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Blackstone,MA: 4 children and 3 infants remains found in unspeakable conditions

Let me start by giving some background on Blackstone. Blackstone is a very small town in the historic Blackstone River Valley which is in both MA and RI. This valley was  the birthplace of the industrial revolution in the US.
              Earlier this week police were called to home in Blackstone,MA on reports that a baby was crying for a very long time. When officers arrived they found the baby age 6 mons. covered in feces and in a home full of filth,rodents,roaches and dirty diapers stacked over a foot high. A total of 4 living children were removed from the home. Police discovered the remains of 3 babies in the home as well as the remains of cats and dogs. Police are not sure if they will find more human remains or not as CSI's in hazmat suits sift through the filth. Neighbors say the house has smelled for a long time,even reporting that in winter the windows were open and the smell coming out about knocked them over. I can't begin to wrap my head around this. The woman i…

Mary Ann Switalski

Mary Ann was last seen at a carnival at  her parish St. Priscilla's church in Chicago,IL on July 15,1963. She was thought to have gone to California with a magazine selling crew. Those who ran the crew told stories that did not match. The female said she went to California with them and the man said she stayed in Illinois. Her mother received a letter in her hand writing by not her writing style a couple of days later. Her family believes that the letter may have been dictated to her. On my next EP. of KIDMISSING RADIO I will interview her cousin Mary Riesbeck. The show will air on Sat. Sept. 13,2014 @ 5PM est. and will thereafter be archived to be listened to anytime. Mary's cousin's blog
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