. The mall was across the street from her Gerald Court home." Police think this was a non family abduction. They have had over forty suspects over the years. Many of whom have since died. 3 days after her diapearence police bloodhounds tracked her scent around a ditch near the mall and took them to an apartment occupied by Ester Okmyansky, who was the grandmother of the friend who was last to see Ann. She told police that Ann was never at her apartment. 3 weeks later a suspect was ruled out as he had an al

Andrei Chikatilo

Above are a picture of Chikatilo and several of his victims. Chikatilo was a mild mannered married father and school teacher with a dark side. He was a child rapist serial killer. He used his position of trust to lure his victims. He confessed to 56 murders,but their were likely more.Here is a list of known victims courtesy of Wikipedia: List of victims[edit] Number[160] Name[161] Sex Age Date of Murder Notes 1 Yelena Zakotnova F 9 22 December 1978 Chikatilo's first victim. Accosted by Chikatilo while walking home from an ice-skating rink. 2 Larisa Tkachenko F 17 3 September 1981 Approached by Chikatilo while waiting for a bus back to her boarding school.[162] 3 Lyubov Biryuk F 13 12 June 1982 Biryuk was abducted while returning from a shopping trip in the village of Donskoi.[163] 4 Lyubov Volobuyeva F 14 25 July 1982 Killed in an orchard near Krasnodar Airport.[141] Her body was found 7 August. 5 Oleg Pozhidayev M 9 13 August 1982 Chikatilo's first male victim. Pozhid


1st we have just finished filming EP. 5 of KIDMISSING TV. KIDMISSING RADIO has it's own page on Facebook.  Please check it out and like us to keep up with all the new shows and guests. Here are links to my last 2 shows:  Eddie Stecker murder  and  Bianca Noel Piper disappearance KIDMISSING TV EP. 4